How to Overcome Early Trauma and Reconnect with Your True Self

Discover the Four Original Wounds and Begin Your Healing Journey

Are you struggling with unresolved traumas, persistent physical symptoms, emotional battles, or a deep sense of loneliness? These challenges might stem from unexamined imprints on your psyche, formed during the earliest days of your life. According to Dave Markowitz, an intuitive healing facilitator and bestselling author, we all experience four primal, original wounds, which he calls the four abandonments.

Dave has dedicated his life to helping empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people heal from these wounds, allowing them to experience their inner light and connect deeply with others and Spirit.

Join the Free Healing Event

Join Dave for an illuminating online event. He will guide you through understanding these original wounds and how to overcome them. This event is designed to help you achieve better relationships, feel more whole, light, hopeful, and free to make choices aligned with your true desires.

Key Insights and Practices

The Four Original Wounds:

  1. Physical Separation from Your Mother: Explore the impact of this primal wound and begin to heal from the separation that has shaped your emotional and physical well-being.
  2. Perceived Spiritual Disconnection from Source: Understand how this disconnection affects your spiritual journey and how to reconnect with your divine essence.
  3. Emotional Withdrawal by Your Family of Origin: Learn how the emotional withdrawal from your family has influenced your current relationships and emotional state.
  4. Eventual Abandonment of the Self: Discover ways to reclaim and nurture your true self and overcome the abandonment that has hindered your personal growth.

What You Will Experience:

  • Guided Meditation: Participate in a meditation to feel and release the onset of challenges resulting from your original wounds.
  • Tracing Your Struggles: Identify how your current struggles relate to these primal wounds and find hope for healing.
  • Realizing Universality: Recognize that you are not alone in these experiences and that with the right tools, healing is possible.
  • Self-Acceptance: Experience a decrease in self-judgment and an increase in self-acceptance.

Embrace Your Healing Path

Dave Markowitz will help you see how the four abandonments are not impediments but catalysts for your journey home. By leaning into your discomfort with compassion, you can bring the root causes of your struggles to the forefront and begin to integrate these wounds healthily.

During the event, Dave will lead you in a meditation to help you understand the effects of these wounds. Viewing your symptoms through the eyes of unconditional love, you’ll learn to embrace them as messengers, transforming them into a higher, healing vibration.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to begin your journey towards wellness. Register for free here for “How to Overcome the Effects of Early Abandonment Trauma: Addressing the 4 Original Wounds in a Journey Toward Wellness — for Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives.”

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