Global 5-Day Sound Healing Online Event – Explore How Vibrational Therapies Can Awaken, Heal and Transform

Did you know that sound healing is one of the most rapidly growing fields in transformational learning, and has been proclaimed by many as the future of healing?

It’s been shown that sound-healing tools such as drums, flutes, crystal bowls, gongs, biofield tuning, and even self-created sounds such as humming, tapping, chanting, and singing can actually affect your molecular structure, helping reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and decrease blood pressure while shifting your energetic vibrational frequency.

Science is beginning to reveal that ancient sound-healing techniques are actually the medicine of the future, encouraging you to optimize wellbeing, retain youthful vigor, heighten consciousness, and even enhance longevity!

And now, an incredible online gathering of sound healing experts is ready to teach you everything you need to know about this amazing healing potential – free of charge!

Global 5-Day Sound Healing Online Event – Explore How Vibrational Therapies Can Awaken, Heal and Transform

During this inspirational online sound healing event, you’ll encounter myriad vibrational techniques — including harmonics, tuning forks, sound baths, and voice — that can help you achieve heightened states of relaxation and rejuvenation:

During this event, you can immerse yourself in vibrational therapy sessions that include engaging conversations, daily sound baths, and powerful emerging sonic practices. You’ll gain wisdom and inspiration from our extensive lineup of musicians, scientists, researchers, and masters in the sound-healing arts.

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Join more than 35 of today’s sought-after experts, sound-healing pioneers, and practitioners — including Dr. John Beaulieu, Amanda Domnitz-Baird, David Gibson, and Laura Inserra.

You’ll discover the latest in sound-healing tools and practices — backed by science as well as ancient traditions — that you can use now for self-stabilization, personal growth, and spiritual medicine.

During this dynamic and transformative event, you’ll:

  • Vibrating at 432Hz — a harmonic-tuning frequency key code — can give you heightened sensitivity to sound vibration, and a deepened experience of presence
  • Your voice, when expressed with intention and awareness, dispels the amnesia that settles in your physical form as congestion
  • How sound therapy can help with trauma, mental health, and addiction issues
  • The frame drum is a mythic instrument with a polycultural history of ritual healing, invoking the sacred, revitalizing the spirit, and recalibrating the mind
  • How a gong bath can immerse you in polytonal vibrational healing
  • The cells of your body recognize the vibration of balance, beauty, and harmony — so when music carries that particular vibration, healing is your body’s natural response
  • How it’s possible to clear physical and energy trigger points by using tuning forks
  • And much more…

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In this highly experiential event, which pairs contemporary science with ancient healing modalities, you’ll discover how to access higher levels of consciousness through sound.

Join our global panel of sound experts to experience sonic alchemy through soothing, balancing, and energizing healing modalities.

Here’s a sneak peak at how some of the brilliant speakers will illuminate the many dimensions of sound healing:

  • Wah! Devi will reveal how sound healing, with its lack of melody, harmonic tones, and peaceful pace, can help restore our humanity.
  • Laura Inserra will show you how she blends sound healing, vibrational work, ancient wisdom, and shamanic techniques to harmonize the body and facilitate wellbeing.
  • Amanda Domnitz-Baird will discuss the importance of continuing further education to enhance the effectiveness of your sound-healing practice.
  • Christine Stevens will talk about how sonic vibration, sound work, and sound activism are all interrelated, and can create a sense of balance in one’s culture and community.
  • Barry Goldstein will share transformative ways to use music as a powerful relaxation protocol for addressing nightly sleep challenges.
  • David Gibson will reveal ways to create a stable, consistent vibration so you can be at peace no matter what.
  • Dayvin Hallmon will talk about providing sound healing to communities that have experienced racial violence.
  • Dr. John Beaulieu will teach you how to meditate using tuning forks to clear physical and energy trigger points.
  • Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman will discuss the power of sound to heal and transform, and how this knowledge and awareness can be applied to enhance your life.
  • Michele Averard will explore the mindful application of sound therapy through energy work, intention, and powerful visualizations used in conjunction with the voice.
  • Yuval Ron will demonstrate how he weaves together ancient wisdom traditions and recent scientific discoveries to create healing sound therapies for dementia, Alzheimer’s, and chronic pain.
  • Tony Redhouse will use the ancient sounds of the voice, drum, and flute to guide you in a Native American healing meditation — allowing your heart’s “beat” to soar with freedom and joy.
  • Steven Halpern, PhD, will demonstrate using brainwave entrainment soundtracks to balance your brainwaves, biofield, and chakras.

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Here’s to the power of sound!