The Lost Spirit of the Law and the Lost Law of the Spirit

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Circa, 2020.

I am so sickened and appalled by the lacking care, patience and intelligence in the nation I was born and raised in I feel compelled to apologize to the people abroad who might read my writing. I am sorry for the sea of stupidity we are immersed in, world.

Otherwise I will proceed straight to the point. When I was a youth in Maine I was taught by some independent minded person or another that there was the law and there was also the spirit of the law. The law might state that police have the right to detain and imprison someone who jaywalks – walks out of predetermined lines – but in The Spirit of The Law it is not required that everyone be wrestled to the ground because of said stepping of the predetermined lines. The same can be said of any policing excuse used by cops to enforce some arbitrary line or another. The Spirit of The Law of jaywalking is to be safe and not interfere with traffic.

The Spirit of The Law existed to maintain safety, to enhance individual liberty, and provide benefit or at least prevent detriment of community. Law enforcement today little considers The Spirit of The Law and frequently utilize bureaucratic systems and administration to encroach safety, encroach liberty, and provide benefit to regional institutions. Without The Spirit of The Law police break social contracts of fairness and liberty and hide behind laws to the point of killing people without care nor patience just bureaucratic, smug order following.

Lacking comprehension of and even recognition of The Spirit of The Law has provided a platform for forgiving ignorance and uplifting ignorant bullies. This has certainly contributed to swell of the sea of stupidity.

The Spirit of The Law: law supports individual liberty, not investigatory, prosecutorial mandates.

The Spirit of Law is very important and its lacking is literally in part causational to the death of individuals and the degradation of the collective. And yet no matter its importance and no matter its lacking having influence The Law of Spirit is much more important perhaps ultra-important.

I learned what I call The Law of Spirit when I was about 13 commuting to high school from The Bronx to Harlem. The way I learned was a little bit different though. It was presented to me in the most eloquent lesson in a most embodied manner by a school friend who dropped the knowledge of self on me, one of first tastes of individuation. I was ignorant of The Bible, religion and theology in total other than the cultural inferences and expectations of my surroundings.

My friend on the other hand was not so ignorant. The way he taught me The Law of Spirit was contrasting the white western world belief system of prayer with the spiritual science he was learning at the time. He was learning and teaching lessons from The Nation of The Gods and Earths.

‘Hold up. Stop for a second. Let me ask you, does God answer your prayers?’

‘Yes, possibly.’

‘So if I ask you to pray for God to move this piece of trash, can it be moved?’

‘I mean I don’t know maybe.’

‘Try it.’

‘What? OK’ and right there across 110th St. on the final leg of our commute I prayed to God to move the trash.

The trash didn’t move.

‘Alright. Now, let me pray my God.’


‘Are you ready?’

And he picked up the trash himself.

He picked up the trash and looked at me and said, ‘The black man is God. That’s the difference. See?’

Indeed in the white western world you have to be that contrarian in order to be godly…

The Law of Spirit or as the Nation of Gods and Earths drops it, the black man is God, reveals it is up to us. It is up to us with all our spiritual connection to take action in the world, to do what is needed to pick up the trash, to inspire generally and to inspire specifically to reach for realization of godliness. Reach for godliness. Take action to pick up the trash, do not wait for some church inspired God or meme inspired aliens or angels or others. Take positive responsible action toward godliness without waiting.

The Law of Spirit: God/godliness is exhibited through you, prayers exhibited through your actions not inaction.

The implications which arise from the Law of Spirit, of actually reaching for godliness instead of waiting for prayers to be fulfilled or the return of an energy of one sort or another invokes responsibility to learn and to make benevolent action. Later as well was the realization that one ought not to believe in anything. Seek to know things. Beliefs might blow in the wind. Knowing things is entirely different and when you know yourself it comes off as if you believe in yourself like few others because you know rather than believe.


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