Spirit Releasement: Possession and Exorcism Re-Defined (and De-Scarified)

Spirit Releasement - Possession and Exorcism Re-Defined (and De-Scarified)

By Lia Love

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The terms ‘possession’ and ‘exorcism’ produce intense negative emotions, and fear dominates the pack. This is largely due to the concepts and images presented by religions, the movie industry and other sources. They have been portrayed as scary and unsettling in order to keep us in a state of submission, and thus inhibit us from understanding and effectively dealing with it. And indeed, this works well to keep us in fear, an emotion that makes us even more open to this kind of other-dimensional interference.

But fear does not have to be a factor in understanding the foundations of these ideas. Possession is a simple concept to understand once we break it down. Our physical possession by non-human entities can and does happen, and this will continue to be the case until we become savvy to the what, who, how and why of it. Once we understand the basic components, then we can take steps to get out from under it.

An open mind and willingness to re-frame words and their meanings is the first step that is needed.

Re-Defining Possession

Possession is the control of our body and feelings through the mind, central nervous system and subconscious by outside forces, using myriad methods and mechanisms. Long recognized by ancient cultures around the world, the word “possession” simply refers to those methods used by non-physical entities to block us from total alignment and integration with Who We Really Are — Our Authentic Self.

Our thoughts and feelings inform and affect every aspect of our being, every choice we make with our body thus our overall quality of life. In general terms, possession hinders our ability to have a contented life, a life of unfettered creation and prosperity in all forms – physical, financial, emotional, loving relationships. Possession keeps us from feeling good; that is the bottom line. As long as we don’t feel good, we are susceptible to possession or oppression from self-created energies or duality entities/energies, and sometimes both.

Entities in the unseen, non-physical realms are all around us. They have every intention of hijacking and using our energy. That is mainly how they survive and derive power. Energy siphoning is setup through acute emotions, trauma, addictions, injuries, extreme fear and ecstatic bliss episodes, through unspoken or spoken agreements in the physical and nonphysical realms, in other lifetimes or this one, and also through joint permission with others. And they are opportunists; If there is a way to suck the life out of you, they will figure out a scheme, manufacture and then install it.

Re-Defining Exorcism

Again, possession is merely control. Exorcism is simply the process of severing that control. “Exorcism” is just a fancy, scary word for healing. “Spirit Releasement” and “Energy Clearings” are other words that can be used in place of exorcism, which comes with religious or fictional connotations.

De-Mystifying Possession and Exorcism

Demystifying particular words and situations supports higher understandings and alleviates discomfort.


The following are two definitions of the word “exorcism” from the Encarta World English Dictionary, and an exploration of each one. This exploration will assist in demystifying and neutralizing thought-forms associated with the process of exorcism.

1   ‘a special ritual or spoken formula used with the intention of driving out evil spirits’

2   ‘the act of ridding the mind of oppressive feelings or memories

The ‘evil spirits,’ or the more classical term ‘demons, have no pitchforks, horns or pointy tails, although they may present themselves as such for effect because that is what we expect. There are many more spirits other than ‘evil’ spirits that influence us.

The second Encarta definition above may be a less-fearful way to consider to exorcism. If we can think of exorcism as a means of resolving oppressive, negative feelings by removing outside factors that keep in place and exaggerate unwanted and unpleasant feelings and memories, perhaps this word can gain some positive traction, particularly if we can accept the action involved in exorcism as a highly-beneficial spiritual wellness tool.

Perfect healing – in its purest form – is the ejecting of all forms of feelings and emotional generators that create less than contented and joyful living, no matter what the source or where it comes from — and there can be many sources.

Modern Day Clinical Exorcism

Hollywood films, other cultures, and religions have depicted exorcism as huge drama scenes with extreme circumstances. These extreme circumstances do occur on occasion, but possession and entity attachment is mostly a covert operation.

In contrast, clinical exorcism practiced in Spirit Releasement Therapy is a no-drama zone. It involves logical and quiet communication with intrusive spirits, and then their removal to their appropriate destination, which is no longer you.

