50% of the World’s Wildlife Gone in Just 2 Human Generations

50 Percent of the World's Wildlife Gone in Just 2 Human Generations

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Anyone accustomed to Openhand knows that our approach is to fearlessly embrace the truth, even if that makes us unpopular. Why? Because only the truth can truly set you free. There’s so much deception and distortion abound on the planet. We must intuit and feel for ourselves the true landscape and where this is all really heading. For only then, may we become apart of this Great Realignment that’s taking place.

With that in mind, were you aware that in the last two human generations alone, we have lost over 50% of the planet’s wildlife? Staggering isn’t it. We are in the sixth mass extinction in no uncertain terms. And when the eco-systems completely go, then we completely go too…

A Shift Into the Higher Density

In the Openhand View, this is now practically impossible to turn back. No amount of wishful thinking, intentional manifesting or heartfelt healing is going to turn it all around. An unstoppable sequence of events has been set in motion which will ultimately cleanse the 3D earth as life ascends into the higher 5D paradigm. As esoteric as that may sound to some, it’s constantly happening in a cosmos teaming with life and continual evolution.

It is nothing to fear, but rather to fully embrace.

But you can only truly do that of course, you can only dive into the deep-end of your own soul’s salvation, when you surrender to the bigger movement of life; the natural underlying flow of the universe.

You’re constantly hearing in spiritual circles how ‘we are the one’ and ‘that we are eternal’ and that we ‘exist in multiple dimensions’. Yet there’s still great attachment to society and to the world of physicality. Not many people are yet truly testing their beliefs in the crucible of daily living and turning them into pure knowing.

But what I hear that irks me most of all, is the frequently quoted view that human activity is not having a detrimental effect on the planet. Really? When you add this staggering wildlife information to the fact that since the industrial revolution over half the planet’s trees have also gone, you have to question the sanity of such views. It’s time to really wake up!

So today, I invite you to take just 10 or 15 minutes to go into a quiet space, and simply contemplate what it means to know that half the planet’s wildlife has died off in just the last two human generations – the last 40 years. How do you really feel about that? How sustainable do you think this current situation on Planet Earth really is?

Most importantly, how might that inspire your commitment to spiritual evolution, and positive action?

50 Percent of the World's Wildlife Gone in Just 2 Human Generations 3

The Living Planet

Here as an overview of the “Living Planet Report”, the world’s leading, science-based analysis on the health of our planet and the impact of human activity…

“This latest edition of the Living Planet Report is not for the faint-hearted. One key point that jumps out is that the Living Planet Index (LPI), which measures more than 10,000 representative populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, has declined by 52 per cent since 1970.

Put another way, in less than two human generations, population sizes of vertebrate species have dropped by half. These are the living forms that constitute the fabric of the ecosystems which sustain life on Earth – and the barometer of what we are doing to our own planet, our only home. We ignore their decline at our peril.

We are using nature’s gifts as if we had more than just one Earth at our disposal. By taking more from our ecosystems and natural processes than can be replenished, we are jeopardizing our very future. Nature conservation and sustainable development go hand-in-hand. They are not only about preserving biodiversity and wild places, but just as much about safeguarding the future of humanity – our well-being, economy, food security and social stability – indeed, our very survival.

In a world where so many people live in poverty, it may appear as though protecting nature is a luxury. But it is quite the opposite. For many of the world’s poorest people, it is a lifeline. Importantly though, we are all in this together. We all need nutritious food, fresh water and clean air – wherever in the world we live.

Things look so worrying that it may seem difficult to feel positive about the future. Difficult, certainly, but not impossible – because it is in ourselves, who have caused the problem, that we can find the solution. Now we must work to ensure that the upcoming generation can seize the opportunity that we have so far failed to grasp, to close this destructive chapter in our history, and build a future where people can live and prosper in harmony with nature.”

What was that last sentence again?…

“Now we must work to ensure that the upcoming generation can seize the opportunity that we have so far failed to grasp, to close this destructive chapter in our history, and build a future where people can live and prosper in harmony with nature.

Hallelujah — it’s called the Fifth Density!

In loving support,

(on behalf of Openhand)

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Openhand is a bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. It is a way of tapping into the benevolent guiding hand of the Universe, to help you align with your soul through life. It empowers people to be totally authentic in who they are, and in so doing, facilitating a profound shift of consciousness into a new vibrational paradigm, in the Fifth Density.

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  • N Jones-Taylor

    Hmmm – just a thought – if we all evolved from apes as some scientific sources theorize then why aren’t we more aware of our need for “living in harmony with nature”? As from their point of view – shouldn’t our basic “animalistic” nature possess some inherent instinct not to destroy our own environment on which our survival rests? Sounds like sort of a conundrum to me…….

  • Una Wendt

    Hmm, it’s not ALL of Humanity’s doing guys – snap out of that mindset, it’s counter-productive! The world is in a great transition – we and our planet are evolving, and these are the End Times as referred to in the Bible – times of prophecy.

    Now is not the time to follow the old rules! It’s time to question the (de)construction of every wall, and those of us willing to identify as leaders and healers are uniquely poised to help this process, so start focussing on Positive Action people – not this finger-pointing and whingeing bs … Surviving crisis is written in our DNA, but this time around, the scale is larger. Earth isn’t beaten – she’s evolving as well, but we can help her and ourselves if we Choose/Determine to Act, and work together to shut down those with the intent to enslave and dominate us all – Humanity and our planet!!

