Healing Secrets of Qigong: Live Your Life in Lasting Joy and Vibrant Health – Free eBook and 4 Bonus Videos

Through the last few years we’ve truly discovered how vital a healthy immune system is.

The ancients knew this and many ancient healing modalities can strengthen and boost your immune system against all manner of diseases.

Chinese energy healing methods like Qigong are especially effective at this.

Master Mingtong Gu, a Qigong Master, the CEO for The Chi Center, and the founder of The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong, near Santa Fe, New Mexico, has written a fantastic book to help all of us use Qigong for infinite energy, wellbeing, immunity and happiness.

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What is Qigong? Live Your Life in Lasting Joy and Vibrant Health

Master Mingtong’s own story begins in China, where he grew up, with serious health problems from a young age. As an adult he learned the ancient Chinese secrets of Wisdom Healing Qigong energy medicine, and that experience not only cured his illnesses – it completely transformed his life.

Inside the book, you’ll learn:

  • The holistic mind-body-heart healing perspective of Eastern medicine – very different to the Western ethos!
  • 5 ancient secrets that make Wisdom Healing Qigong so effective for health and wellness
  • The brain changes you can influence to create healthy new habits and let go of the past
  • How one Chinese physician achieved a 95% improvement rate by teaching Qigong to people with known health issues
  • The latest scientific breakthroughs that confirm Wisdom Healing Qigong’s foundational principles
  • And plenty more!

Download your copy of “What is Qigong?” here.

That’s not all – when you download the book you’ll also gain exclusive access to four enlightening video lessons from Master Mingtong Gu’s Gateway to Life Mastery Program.

These lessons will delve further into the profound benefits of Qigong, touching upon physical wellness, mental health, and spiritual development.

Discover how Qigong can work in harmony with your existing health treatments, potentially reducing the need for medications. Learn how to shift your energy from analyzing and complaining to exploring and understanding, creating a positive ripple effect throughout your life. And so much more awaits you!

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Don’t just take our word for it – see what people are saying about the incredible benefits of Qigong.

This ebook and video combination has all you need to get started today, using the energy systems you already have to live longer with more vibrance, vitality and vigor!

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