Riding the Light Wave: Astrology Forecast November 29th – December 6th, 2020

November 30th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Stay mindful that we haven’t yet reached the very end of the rickety bridge between worlds that is 2020. Tempting as it is to engage in comforting magic thinking about the approaching Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction at the December 21st Solstice, we are now being tumbled in an eclipse wormhole through time that extends right to the Plutonic Capricorn New Moon on January 13 2021.

 Between now and then, two cosmic wild card eclipses activate the Gemini/Sagittarius Axis of Truth. This intense photonic light creates a geophysical shock window that extends from 28 November -3rd November then from the 7th – 21st December (!). Expect emotional and literal high tides, storm surges and sudden shifts in your energy field. Use all the grounding tools you have to stay centred.

Eclipses are dramatic cosmic wild cards in your life. They shake you out of your feelings of complacency so that you can move from one stairstep to another. They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get you to pay attention to areas in your life that need to change. They work very rapidly – often in a blink of an eye switching off an old life, defragging you and rebooting you. They uproot you, surprise you and nudge you to a new level of your personal evolution or unfolding.

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Far seeing Neptune is turning direct in Pisces, so we’re surfing an oceanic wave of extra sensory perception and/or confusion just as Truth and Reality collide in a hall of mirrors in the seismic window of Monday’s lunar eclipse at 8 Gemini. The 2nd eclipse in two weeks’ time on December 14th is a potent Total Solar Eclipse on the karmic South Node of Fate at 23 Sagittarius between the Great Attractor and the Galactic Centre delivering downloads direct from Source in a Wave of Revelation.

As you make this Rite of Passage between the 2020-2021 bookends of Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus, nothing is going to be more important than radical honesty and transparency, walking your talk instead of talking your talk and matching your outsides to your insides. Follow your curiosity, break up your routines and find new stories to tell and new people to mix with. This is a reminder to be non-judgmental, to keep a wide-open mind and see the big picture. It’s going to be important to learn new techniques of skilful communication.

That means challenging your own thinking and looking at where and how you are in denial about what needs to be left behind and what needs to be accepted so you can move on, freeing yourself up to seed a very different future.

Be at cause, not at effect. Instead of: “What is going to happen to me?” ask: “What am I going to create, to transform and to risk?”

As the eclipses change circumstances around you, your inner circuitry and architecture are ripe for expansion into the much bigger perspective of the incoming Aquarian Paradigm.

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The Chandra Symbol for Lunar Eclipse Gemini 8:

Wild Flowers growing around the Ruins of a Temple.

“Catching a second wind. Taking a booster rocket from one cycle to another, one lifetime to another, one whole stage in evolution to another. Shot out of a cannon to discover the next great thing, you are wildly attentive to signs and portents, looking for a way to the future. Coming out of immense soul experience. With flying colours, leaping forth into the new. Enthusiastic, naive, and impressionable. Eager for a thousand universes to come true. You feel that ultimate springtime quality of fresh immediacy and windblown alacrity, just sensing all through body and soul the possibilities, the openings, what wants to happen next. A destiny – bearer — universal in spirit, and in the right place at the right time for remarkable synchronicities and huge turnarounds.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

The coming eclipses across Gemini and Sagittarius activate your 3rd/9th Houses-your axis of perception and expansive growth. At the same time, far seeing Neptune in the deepest part of your chart is bringing old unconscious material into the light for so you can retrieve the gold. It’s time to expand beyond the familiar four walls of your mind. Your world view, your thinking, your beliefs, your level of knowledge are ripe for new information. Work with, not against these cosmic wild cards by shaking up your mental circuitry and leave your comfort zone behind.

How many times have you changed an old opinion in recent months?

Taurus Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

Uranus the Awakener travelling through Taurus for the next 6 years is already shaking up and revolutionising how you think about yourself and what’s possible for you. This week your personal planet Venus connects with the Sky God and you suddenly start to notice how many of your old habits, routines, even clothes and hairstyle are a complete mismatch with who you are now. The coming eclipses across your 2nd/8th Houses of money and resources are setting up situations so that you have to ask yourself: “Am I undervaluing what I have to offer or underselling my skills? Am I keeping myself small to try to feel safe and secure?”.

It’s time to take a leap of faith.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

As Neptune turns forward at the pinnacle of your chart at the eclipses, you catch a glimpse of a different purpose or a new path. Don’t dismiss it out of hand -it’s valuable information, a finger pointing to the sky. These are the first eclipses across your sign since 2002, so you’ve arrived at a turning point in your autobiography. The issue here is how you see yourself versus how others see you. It’s time to catch up with your evolving identity. Ask yourself:” Does my personal style fully reflect who I am? How is my personal approach helping or hindering me in my relationships? Where am I on the co-dependent/independent sliding scale?”.

