The System is Dying: Step Out All You Lightwarriors!

The System is Dying - Step Out All You Lightwarriors

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

These are exhilarating times to be alive! The controlling system that has limited humanity for so long is beginning to die. The signs are all around, while the powers-that-be struggle to cobble it all together. We need to now begin to shed the skin of the old reality in order to emerge fully into the New Paradigm.

But this is not about fighting the old. There’s no need. We simply have to live the New Paradigm here and now, develop new ways of living and being, then the old system will simply crumble away.

What practical steps can people take to accelerate the shift?

The tide is turning

Even the most hardened New Paradigm skeptic can surely see the old capitalistic system is ready to capitulate. It is fatally flawed, because its very foundation stone is based on ever-increasing consumption; money is debt, and for the money supply to increase, the level of global debt has to increase. And this can only be done by borrowing from tomorrow’s resources today. That’s why we’ve seen the debacle we’re witnessing now in the EU – countries that were once more self-sustaining, abandoning their more frugal ways, in search of the low-interest, have-it-today-pay-tomorrow economy.

But surely, as you peel back the veils from your awakening eyes, you can see the system bursting at the seams all around you? It has a while yet to go. The powers-that-be will keep sticking fingers and thumbs in the dyke whilst a majority still acquiesce to the old system. But the waters of change are building behind it, sooner or later, the dyke will crumble. It’s all just a question of time.

Two ways in which this can now go…

In my book 5GATEWAYS, I share a view as to how the movement into the New Paradigm can go, based on the trends in the shifts of consciousness currently going on. Everything is interconnected of course, we know that; which means that as Gaia shifts her consciousness into the Higher Paradigm, anything of the old inequitable and unjust consciousness will break apart. That may seem a little esoteric to some, but it is these fundamental shifts in the underlying field that are precipitating the current uncertainty.

Basically, as I see it, the situation moving forwards can go one of two ways…

Either (1) enough people venture inwards now, process their karma and become as one again with the higher vibrations of our planetary system, in which case, the transition will be a relatively smooth one; or (2) if too many resist the consciousness shift, it will create growing tension, with a much more chaotic and turbulent transition. What will it be? The smooth or more turbulent option? That all depends on us.

Whether knowingly or not, whether generally seen or not, evolving people hold the key. As your consciousness expands, so you influence the mainstream, through the field. Others may not even understand why they begin to feel what they feel, where did it come from? They simply feel veils falling away and begin looking at life differently. It’ll be a while before they have the answers, but the questions begin flooding in – questioning the old way of living and doing things, just as in Greece right now.

A system within a system

The system is on the ropes. But there’s no need for any kind of knock out punch. That would be to waste energy – it will fall over all by itself. What’s needed, is more of what’s going on behind the scenes anyway – ordinary people everywhere to begin living and acting differently – to be the change.

We have the classic example of Iceland to consider: they were ejected from the international monetary system during the last credit crunch in 2008. But instead of rolling over and taking the exorbitant IMF loans to rebuild, they kicked them out all together, locked up some of the more disreputable bankers, elected a government of the people and then set about becoming much more self-sustaining.

And in Greece right now, beyond the headline news of rioting in Athens, a quiet revolution is happening in the back waters. This is from the UK’s Guardian newspaper…

The System is Dying Step Out All You Lightworkers - Greece

“You only find this new economy if you look hard for it. In Greece, when a grassroots NGO mapped the country’s food co-ops, alternative producers, parallel currencies and local exchange systems they found more than 70 substantive projects and hundreds of smaller initiatives ranging from squats to carpools to free kindergartens. To mainstream economics such things seem barely to qualify as economic activity – but that’s the point. They exist because they trade, however haltingly and inefficiently, in the currency of postcapitalism: free time, networked activity and free stuff. It seems a meagre and unofficial and even dangerous thing from which to craft an entire alternative to a global system, but so did money and credit in the age of Edward III.” (read full article… The End of Capitalism has Begun)

Actually this shift to new ways of living and being is springing up in pockets all around the world. The rapid rise of the awe inspiring Transition Towns Movement is exemplary.

Let’s remind ourselves, it’s crucial that we take this smoother option of a more gentle transition, so the world doesn’t literally tear itself apart, due to the increasing resistant tension. It requires lightwarriors to step up and step out everywhere. And to do what?

It has to begin with a shift in your own consciousness – that’s the only way true and lasting outer change can ever happen. So that’s number one on the list.

With that in mind, here are 9 practical steps you can take. Steps that will make a real difference, and do so right now…

9 practical steps to assist in the global Shift of consciousness

1. Turn up the volume on your soul: Perhaps the most important first step you can take to be a part of that new wave, is to ‘turn up the volume on your soul’ so that you can begin to hear it more strongly. There are various suggestions for doing this: meditation, yoga, tai chi, Reiki and the healing arts, Five Rhythms Dance, the multitude of spiritual practices (such as shamanism), connecting with nature, the arts and creativity. At Openhand we’ve developed a deep consciousness bodywork we call “soulmotion”. Find out more…Soulmotion

2. Learn to follow your soul in day-to-day life: Each of our souls is connected to a higher co-creative flow of energy – of consciousness. It is an internal guidance mechanism which is leading to the higher evolved plane of consciousness – what we at Openhand believe to be humanity’s immediate destiny (at least those who choose it). This benevolent guidance is always present, through ALL events and circumstances. The key is to know how it works and how it is guiding you in every moment. There are various new and ancient processes for following the soul’s quiet voice within. Here at Openhand we’ve developed a ‘spiritual compass’ we call “Openhandway“. You can find out more here…Openhandway

