5D Shift: Unwinding the “Black Snake” Energy of the Deep Field

November 1st, 2018

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Is there metaphoric truth in the Garden of Eden story? That somehow humanity has been tempted out of divine union by a shadow side “Black Snake” energy that engrosses through distorted attachment to the physical? In this sense, most definitely yes. And it’s an energy that has misaligned the very foundation of society itself, creating a “deep state” or “deep field” that works to ensnare through deceptive manipulation. We see it all around surreptitiously propagated through the media. The Shift energies are now beginning to tackle and unwind this energy itself, which is a very positive development. Here’s an overview exploration of how you might tackle it in your own field for the greater good…

Understanding the nature of the “Black Snake” metaphor

By the term “Black Snake”, I’m not referring to the creature itself of course, I’m using it merely as a metaphor to convey a concept for an ancient form of metaphysical energy that binds the deep field within our current karmic construct. Some people might also relate to the energy as “satanic”, and indeed there is clear evidence that this form of energy pervades, distorts and manipulates many elements of society to this day, but the very phraseology itself has been purposefully loaded with fear, so let’s de-energise the expression immediately by looking at the bigger macrocosmic picture. Then we can work to unwind it in the most effective way possible — through the energy field itself.

I put it to you that all reality constructs that we might live in are distortions of absolute truth. The “absolute” is the perfection of the unmanifest, that is imprinted within the cellular memory of each soul. Yet when souls come into relativistic incarnation, they distort and fragment thus creating karmic baggage. This is entirely necessary in the forging of the soul: it’s only by losing aspects of integrity that full sovereignty is gained and enfolded, like smelting a sword of truth. Without such karmic distortion, a reality construct could not form — consciousness would simply resolve out into the absolute pure presence and relativistic experience would instantly disappear.

So karmic distortion happens, and the weaving of a reality based on it entirely necessary, so that souls may have a phenomenal journey, to then realise and realign to actualise ever greater integrity and sovereignty — to be able to flow through all darkened recesses of the Universe and yet not be distorted or manipulated by the density, not losing the divine connection to source.

Distorting an authentic and natural cosmic purpose

From explorations of other karmic constructs in other constellations I can say that there are beings whose purpose it is to bind such reality constructs together — to hold a foundation through which to explore. And in so doing, even though the reality can feel very dense and distorting, nevertheless they perform a benevolent function. The perfected form of this foundational energy will also realise when it’s time for that construct to unwind, so that a higher harmony can take shape (within a higher dimensional shift for example — as happening on Earth right now).

But where such entities themselves lose the connection to source, and where they gain the power to manipulate, then there might be an engrossment in the lower densities, which perverts and sucks in other wayward souls. I believe we can clearly say that has happened here on Earth — many leading elements in society are heavily influenced and controlled by it. It’s why the old paradigm has been so pervasive and persistent.

Initially I found this “Black Snake” element of the Deep Field quite difficult to grasp energetically. It’s immensely deceptive and cunning — it manifests through the psyche, animates a distortion, but then immediately disappears so as to remain unseen. It feels like it’s an entwined aspect of your own consciousness, which although you might know contains distortion, nevertheless it’s quite tricky to get to the root of it. As soon as one characteristic softens, then the energy reappears elsewhere in another guise. For example it will manifest within sexual energy, or through the focused mind on the plane of the intellect; or else it will bind through distorted empathic connection.

The key is that this energy cunningly works to distort a truth, so it seems to make logical sense in some ways, like ‘security’ within society or else it will work to distort emotional expression — the complete freedom to fully express sexually for example. And likewise within renunciation or abstinence: the very practice can foster subtle subconscious frustration, within which, the “Black Snake” energy can lurk — hence it’s prevalence in orthodox religion.

Time to Bring in the Light!

Bringing this influence into the light is necessary so as to unwind it within the unfolding Paradigm Shift. But it’s essential to realise that although conscious groups maybe working to tackle it head on within the physical manifestation in society, that’s unlikely to be successful without a conscious unwinding through the energy field itself.  And this begins by realising how it manifests within. The only reason the “Cabal” exists is because it’s the outward manifestation of what humanity contains within its own shadow side, that hasn’t yet been realigned. If we tackle the energy within the field itself, that’s sure to reflect positively into the outer.

Here are 6 specific ways I’ve witnessed the “Black Snake” energy being active:

1) Controlling logic: Predominantly the “ray 1” masculine energy still controls humanity and society, although it is beginning to unravel. In this aspect, the distorting energy works to override the more feminine intuitive consciousness. Hence the divine feminine has been controlled and overridden in society (although this imbalance is now being effectively challenged). It’s clear the financial system, military, religious orthodoxy and corporate business have all been established and governed by this distorted masculine energy.