Renegotiating old alliances.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

This eclipse season might take you back to 2002, the last time a lunar eclipse was in Gemini. In your solar chart, they are activating your axis of adaptation and retreat, your 6th/12th Houses. Circumstances beyond your immediate control are nudging you to update your habits, work routines and wellbeing. You need to create an improved support system-one that nurtures your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, not a harsh fitness regime. It’s the end of a long cycle that’s taken its toll on you, so remind yourself at every opportunity that it’s enough just to be. Step off the treadmill.

Find retreat and space in meditation, in walking in nature.

Leo Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

Take a deep breath and welcome this week’s burst of creativity after many months of nose to the grindstone. If you thought your inspiration and enthusiasm had disappeared, think again. Venus and Uranus are shaking up your 10th House of career with some sudden insights into how you could align what you do to earn money with your bigger purpose. At the same time until late December, two wild card eclipses are activating your axis of authenticity and creative contribution. You’re ready to express your true self and go out there and be seen. Something that has remained a private dream of yours seems to fit with collective needs and trends. Update your blueprint and take the first steps to turning it into reality.

Build a network and a support team.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

This eclipse season marks a turning point in your autobiography. The Full Moon eclipse next Monday 30th is the first to fall across the pinnacle of your chart since 2002.You have a once in 19 years opportunity between now and the end of 2021 to marry your soul essence with your purpose. The more you walk your talk instead of talking your talk, the more congruent you are, you may be recognised on a whole new personal level. You might suddenly see for the first time that you’ve had your ladder against the wrong wall and start all over again. However, it plays out, as events shift beyond your control, make meaning the most important thing in your life.

A Fate Point.

Libra Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

Between now and January 2021-not that far away-it’s going to be really important for you to keep the big picture in mind. This eclipse season is waking up your 9th House of far horizons for the first time since 2002, nudging you to broaden your mind and shake up your worldview. Even if physical travelling is impossible at the moment, you can mentally travel by studying, listening to podcasts, taking virtual seminars, connecting with new tribes of people who challenge you to think laterally. Challenge yourself to pay forward your experience by teaching, mentoring or coaching. Anything to do with publishing or social media is well starred.

What do you know that others would value?

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

Not since 2002 have you experienced eclipses in Gemini, your 8th House axis of finances, assets and shared values. These cosmic wild cards shine a spotlight on the truth of a situation, revealing what you ‘ve either missed or avoided looking at too closely. It might be that a partner’s situation changes shifting the income dynamics or that a secret of some sort comes to light such as a hidden bank account or large debt. However it plays out, changing circumstances will nudge you to look at old unconscious fears and beliefs about your personal security and, hopefully, to reclaim some of the power you’ve given away.

A reminder that the only certainty in life is change.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

As a solar Sagittarian, it just so happens that this year your annual birthday season is also an eclipse season-a sort of cosmic double whammy! You’ve reached a choice point in your autobiography so it’s good to pay attention to signs and clues where relationships are concerned. Next Monday 30th’s lunar eclipse is in Gemini so people will be coming and going, arriving and leaving over the next year or so. It’s a real changing of the guard. But it doesn’t have to be dramatic -more like old friendships just fading out as circumstances change. Perhaps someone moving away for a new job or an ex-partner disappearing off the radar.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – keep old friends close.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

This eclipse season starts with a Full Moon eclipse in your 6th House. This is the first eclipse in Gemini since 2020 so it has a message for you. Alone, out of all the signs, you’ve experienced 12 years of Pluto travelling through your sign bringing radical change and so much loss. This year, you’ve had the triple whammy of Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn, so it’s not surprising that your wellbeing and physical, emotional and mental health need to go right to the top of your agenda. You can’t keep on keeping on forever or else you’ll face burnout. Rest up, take care and gift yourself with time to heal, restore and to remember that life isn’t about doing, but about being.

Write yourself a prescription for healing.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

From the end of December, your sign is going to be in the spotlight as Master Teacher Saturn accompanied by expansive Jupiter enters Aquarius and starts to recalibrate your life from the inside out. So, before you are asked to step up to the plate, gift yourself some space to chill during the next few weeks’ eclipses. The Full Moon eclipse on November 30th is in compatible Air sign Gemini, so your creative side will come out to play. Make sure you get together with friends or children -even if only virtually- to remind yourself what joy and pleasure feel like.

Cut yourself as much slack as you can get away with.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: November 29 – December 6, 2020

Two of the key angles of your chart are going to be activated, first by the Sun crossing the pinnacle of your chart and then by two wild card eclipses across the 4/10th axis. This suggests that your career, reputation and your home life are going to undergoing changes over the next year. Next Monday 30th’s Full Moon eclipse is all about endings and completions in connection with your family and tribe. It’s perfect for a wholesale de-cluttering- getting rid of old documents, furniture or household items that you never really liked. Secrets, hidden for years, may come to light changing your view of childhood in some way.

Leaving family imprinting behind.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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