Explore Lunar Herbalism Using Plant Energies and Archetypes – Free Online Event

Are you intrigued by the mysterious powers of the moon? Do you notice how the energy of the moon sometimes shifts your state of being — in body, mind, or spirit?

According to the ancient wisdom of medical astrology, the moon, the sun, and all the planets in our solar system hold archetypal energies that correspond to different aspects of our bodies.

Did you know that plants also hold archetypal qualities that, when prepared and used correctly, positively affect how our physical, mental, and emotional systems function?

Intriguing, isn’t it? If this resonates with you, join us for this fascinating online event:

Explore Lunar Herbalism Using Plant Energies and Archetypes: Discover the Powerful Ritual of Creating Moon Water for Protection and Healing

Our host for this event is renowned rainforest herbalist and medicine maker Adriana Ayales, an educator, writer, and founder of Anima Mundi Herbals.

Adriana uses the principles of these ancient remedies, along with the power of ritual, to connect ancestral ways of diagnostics and the spiritual aspects of the natural world with the preparation and usage of herbal medicine.

At this fascinating online event, Adriana will share the history and relationship of herbs and their planetary correspondences — and how to use their base medicinal properties as tools for understanding the archetypal energies inherent in plants.

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During this event, Adriana will be joining us from her home in Costa Rica to:

  • Guide you through the ritual process of making moon water using common plants you can grow in your own garden — to draw on plant energy and vitality for emotional and spiritual healing
  • Explore the power of archetypes and ceremony in making powerful plant remedies for protection, intuition, overall wellbeing — and for accessing the intelligence of nature
  • Demonstrate how physical, energetic, spiritual, and emotional imbalances can be understood and healed based on their archetypal qualities inherent within plants and nature
  • Share a brief history of medical astrology and how herbs were used based on planetary correspondences to prevent and treat dis-ease

As you’ll discover, ritualizing your life with these ancient practices can move you into a greater state of health and wellbeing, so you can live a more energetically grounded life, with the power to heal yourself with your own home pharmacy.

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We hope you’ll be able to catch the event live as scheduled – but don’t worry if you can’t; everyone who registers will receive a downloadable recording of the whole event as soon as it’s available.

The ancient wisdom of medical astrology has so much to teach us.

Understanding the archetypal energies of herbs, their planetary influences, and how they correspond to the various systems of our body can help you to heal your family’s health challenges using plants in your own garden.

Join us for this empowering event and discover the power of lunar herbalism in YOUR life.