19 Signs You’re Engaged in the Higher Dimensional Shift

June 8th, 2018

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

What are your symptoms of the Shift?

Here are 19 classic symptoms that you’re actively engaged in the higher dimensional shift taking place across the Earth.

What are you experiencing? Do share — let’s explore together what you might be feeling, because it helps to ease the path.

1. Expansiveness, timelessness and peace:

As you surrender and let go of attachment to the 3D world, then consciousness naturally begins to expand into higher dimensions, especially 4D and 5D. So you’ll be having periods of time where you feel a deep sense of peace and expansion. There’ll be periods where it feels as if time has stopped or somehow just slipped by.

2. Interconnectivity, love for sentient life: 

You’ll have times where you feel interconnected with other sentient life — other creatures and nature in general. The heart will regularly fill with love in appreciation.

3. Signs and synchronicity:

Especially as you expand into 5D consciousness, and you’re paying attention to the sense of flow through the moment, then you’ll manifest, and pick up, more signs and synchronicity, attuning beingness, guiding the way and affirming you’re on an aligned path.

4. Density, karma and challenge:

As you connect more into the mainstream of the soul, the flow within is going to pull on buried fragments of soul that are still stuck in karmic density and interconnected with the old paradigm. So you might feel light one moment, but then suddenly dredge up karma to be worked through.

5. Pulled in two different directions:

We’re right in the middle of the “Inflexion Point” between the Old Paradigm and the New. Many around you will be stuck in the old densities and you may have threads of consciousness still holding into fixed relationships, yet the soul is wanting to realign them. Hence feeling pulled in different directions.

6. Death of the Ego:

You may well feel at times like you’re dying, but this is usually as the ego begins to confront its immanent demise — the false self is being unravelled.

7. Feelings of depression, disconnection and hopelessness:

Even though you’re expanding into lighter vibrations, you’ll still stir up inner density at times which will amplify feelings of disconnection from the expanded states. You may feel hopelessness with regards to the old paradigm and even at times depression.

8. Feeling the need to purify:

The likelihood is that you’ll be feeling a need to purify your inner being, physically, emotionally and mentally. That will likely involve a more aligned diet, fasting at times, deep consciousness bodywork and plenty of meditation.

9. Desire to change location and living circumstances:

As you shift consciousness within, this will likely reflect into the outer world with a correspondent and authentic desire to change location to one which reflects the new beingness.

10. Redefining and realigning relationships:

You’ll likely feel a strong tendency to more authentic relationships of honesty and truth. It will likely get increasingly difficult to spend time in light weight “chat chat” connections.

11. Increased creativity:

You’ll likely feel an increased sense of wanting to create just for the fun of it. This will likely manifest as a pull to change career path or job.

12. Uncovering your divine purpose: 

They’ll likely come a yearning to know your divine purpose and how to serve in the shift. This will manifest more as the revelation of your destined way of being.

13. Increased Multidimensionality:

You’ll likely begin to feel as if you’re living in two worlds not one. So there’ll be the sense of connecting to the energy and spirit of life around you, plus picking up the higher dimensional flow more. The key is to keep attuning to these multidimensional experiences so their impact grows stronger.

14. Activation of Kundalini:

You’ll progressively feel strong flows of energy within, leading, strongly moving body and emotions, leading to high creativity, streaming synchronicity and bliss.

15. Higher Self and Twin Flame occurrences:

Prior to kundalini activation you’ll likely feel increased connection with your higher self manifesting in synchronicities around you. After kundalini is flowing more strongly, this will likely switch to more occurrence of the Twin Flame phenomenon.

16. Prophetic dreaming and visioning:

You’re likely to be having prophetic dreaming revealing how to process out density, what karma you might be dealing with, and steps to take to unfold more integrated soul and expanded beingness.

17. Entering the Void:

At times you may feel like you’ve slipped into a placeless, timeless, eternal presence, as if “there is no one here!”. This is the sense of the Void, and the presence that you really are.

18. A feeling of wanting to go home:

There will often be feelings of “wanting to go home” but without fully understanding what that means. Usually it’s about yearning to ascend to higher densities of greater harmony, alignment and peace.

19. Yearning to find your ‘tribe’ or soul family:

Each soul belongs to a group, family or “Team” of souls who closely resonate on your vibration, who fundamentally understand you, who unconditionally love and support your journey. You’ll likely have a growing sense to connect more deeply, here and now.

So what are you experiencing?

In loving support,
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  • Funny how reluctant folks are to share. This was a good article, although some of the identifying characteristics seem to be associated with more entropy (chaos) than others, but in their infancy I can see how folks would have those kinds of emotions/sensations being present. It’s been a long time on the path for me.