3. A route map through life’s twists and turns: Once you’ve tuned into your soul and begun to realise it as a guiding compass, it can help greatly to understand ‘where’ the soul is leading to – we’re guided on a pathway of expanding consciousness. This is an inner journey through ever higher dimensions, the internal alchemy of which, is then reflected and manifested into the outer world we experience. There are many blind alleys down which you can travel. That’s why the Five Gateways route map can be so invaluable. We each have a unique journey yes, but those who’ve ‘ascended the mountain’ often report similar experiences on route to the ‘summit’. Understanding these influences can catalyse your journey removing much unnecessary pain and suffering…Five Gateways

The System is Dying Step Out All You Lightwarriors - Raise Vibrations

4. Raise your vibration: Walking the Path will naturally lead to an exploration of how to ‘raise your vibration’. Essentially, as you purify internally, there is less dense energy within your lower bodily vehicles to keep dragging you back into the darkness. The energy acts like ballast and by processing it out, you can attain the lighter vibrations of greater interconnectivity – you sense and experience being much more a part of the universal flow which feels increasingly harmonious inside. In order to do this, you need to take a close look at how you live your life to see how your vibration is being lowered. It is frequently in the food that we eat, the ‘electrosmog’ in our houses and subconscious behaviour patterns from the conditioning of society. Conscious eating is essential. Check out…Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen

5. Become more at-one with Mother Earth: Humanity has ridden rough shod over our natural environment and ecosystems. It could well be that we have already passed certain ‘tipping points’ taking the planet (in this plane) into much more inhospitable environments, which is going to make it increasingly difficult for the worlds burgeoning population. But Gaia is humanity’s vehicle into the higher paradigm. And every time I’ve called to her, I’ve always been answered and affectionately guided. If we can reconnect with every aspect of nature around us, then the earth will start to speak to us and hold us in a loving embrace that we may safely ride the difficult tides ahead. Humanity may have gained the power to control the earth’s surface in some ways, but every single part of our lives interfaces with this magical ecosystem which is one living, breathing system. If we are not connected to that, our souls begin to suffer. So whatever is happening to the surface environment, the invitation is to open our hearts and reconnect with Gaia. Even if it is just the plants and bushes in our own gardens or houses.

6. Become more resourceful and self-sustaining: Money makes the matrix go around! And essentially money has been created by the generation of debt, which has been propagated by the over exploitation of oil and the production thereby of ‘consumables’ (many of which are unnecessary). Society is founded on the building block of Industrial Consumerism which is driving the greed, inequality and disharmony. If we become increasingly conscious about what we spend, and which items are really necessary, then we would stop feeding the disharmony, stop destroying our eco-systems and raise our vibration too. So this part is about becoming more resourceful, spending only where we really feel we need to (or are given to), working to become more self sustaining and less reliant on the system – especially in terms of our own food production or at least supporting local farming… Transformation of Humanity Video.

The System is Dying Step Out All You Lightwarriors - Reduce Debt

7. Consume consciously: The system gains its power by how people acquiesce to it, principally in how we spend money. In continually buying from the big corporations, we line their pockets that they may continue to plunder the earth’s resources, gaining profit and control at our expense. It’s also deeply destructive to the environment. Yet in percentage terms, many of those corporations function with relatively low profits. If just a reasonable percentage of awakening people consumed as consciously as possible, mostly avoiding the unethical companies, then these companies would eventually wither and die. If we spent our money instead with smaller, more ethical companies, we’d start to build a new, conscious system in the midst of the old.

8. Developing conscious community: One way to accelerate the shift to a new conscious economy, is to gather together with kindred spirits – the emergence of ‘micro-communities’ is a strongly growing trend. Small groups of people are drawing together to share resources and services. They’re reintroducing bartering as a method of trade; “time banks” which credit for services offered, that can then be traded against other products and services; and even in some cases, creating entirely local currencies. Such communities are preparing now for the projected break down of our oil driven society. Check out the Transition Towns Network. If there isn’t one near you, the organisation offers abundant help on setting one up… Transition Network.

9. Become a positive force for change: To us at Openhand, the true purpose of life itself is to fully unleash and express the soul; this is your unique expression of the One. When we do this, not only do our own lives become fulfilled, we begin to inspire and uplift others too.What is it that really fires your passion? What gives you true meaning in life?

A Conscious Accelerator of Change

It is clearly obvious that the old system is dying. So why continue to place your trust and loyalty in it? Yes, it still owns most of the resources, and so we may have to work in it and trade with it a while longer. But to build your future hopes and expectations upon it is fruitless.

I put it to you that the only viable way forwards is to live the New Paradigm right here, right now. Then your very consciousness becomes an accelerator for change.

What’s more, as you tune into and follow your soul, it will guide you on a life’s journey through the collapsing old wold mechanisms to a future that is truly sustaining and light filled. But you have to chose it, and to make positive steps right now.

That’s what the 5GATEWAYS routemap is all about. It can help you unfold the new way of being, and in so doing, positively influence the rest of the world around you in the process. If you resonate, I invite you to explore further.

from my heart to yours


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