Discover the Taoist Path to Alchemize Your Sexual Energy

Discover the Ancient Taoist Secrets of Sexual and Spiritual Alchemy

Did you know that your Jing Qi, or sexual energy, accounts for 25 percent of your total life-force energy? Ancient Taoist wisdom teaches that alchemizing arousal energy with Shen Qi, your spiritual energy, creates a heightened healing energy called compassion Qi. This powerful elixir of life can improve cognitive function, elevate your consciousness, nourish and heal your body, and help you experience more joy.

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Qigong Grandmaster Mantak Chia will share an overview of the process for cultivating compassion Qi during his free online event, Explore Healing Love Qigong: The Taoist Path to Alchemize Arousal Energy for a Healthy Brain, Vitality & Joy.

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What You Will Learn

Grandmaster Chia is renowned for his expertise in Taoist sexual practices that harness and circulate sexual energy for health, longevity, and spiritual awakening. During this transformative event, you will:

Discover the Art and Science of Compassion Qi

  • Learn the alchemy of your sexual and spiritual energy.
  • Be guided in the 9 Flower Qigong practice to activate your endocrine system, focusing on Gland Qi Arousal and stimulating the glands of the Crystal Palace to generate Shen Qi and golden nectar.

Explore the Anatomy of the Brain’s Glands

  • Understand their functions and how they offer a sacred container for the alchemy of Jing and Shen Qi.
  • Learn how this alchemy optimizes your health and well-being.

Uncover the Neuroscience of Arousal Energy

  • Discover how arousal energy is needed to split and revitalize your DNA.
  • Learn how your organs experience orgasm and gain spiritual vitality when the Taoist points of love are activated.

Precautions for High Levels of Energy

  • Learn essential precautions for working with high energy levels to prevent “Kundalini syndrome.”
  • Discover the Microcosmic Orbit technique for grounding into the Earth.

Special Preview of Grandmaster Chia’s New 7-Week Course

  • Be among the first to learn about Grandmaster Chia’s new course on optimizing your health and well-being through cultivating compassion Qi.

Transform Your Life with Compassion Qi

With an adept guide like Grandmaster Chia, who has helped thousands of Qigong masters, teachers, and practitioners worldwide cultivate their Qi using his Universal Healing Tao system, you can learn how to work with all of your energy and transform it where needed to nourish your body systems, emotional and mental health, and spiritual transformation.

If this calls to you, I’d love for you to join us.

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