Embrace Joy in Chaos: Mystical Teachings for a New World

Discover the Sacred Alchemy of Rebellious Joy

Are you permitting yourself to embrace the joys of life — even amid chaos and uncertainty? Joy brings instant enchantment into our everyday lives because it’s the true essence of the Divine. Andrew Harvey, a teacher of mystic traditions and founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism, describes joy as the illuminating force that holds the infinite potential of our Divine humanity.

Explore Pathways to Harness Sacred Joy

Andrew’s upcoming free online event will explore various pathways we can take right now to harness the sacred power of embodied joy. This powerful experience aims to nurture our hearts, guide us through the darkness, and empower our evolution as souls.

Join the Sacred Alchemy of Rebellious Joy

Register here for The Sacred Alchemy of Rebellious Joy as Your Path Through Turmoil: What the Mystics Teach us About Radical Hope, Healing & Regeneration.

Experience Bliss Through Hindu Tantric Visualization

In this uplifting online event, Andrew will also guide us in a Hindu tantric visualization to experience the great bliss of golden light within. This transformative practice will help you connect more deeply with your own inner joy and divinity.

What You’ll Gain from This Event

During this inspiring session, you’ll:

Understand the Importance of Joy

  • Explore why joy is crucial for our time as we transition from chaos, injustice, and global suffering to a deeper connection to the Divine — and our own divinity.
  • Learn to access joy through various paths, such as radical regeneration, friendship, nature, animals, wonder, creation, passion, and sacred activism.

Connect with the Potential Birth of a New World

  • Discover how to connect with the potential birth of a New World amidst the constant chaos of modern living.
  • Explore the power of connecting your energy to the energy of the Universe — what this joy reveals in you and the new possibilities it activates within you and the collective.

Transform Through Ancient Mystical Traditions

Many great mystical traditions throughout history have prepared us for the immense global change at the end of the Dark Night. Through these traditions, we can reimagine the purpose of peril and how to bring our Divine, essential selves into the moment.

Embrace Joy as the Fuel for Divine Evolution

Drawing on 40 years of experience and mystical education, Andrew believes that joy is the fuel and food for this Divine evolution. Staying connected to the glorious power of joy is how we remain connected to each other and our essential selves. This connection gives us greater agency to source our lives from courage, curiosity, love, and acceptance.

Join Us for a Transformative Journey

If you’d like to explore the unsung transformational power of sacred joy, I warmly invite you to join us for Andrew’s event. This is a unique opportunity to delve into the mystical teachings and practices that can help you harness the power of joy and navigate through life’s challenges with grace and hope.

Register Now and embark on a radical hope, healing, and regeneration journey through the sacred alchemy of rebellious joy.

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