Lightwarriors, Fear Not What is Happening… Everything is Perfect!

Lightwarriors Fear Not What is Happening to You... Everything is Perfect!

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

At Openhand we’re truly blessed to connect with kindred spirits in the awakening movement around the world. Whilst we’re all on a unique path, so many of your stories bear the hallmarks of similarity: many of you are looking at the mess humanity has gotten itself into and wondering how we’re going to find passage to a new shore. To me, everything is going perfectly according to the divine unfolding. Yes there’s certainly more instability on the way, and the system is looking ever more crazy and outlandish by the minute. But things have to break down in order for the new to emerge…

The carrot and the stick:

I have to admit, sometimes I look at the enormity of the task we lightwarriors have taken on and it makes me balk a little, so I have to step back for a little breather. I look at the way our society is still rampantly destroying our natural environment, I notice the disharmony and discord between people, and I notice the apparent injustice of the rich getting materially richer whilst the poor get increasingly poorer (made even more extreme by the new political ‘leadership’ of late.)

Yet as I look deeper, I see the perfect conditions gathering. We know that society doesn’t really serve us don’t we? We know that the controlled, conditioned and compartmentalised lifestyles only dehumanise and strip people of their divine sensitivity. But still there’s the allurement, still there’s the apparent dependency — the carrot and the stick — which makes people keep plugging away, nose to the grindstone. So if the situation more strongly reveals its shadow side, to me that’s definitely a good thing.

Life is changing, we are changing. The Opposing Consciousness that sustains the old reality can feel it, and is thrashing around desperately clinging on, tooth and claw, to the old ways. Remember it always looks strong at the end — but it’s mostly bravado and bluff (just look at the current debacle with the US travel ban: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Judge.)

Strongly now the old reality is revealing its shocking shadow side and the new one coming increasingly into view. But you can’t necessarily see the New Paradigm with 3D eyes (except in metaphor.) We have to look beyond the unfolding physical drama and intuit the story within the story, both in our own lives and on the worldwide stage.

For each a reason:

Every single moment has a reason, a purpose, no matter how challenging or difficult that moment might be. We lose a job for example, relationships get difficult or break up, physical possessions challenge us like the car, the computer or the TV. Inconvenience seemingly messes with our lives. But there’s always truth within the inconvenience.

When people come on our Advanced Spiritual Courses, which are all about aligning with and following the path of the soul, they pretty much always complete them with a deep inner yearning to truly follow their destined pathway in life. So sometime after the course has completed, something unexpected will frequently happen to derail the old pathway — some kind of ‘spanner in the works’…

Meditation and inner exploration will most definitely reveal the higher self energies we’re looking to integrate. But it’s their direct practical application into daily life where we attain true mastery of self. What are the challenges of interpersonal relationships or of your career? Above all, what happens to you when things go wrong? Do you lose it, do you flap? Or do you see it as an opportunity to soften and go deeper still.

Expand into the moment:

So when (supposedly) ‘negative’ things happen to me these days, I resist the temptation to get tight, I drop deeper into the feeling of the moment within my body and expand into it. Often a wry smile arises spontaneously from within: “Okay, so what spanner in the works has the universe sent me this time?”… “What am I supposed to get, what can I learn?”

I let go of any perceived need for an outcome and instead look for the deeper meaning. I don’t resist the flow, the natural organising energy of the moment. Instead I work with exactly what is happening, using ever increasing awareness to intuit the new lessons, the new possibilities: I just lost a really expensive pair of headphones – I immediately know I’m supposed to tune into my higher dimensional team more (I have to say I was a bit pissed though!).

Always but always it works — an answer follows. It may challenge us yes, but then we wouldn’t develop without the challenge — if these situations didn’t feel very real (like being financially challenged for example), then we wouldn’t have the motivation to change. And I’ve learned to trust, at the very deepest levels. I have an idea of what I’m here to do. Even if what’s currently happening doesn’t at first appear to be taking me in that direction, I realise that the thousand mile journey would not be completed without each step, without every twist and turn.

Ever deeper into presence:

I’ve realised that the one true thing that can solve all our problems, unwind all our knots and balance all our equations is increasing presence. The moment purposefully reveals your blind-spots — where you identify, where you might get owned by the illusion. So I look for those places and drop deeper into them…

Dear friends our discomfort is a priceless gift!
Society so often wants to take it away,
pop the pill, desensitise ourselves,
but the pain is our passage to freedom and evolutionary growth.
Whenever you hit the ‘blind spot’ and tighten down
it’s exactly this situation which provides a priceless
opportunity to evolve and grow.
So don’t fear it and push it away,
instead embrace it, see it as part of the path,
then reclaim the priceless empowering gift
that it is concealed within the step.

When I do this, the flood gates burst wide open, unity consciousness flows like a torrent through the previous constriction. The path flows again. In fact I realise I wouldn’t have known this expansiveness and awesome freedom of the flow if I hadn’t first known the constriction blocking it.

Do feel free to share your own challenges and approach to overcoming them below. You’ll be amazed just how much it can bring things into light.


(on behalf of Openhand)

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