    There are manipuative forces at work here guys – you know this, and we see their handiwork every day, all over the World – these clowns have spent centuries strategising and delegating to this end, and toward imposing their negative paradigm upon the Earth and life on it. They represent a purely anti-creative force, a form of relative darkness that feeds off of the entropic breakdown they engineer and exacerbate. Instead of the magnificent creative growing complex force of life, entropy is the breakdown of organized structures into lower, simpler forms which in turn releases energy.

    With advances in technology we’re witnessing now an exponential increase that is approaching critical mass on our home – our planet Earth – geo-engineering: chemtrails, HAARP – weather manipulation (drought for example, as in the U.S.), earthquake generation (Fukushima, Christchurch NZ, Haiti, India) etc. etc.

    …Whatever you want to call it – evil, satanic, rogue ETs and transdimensionals or archonic entities as the Gnostics taught, we’re dealing with a force not natural to our environment, something we call other worldly that exists in another dimension and seeks to transform and take over the world we inhabit. It is not only from another plane of existence, it is parasitic in nature and seeks THE COMPLETE SUBJUGATION OF OUR PLANET AND OUR SPECIES … They’re the Synagogue of Satan as prophecised in the Bible – i.e. Satanists in powers of position all over the World, many of whom we know well enough – Benjamin Netanyahu, the Bush family, the Clintons (so many Satanists in the U.S. Congress atm =/), Elizabeth II etc. etc.

    Our connection to Infinite, Conscious Creative Awareness is diametrically opposed to the world which these Corrupt come from. While we revel in empathy, compassion and love they have no such affinity. It is not just foreign to them, but anathema. Their cold, calculated realm runs on self gratification – sexual lust to the dark ecstasy of having control over the lives of others. It is two dimensional. They wish they had what we have but wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway, and this is why they fear us…


    FEAR NOTHING! … WE ARE AN INTRINSIC ELEMENT OF THE TRUE AUTHORITY and it’s time we took our rightful place… Awaken and Take Authority – Be proactive and confidently assertive in our convictions, and do not waver or bend to these influences, however complex, corrosive or intimidating they may be. Ours is to defy the lie, denounce the liars, expose the agenda, and march in full confidence, encompassed within the Light of Truth and the freedoms with which we’ve been endowed.

    … don’t yield to this bullshit Humanity – WE’RE NOT SLAVES and these people ARE NOT OUR MASTERS …

    Forget national altruism and the futile law-ridden political and religious maze, ours is to stand as parts of the Creative Universal Source Itself – Sovereign Conscious Awareness – Autonomous, Free Thinking/Free-Willing, Self-Determining, Creative and Imaginative Agents of Love, Wisdom and Power.

    The Time to Decide is Now. Always Now.

    Either you’re on board or you’re not. The choice is ours – it’s time to awaken the weapons of Loving Truth – and to wield them with full authority.

    Higher souls who stay true to themselves inspire confidence in others and show them the way toward transcending this physical world… It comes down to maintaining an optimistic attitude that acknowledges and sidesteps pitfalls, making choices based on intuition and wisdom instead of social expectation, and serving the spiritual empowerment of others according to ability and circumstance.

    “You are an explorer, and you represent our species … Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.” ~ Terence McKenna

    Claim your Sovereign Awareness (Consciousness) and unite Humanity. Let’s withdraw our consent for these people who are oppressing and killing millions of innocents, and are pillaging and destroying our planet as they go … we’re not their slaves and they sure as shit ARE NOT OUR MASTERS, and it’s time Humanity got Righteous on their corrupt/greedy, self-indulgent/arrogant arses …

    Unite and let’s become a Sovereign Collective of Humanity. Let’s disengage from this twisted, corrupt system and create something new, which will serve and sustain us and our planet … Global Strike – let’s stop working to profit these dark, greedy psychopaths – stop sustaining their corrupt reality/system/matrix, their Global Economy which is manipulated to control and dominate everyone and everything!!

    Claim your Sovereign Awareness – Wake up – let’s Unite, network and talk about empowering ourselves/each other, and taking back that which is Humanity’s and our Earth’s …


    • Brenda in Utah

      Una Wendt, not that I disagree with all you’ve said but ppl have been saying for generations that they were in the biblical end times. Even the Bible itself says no one will know when’the end’ is coming.

  • Wayne Melrose

    Thanks for bringing this to people’s attention. I have recently been contemplating the fact that we have lost half of Earth’s wildlife within my lifetime. I’m 47. I am partly responsible for this. We need to take responsibility for what we have done as a collective. We can’t just keep ignoring the signs that we are making the situation on Earth “poisonous” in many ways.

    Maybe we could start by apologizing to our children and then advising them to learn new ways of doing things because it is obvious that we are causing our own premature destruction by not paying attention. When you live in a city with so many distractions it is not really possible to comprehend what is being done to the environment. We are not responsible for all the problems that are going to face life on Earth in future but we are certainly adding to them and speeding up the whole process. We are destroying ecosystems that support us in order to make money and have power but neither money nor power can be eaten.

    We are selfishly living large to the detriment of the generations that are still to come. If there is any truth in reincarnation then we are going to regret this in person in the future !!!

    On the other hand, if one is a religious person who believes that we have only one life on Earth and that the apocalypse is nigh, then there is no need to conserve the planet.