No matter how you cut it, spirit releasement, exorcism and healing of many shapes and varieties all mean the same thing: disconnecting from the energy which hinders us from perfect alignment with our Authentic Self.

Why Are We Part of This Possession and Control Game?

One theory suggest that we were originally intended to freely create as Spiritual Beings in a Physical Field with no interference, then Beings from other planets/dimensions caught wind of it, came in and took over control of everything – including us! Some people call these beings Archons, others call them Djinn. There are many names associated with these invaders.

Another theory is that we originally agreed to live in duality, but to a lesser degree than we are experiencing now, and once again the implication is that we were ‘taken over’ by invading or parasitic species, and things went haywire. There is much more to these two theories and they are not the only two, but theories are not our focus. The priority is understanding what to undo, and how to go about undoing it.

It’s Called The Game Of Duality — and All Beings Participate!

Possession is part of the game of duality that is being played on planet Earth, in other dimensions and planets. Duality means we experience feelings from extreme fear to extreme ecstatic bliss, and all gradients in-between the two on the polarity scale. We experience good and bad, light and dark; and one cannot exist without the other.

Possession and Exorcism Re-Defined (and De-Scarified) - Insert

The graph above can give us a visual on what that means. To the left in the orange is the extreme fear zone — dark energies/entities, the low vibe (LV) often referred to as demonic — and the purple zone is the ecstatic bliss zone — light energies/entities, the high vibe (HV) often referred to as angelic.

In the middle is the Zero Point, the place of contentment, natural peace and calm joy. The only Being there is Authentic Self — the ‘us’ that remains after all the goop is stripped bare, and the BEing that we originally came in as. Who We Really Are. That is the place to be! And to get there we have to figure out who the players are and how to get out of the game.

To keep the game going, all Beings in the multiverse, including us, are playing in duality, whether they are in low-vibrational or high-vibrational non-physical or physical form. The Beings on both sides of the scale help us effect the feelings of duality — those who help with extreme fear (the low vibe) and those who help with ecstatic bliss (the high vibe). Both the fear and ecstatic bliss zones elicit high-energy output. The creatures who are politely helping us have those feelings feed on that energy.

It seems strange that the HV Beings are in on the deal, but they are. It was unsettling for me when I understood their association. We have been brainwashed to believe that the angelics are the ‘safe’ side of the polarity scale, and perhaps they are, but in reality part of what is keeping the reincarnation cycle and game going in general is their presence and influence. Although their influence may create feelings of ecstasy, they also interfere with our experience and our sovereignty. So to transcend the polarity matrix, detachment from both the LV and the HV Beings is necessary. Total dependence on and alignment with Who We Really Are is living in sovereignty and provides all the guidance and protection we require.

How Entities Affect and Attach To Us

Outside entities generally attach to our energy field, physical body (especially the central nervous system) and subconscious mind. They can also affect us from a distance and do not have to be directly in or around us to wreak havoc.

They are able to attach to us through openings in our auric field (Quantum Field) when we are in non-neutral states, through agreements, by riding in with other energies/entities, or by outright hostile aggression.

Each entity and their accoutrements usually have a basic feeling, emotion or detrimental action that they are specifically in charge of generating. Sometimes they originate these actions and sometimes they merely work to amplify our natural, pre-existing emotional responses.

It is also accurate to say that some entities are lost and misplaced and do not have malevolent intentions, but they still carry duality energies into their possession of our being. And as long as they are attached to us, we experience what they experience.

Whatever the case may be for a particular entity, whether malevolent or misplaced, their presence is inappropriate, and in Spirit Releasement Therapy they are successfully relocated to their legitimate environments.

Remember, the key function of possession and control is the usurping and use of our life-force energy, known as vampiric energy feeding. I discuss this at length in this article: Energy Feeding: Dealing With Physical and Non-Physical Energy Vampires, which includes 13 signs that you’re being drained by interference, plus 5 effective ways to minimize parasitic activity.

I am also happy to offer this short and sweet basic beginner’s guide Free Energetic Healing e-Booklet, designed to help you take back sole consciousness of your being. One body, one consciousness. More than one is too many.

A final gentle reminder… no hurries, no worries. We have eternity to work it out.

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