Put More Ease in Your Exercise with 5D Flow – Calming Meditative Movement for Pain Relief – Free Online Event

Would you like to explore an effective and less stressful approach to exercise that balances and tones your mind, body, and soul… while inducing deep states of calm and relaxation?

It’s possible with 5-Dimensional (5-D) Flow, physiotherapist and research scientist Simon Borg-Olivier’s embodied meditative movement practice. This system activates the gut-brain connection at the body’s core through five fluid dimensions of movement…

… synergizing the mind, joints, breath, spine, and core — and circulating this augmented energy to increase blood flow, reduce pain, maximize flexibility, and calm your nervous system.

Ready to find out more? Join us for this inspirational free online event with Simon:

Put More Ease in Your Exercise with 5D Flow – Calming Meditative Movement for Pain Relief – Free Online Event

Simon teaches that our health and wellbeing hinge on how well our minds and bodies work together to transport positive and loving information to each of our 50 trillion cells — while remaining relaxed, centered, and calm.

Join us and Simon for this free online event, where you’ll explore the gentle yet catalyzing potential of 5-D Flow, and be guided in a movement practice to bridge your conscious and unconscious nervous systems — aligning your intention with your body’s innate ability to self-regulate, and filling every cell of your body with life-giving information.

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In this insightful workshop, you’ll:

  • Discover a different model for embodied health that works with and not against your body’s natural homeostasis and mental, emotional, and spiritual flow
  • Be guided in a 5-D Flow practice to connect with your gut-brain (your enteric nervous system) and gut feelings — bridging your conscious and unconscious minds to lovingly mobilize your body’s capacity to increase blood flow and positive energy
  • Begin to improve blood flow without the stress of a traditional workout or elevating your heart rate — while also experiencing increased calm and energy
  • Explore how you can optimize your functional strength and relieve stress and depression — while focusing on remaining calm and relaxed
  • Discover ways to increase flexibility and develop a pain-free functional body without needing to stretch
  • Learn why breathing less, not more, can help improve blood flow to your brain — improving focus and energy levels, calming your nerves, regulating your appetite, and helping to manage your weight

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