Sweet Forgiveness Healing Hearts and Minds

23rd January 2012

By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We’ve all been running around in circles, trying to find the golden key that unlocks the door and releases our permanent happiness, reminds us of who and what we are, and reveals what our purpose in life is. In a nutshell, our real purpose is to bring peace to the world by bringing peace to our own mind. In order to accomplish this miracle, each of us will need to focus on one goal:   The Mastery of Forgiveness. Over the course of time, there will be some arm wrestling over the true meaning of what it means to forgive, but any way we slice it, every time we forgive, we have just increased our happiness.

The psychology behind forgiveness is very simple and single-minded. If this was any more complicated than it seems to be, most of us wouldn’t stand a chance of attaining, and maintaining, permanent peace of mind. The only reason we want to learn how to forgive is so we can be happy all the time. The question that needs to be answered then, is: Are we worthy? Or, is another worthy of love? We can further our studies on the impact of forgiveness in our lives at The Forgiveness Project.

What everyone in the world is trying to heal, in his or her own mind, is the false belief that they are of separated from the Source of Love. Nothing is more difficult than trying to maintain the idea of separation from love. This is what seems to break our spirit and leaves us floundering, grasping at any straw that holds some sort of relief from the ways of the world.  The point is, there really is a way out of all the turmoil the world seems to present to us, and that idea is one we call forgiveness.   Here is a study well worth looking into, because forgiveness is our perfect release from the world of pain.

What does it mean to forgive? It means we value our peace and happiness above all else. It demonstrates we are willing to overlook all illusions in favor of truth. It signifies our willingness to unify our thoughts and release ourselves from conflict.   Not just some of the time, but once and for all. And this means we need to practice, practice, practice, unless we are willing to be totally happy and at peace forever, right now.

If we withhold our complete and total love from one being or the entire world, it has the exact same result and means we are not completely ready.  That tiny scrap of fear, anger, resentment or judgment is really no different than full blown rage and total insanity. And this is the most important point to understand:   Happiness is not a partial attribute, and neither is judgment.  It is impossible to maintain thoughts of happiness and misery at the same time, because they are diametrically opposed to one another and cancel each other out, as we swing back and forth between love and fear.

Now we are down to the wire and the choice is ours to make. The idea of choice is a lack of clarity, because in truth there is nothing to decide between.  What we are deciding between is love and fear, the truth and a lie, peace and war, forgiving and grieving, life and death. Seen in this light, the decision becomes obvious in that there is no choice once we have experienced peace in our minds, and love in our hearts.

Forgiveness is not just some charitable act we offer to those who seem to be guilty in our perception of the world.  And it’s not just some wild thought we call upon when we want to make ourselves seem bigger or better than another being. The practice of forgiveness is so powerful in its effects that it can transform the world of agony, which we think we see, into the most peaceful visions imaginable.  Did you ever wonder why Mother Teresa spoke these words when she came upon what would seem to be the most devastating of human conditions:   “Forgive, forgive, forgive.” Not just idle dreaming, but her release through a vision that heals the heart and mind.  Here is the idea of perfection brought to us because we have been willing to offer total, unconditional love.

This video  is  about what it means to forgive will certainly provide a person with reason to pause and reflect on how much value being at peace holds out to us.

Complete forgiveness is a gift we offer to ourselves when we are willing to side with peace in our minds. Just think – no more suffering, no sorrow, no thoughts of death, and no doubt or conflict will cover the happiness and joy just waiting for our discovery within our own thought systems, all ours when we are ready to forgive ourselves for the unloving thoughts we have held against other people and the world. Some things are worth remembering, and remembering how to forgive is our one way ticket to paradise.  Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © January 2012

The lyrics within this video has wonderful meaning and is courtesy of South African Indie Rock Group  Just Jinjer – What He Means as heard on  WorldWideWavez Radio Shows

About the author:

Carmen Allgood is the author of: The beginner’s guide to inner peace – Beyond Diapers – How not to wallow in your own poop“. Carmen offers readers a modern day exploration of spiritual evolution, with a timely twist of pop-psychology for the masses who are starved for lasting peace of mind and true happiness. Carmen unveils the mysteries of love, reveals the means to heal the mind and thus the body, and the simple steps available to all of us to live in constant joy.   She also produces syndicated independent music radio shows, which have featured 20,000 Independent Artists from around the world.

Carmen Allgood © January 2012

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