    I surmise this reflection of my own process from some 40 years ago will offer something for reflection. My experience seems to have been a bit more intense than most, literally willing to give up my life to know truth. I’ve grown in so many ways and today am able to help many through coaching, consulting and general delivery of salient points of order in the ascension of consciousness. I invite you to read more: http://mothershipcafe.com/messy-antics

  • Travlingypsy

    There is so much misinformation about what it means to ‘wake up’ that fluff articles like this provide more fluff for the opening and awakening we are undergoing. I would love it if people would talk about HOW this awakening happens. It isn’t just magic. There is a bit of focus, effort, practice involved. I hear people constantly pat themselves on the back about being awake. But when you begin to walk that straight line into the GOD Consciousness you don’t tell people how awake you are because you realize you really don’t know what the heck is going on. You are changing. You’ll need a good teacherr to help you open up to all of that. Waking up is not formulaic. We all experience it differently. People think because they are on a ‘spiritual’ path they are ‘woke’. It isn’t true. You are awake when the GOD Conscioiusness, or whatever you want to call it is, is living within you and guiding your thoughts and actions. Your tiny little ego takes a step off the platform and let’s the higher SELF, the larger SELF, take the reigns. That is when we change and grow. I appreciate the article but it’s dangerous to lay out a platform like this. People are just not aware enough to put it in perspective. There is a little bit of info running around, and not enough depth of practice. A little knowledge is dangerous. If I hear someone say, “those people are responsible for how I feel and I am not having anything to do with them, because I am awake”….well, it just doesn’t work that way. Look at what you are attracting in your life and heal you, let them alone.

    • donna elaine

      I really dug your comment, “Look at what you are attracting in your life and heal you, let them alone.”
      In the last few years I’ve been moving more inward to know and inquire what aspect is this so-called ”higher self” that I’ve heard about for decades now. This sense of something ”other” and one at the same time. There’s a wall that keeps trying to bounce me out of any solid knowing that might move out of a physical decay polarity system. It’s like an elastic band and I see it, or confront and experience it in all kinds of things, from teachings (especially teachings) to programs of life systems and beliefs.

      During meditation back in the late ’90’s I sensed it (by it I mean this polarity system that results in decay/death) was an experiment. After discovering so many lies in the name of truth teachers I’m hesitant to believe anything for sure, such is the loop to keep polarity in play, so I’ve sat on that information for decades. The last few years I went through a real confrontation on the focus in results and it appeared that the ego got a real bad rap and doesn’t want this fragmented decay system (perceived illusory decay program that is experienced as real.) Blaming something on an ego is part of the belief programming to l keep polarity to this degree in tact. This degree of polarity is highly addictive and almost imprisoning so-to-speak.

      Interestingly in the last while I’ve focused more on leaving ”them” alone and looking inward. Resisting the urge to be a teacher to ”them” and just instead change myself and the whole world changes. But by this time I had mired myself in so many choices that were degrading me and all I could wonder and inquire after is what aspect of Higher *me* chooses to focus on this level of degradation. I heard tons of explanations and/or beliefs presented through various teachers (some even in an etheric space) and when I inquired all explanations became an excuse to keep looping polarity.

      Last year a car accident seemed to push me toward confronting some of the more debilitating choices (location / relationship / financial.) Physical accident Trauma moved the concussion into brain psychosis. I began to experience exact same levels described in shrooms or ayahuasca trips.
      I decided I was going to make this work for me positively and not against me in a degrading type of thing.
      I’ve went from a life of extreme love and saving all, to a life experience of extreme dislike and wanting to annihilate rather than unify — to a different layer of there being nothing to like or disllkie, but just change the focus and choice. But then comes all the teachers and people who don’t want the focus changed because their bored and like this so-called game.
      Again I go back inward to inquire and have strongly recognized that I’m very wishy-washy in the choice department.

      So, a week ago I woke up with symptoms of concussion psychosis and opened my eyes to see a dome around me in the shape of about 1 foot honeycomb… shapes were a bright green color.
      I blinked and when I closed my eyes I saw some of the honeycombs were like a static grey (like a tv that burns out and gets static), then I opened my eyes and saw a chair in the middle of the dome, closed my eyes and re-opened them to see many, many domes. This lasted a few seconds.
      In a moment the green color looked like a movie film makers green-screen.
      There was nothing under the chair or around the domes except more domes. I was homeless so-to-speak; and my home was in the dome.

      That day I ended up finding a vlogger named Technical Intuition, landed on one of his remote viewing webinars and was interested to hear his viewing of a chair with nothing underneath it. He said he thought it may be a metaphor. Suddenly my earlier vision compared to his remote viewing.

      These so-called ascended dimensions and levels that are inhabited by higher aspects (selves) of our Self is more of this system. This Higher Self will not let you out of the system but in the name of evolving it will take you into better states if you’re really done with this one.
      I’m confronting this aspect, because in past it has just run away, or slowly faded out of the interaction, rather than providing solid truth that would remove this evolution game.
      Who wrote this system program.
      Is there a contract. How do I break it through a firm focused choice.
      Instead of getting looped back in through someone preaching a distraction back on the hamster wheel, of finding your soul mate, or purpose, or twin flame awareness, or there are billions of distracting beliefs and things that keep a person from confronting the truth about why a Higher Self would choose to split into polarity. Then there’s the belief that the Higher Self doesn’t know pain and it’s not the same for it and it has to experience itself to know more of its creation, etc etc it’s endless.

      No, something is what I classify as hoodwinkery in the name of spirituality and I’m getting less wishy-washy by the non-linear moment. But this time not in anger, not in peace, not in hate or love, but in basic common sense choices.

      How does this fit into ascension symptoms? 🙂