2) Empathic community building: The Black Snake energy itself is trying to avoid the pain of confronting its own distortion — principally the disconnect from the absoluteness of the One. So it works to bind others into its pain through the projection of victimhood and misplaced sympathy. Thus the pain is not only shared, but propagated through the field — groups are bound together through co-dependency. Thus it distorts the divinely feminine energy of unconditional acceptance and co-creative harmony.

3) Co-dependency in relationships: I witness the distorting energy very adept at mirroring Twin Flame consciousness, or else convincing that the Twin Flame incarnates as something separate to you — it does not! The deception causes souls to look for their completeness in another, rather than finding it back at the source within. The energy then lurks in the subconscious binding and feeds the co-dependency so as to perpetuate the unaware bleeding of energy through it.

4) The freedom of sexual expression: Aligned sexuality is one of the leading practices of spiritual evolution within the shift. And freedom of expression beyond mind controlling taboo is essential. Yet it’s all-too-easy to get addicted to the need for physical completion, which is really reflecting the authentic spiritual completion back at the source within. Where full awareness is lost within sexual activity, the “Black Snake” energy can distort and pervert expression through addictive and compulsive behaviour that effectively ‘owns’ the soul in this regard.

5) Excessive consumption, stimulation and distraction: “Black Snake” energy is distracting itself from the pain of confronting its own shadow, it’s own rejection of the Absoluteness of the Void, and so works to distract through excessive consumption, sensory over stimulation and mindless entertainment. Addictive junk food, the endless iterations of technology and excessively compulsive screen time being prime examples.

6) Binding people to the Old Paradigm: the energy works through deception — taking a truth and then distorting it. For example the genuine feeling to heal the earth through sustainability, yet then creating only more advanced iterations of the status quo, where sentient life is still being exploited. One may have a good feeling about ‘doing something positive’, yet not being radical and transformational enough.

I believe we’re beginning to witness the direct confrontation of this energy in society right now — for example in the inspiring emergence of the divine feminine, challenging oppressive distorted “ray 1” masculine energy within the pillars of society. It’s high time this satanic temple fell! The question is, how do we best deal with the energy through the field itself, both for our own good and the wider benefit for humanity and the planet?

9 Ways to Unwind “Black Snake” Energy in the Deep Field

1) Daily Spiritual Practice: First and foremost, realise the distorting energy works to ‘own’ souls by creating unconsciousness and distracting from empowerment and soul sovereignty within one’s own being. Therefore daily spiritual practice is essential to activate full awareness, principally through the chakras and various bodily vehicles of expression. We must integrate soul especially in the lower vibrational levels: base, sacral and solar plexus. (Sample this Openhand chakra opening and attunement meditation.)

2) On the plane of the physical: It is essential to challenge excessive consumption and compulsive addiction. But rather than simply applying rigid discipline (which fosters dogmatism), it’s essential to bring deep awareness to the distorted behaviourisms, which best happens by working to release self-judgment. It’s about accepting that distortion happens, that it’s not your fault, but then it is your responsibility to realign. (Explore the consciousness expanding benefits of intermittent fasting.)

3) On the emotional plane: It is paramount to know one’s natural and authentic boundaries. It is essential to the Shift that we open up our gifts of empathic feeling and acceptance — to embrace unconditionally our tremendous diversity; to lovingly hold the space through the often traumatic processing of karma (for example). But we must also work not to get sucked into other people’s dramas where authentic empathy gets distorted into sympathy. Help another by holding the space and feeling with them, yes, but always working to find the natural sovereign boundary. Each person has their own journey to walk. It is not meant that we carry another’s karmic burden too. (Discover what Spiritual Empaths and Catalysts can learn from one another.)

4) On the plane of the Intellect: An aligned sense of logic helps keep the spiritual faculties grounded in this reality and open creative pathways through the plane of the intellect. This is also necessary to make things happen in a physical way. But we must work to unwind the mind’s ownership of the more intuitive feminine side by being much more spontaneous and flexible in the moment. It will help greatly in this regard to work to come more from the soft intuitive side, to open an internal space for the authentic soul energy to arise, only then channeling it through the plane of the intellect to bring creation into the manifest. (Check out “Free Wheeling” as a means to increasing spontaneity.)

