Most Benevolent Outcomes – A Simple Tool for Your Toolbox

By  Tom T. Moore

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

As we get older, one of the things we must face are more trips to a hospital for any variety of reasons.   This happened to me recently when I went in for arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a torn cartilage brought on by years of skiing. After a vacation this past September to Orlando’s amusement centers and St. Petersburg, Florida, I could barely walk.

Certainly there’s stress involved with any type of procedure, but I’m going to give you a simple tool you can use not only in serious circumstances, but for ANY situation, no matter how mundane for the rest of your life.   It is requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) each time you go anywhere or do anything.   As an example, before I left for the hospital I said out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive to the hospital, thank you!”   Now I believe that my own Guardian Angel handled that request, but you can believe the request is going to God, Allah, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Vishnu, or any other deity.   It does not matter, because IT WORKS!   Before the surgery I said, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this surgery, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”

You’ll find a calmness comes over you, and it tremendously lowers the stress and fear factors.   I was so calm for this surgery I dozed off waiting for the doctor in the pre-op room.   I also said what I call a Benevolent Prayer for the doctors and nurses to perform the operation perfectly.   It went well and in the recovery room I even serenaded the nurses with a couple of oldies.   I requested a MBO when I started rehab, and was assigned the most experience physical therapist at the facility.

In 2006 I was scheduled to travel to Houston, Texas to give a talk about my first book, but I had a nagging cough, and went to my doctor to have him prescribe an inhaler.   He checked me over and said, “Tom, I’m not going to prescribe the inhaler; you have congestive heart failure and you’re going downstairs and check yourself into the hospital.”   I replied, “Well I’m glad I wore my clean undies today Doc!”   Naturally I requested a MBO for the heart problem.   They first tried to shock my heart back into normal rhythm, but on awakening they said it didn’t work.   I didn’t worry, as I KNEW something better was on the way.   They brought in an electro-cardiologist and he did an ablation procedure to bring the heart back to normal rhythm, and a year later he performed another one that allowed me to come off all my heart medications.

These requests work quite simply.   When you request a Benevolent Outcome you’re saying you would like a specific outcome, but that benevolent being on the other side knows what’s in your best short term and long term interests, so you’re turning the request over to that spiritual entity.   If you ever watched THE SECRET movie this simple tool is better than any modality presented in the film.   One lady wrote to me and said The Law of Attraction was like driving an old Ford Pinto and requesting MBO’s was like driving a Ferrari—both may get you there but the Ferrari will get you there a lot faster!

I’ve requested 15,000 or more MBO’s in the last 15 years, so I can say they work PERFECTLY, even when at first it does not seem so.   Months later you’ll see something better come along.   You can request Benevolent Outcomes for the perfect job for you, the perfect home for you, and even the perfect mate for you!   You can request them in business situations and even when you feel in danger.   But I do recommend starting with the mundane requests, such as a parking space in front of a busy restaurant or store, your drives to work or the mall, a seat on a bus or train, and around town.   This achieves two things:   First you will build up a trust that this actually works for you, and secondly it will get you in the habit of requesting MBO’s, so that when some emergency or very serious event happens in your life the first thing you’ll do is the request a MBO.

Have fun experimenting with requesting MBO’s.     This will change your life for the better, and will make the rest of your years much less stressful and more successful!

About the Author

Tom T. Moore  is an entertainment industry CEO, speaker, frequent radio guest, and author of THE GENTLE WAY: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels and THE GENTLE WAY II: The Story Continues, plus a weekly blog. For more information, go to


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