5) Freedom expression and natural spontaneity: Get to know the spontaneity of signs and synchronicity and how they’re guiding your being. A great 5D Shift is happening across the Earth, with one main impetus being to break down this bedrock “Black Snake” energy of the old karmic construct. The natural spontaneity of the soul is the very antithesis of this controlling energy — it reconnects you with the natural flow of life, guiding you more to the unfolding 5D Consciousness. (Watch informative videos on living more from 5D consciousness at Openhand TV.)

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6) Working into identity filters: Get to know the distortions of your own inner identity filters — where you feel physical, emotional or mental ‘tightness’ in any given situation. Work to unleash maximum sense of freedom and authenticity without renunciation or control. Profound self honest is essential here. Only go with that which you know to be in alignment with your soul — that which feels simply ‘right’. At the same time, it’s also crucial to realign behaviourisms not to ‘ditch the baby with the bathwater’. There is truth at the core of all distortion — work to liberate and unleash that and the distortions will fall naturally away. (Consider this Openhand Approach for attuning your internal spiritual compass.)

7) Authentic Sexual Expression: sexual expression is one of the leading evolutionary spiritual practices. It can also be one of the most distorting! But forced abstinence can create buried frustration, which in itself also feeds the controlling energy. Get to know your authentic sexual expression, that which feels right and aligned for you. Also get to know the tantric practices of transcendence, so as not to get lost within expression — instead opening full awareness through it, and ensuring the full cycle of connection back to the source. (Explore: ‘Containing Sexual Kundalini Through Tantra, To Then Manifest Creatively’.)

8) Work for field realignment: work not to polarise or demonise the “Black Snake” energy through judgment.This only creates internal division, which in itself feeds the energy. It’s important to see it for what it is, and know that the distortion is not who you are at a soul level, but to also recognise this is just another form of life, which can only influence because the misalignment is already a part of Humanity’s collective karma. The key is realignment of the energy. At some level, we are all energy workers within the Shift. The most advanced approach is to recognise this energy is already a part of our consciousness — just a distorted form of it. And so the key is to work to realign it within your being. That means to explore freedom of expression without being caught up in taboo, yet finding the sense of rightness of soul within the expression. Then being clear, through spiritual practice, to bring the behaviourisms of the lower self into alignment; thus you encourage the energy itself to realign and come back into the Universal fold — you’re effectively reconnecting it with the source, by channeling it through you. This will have the most powerfully positive impact on the wider field too. (Explore this video “Healing the Wounded Dragon”.)

9) Creating effective boundaries: The “Black Snake” energy has formed the bedrock of the old karmic construct, and is prevalent within the weave of society — it’s woven throughout many leading institutions. Fortunately in the shift, it is now becoming more evident, but it is also still very deceptive by its nature, actively resisting the flow to realignment. So although it is important to confront and engage, it’s also essential to set authentic internal boundaries and to eject the energy where it might become overwhelming. Create sacred protective energy fields, especially in your personal living environment, but importantly without retracting in fear — because this encourages it too. It’s about taking personal empowerment and sovereignty of your field. In itself, this then communicates a vibration through the field that “Control and Manipulation Do Not Ultimately Work in this Free Flowing Universe” — express this through your being. (Sample this Removing Entities and Implants Meditation.)

Tremendous New Phase in the Shift Activated

It’s a tremendous development in the Shift that this foundational energy is now being confronted and beginning to be unwound. Finally, after aeons of controlling deception, humanity is activating the awareness to see it and the beginnings of the understanding in how to effectively dispatch it.

Without doubt, it’s an energy that has been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes against sentient life. And yet at the macrocosmic level, it’s performing a function of testing souls by engrossment and identification with the manifest physical by attachment or fear. It’s testing our own boundaries on what is our aligned soul behaviour — whatever the trap, deception or enticement. It has to be manifested to transcend and realign through it, for this is the forging of the soul — being able to act with freedom of expression through all the darkened recesses of the Universe and yet not being misaligned by the grey areas.

We have the deep soul understanding of how to realign it. But that doesn’t best work by judging, polarising or castigating. It has only thus far succeeded because it is the reflection of humanity’s own karmic self. Hence the requirement to realign within our own being, which then sends realigning ripples through the wider field. We are at the beginning of this new chapter in the Shift, which is highly encouraging to witness. We’re working at the deepest levels of the field now, and becoming increasingly sovereign and free as a result. It bodes extremely well for the great Paradigm Shift unfolding all around us.

Be inspired by Openhand’s recent documentary about the unfolding Paradigm Shift. And if you resonate with some of the perspective, explore getting involved with our Spiritual Work: Details of the current Paradigm Shift World Tour.

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