Unplugging from the Matrix: How to Block Darkness and Evil

March 11th, 2021

By Catherine Cates

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

If you read my first article about unplugging from the matrix then you’ll know there are frequency technologies that can affect your mood. There are also discarnate beings and low-level entities out there that mess with us.

Knowing that, you may be worried if these entities or evil spirits can take you over or harm you. Or if these frequency technologies can permanently hijack you. A well-known secret is they cannot without your permission. Permission doesn’t need to be explicit such as saying you give permission, but by thinking about them or using tools to conjure them you are giving them permission. It is implied consent.

For example, if you play with a Ouija board you are by default giving it permission to communicate with you. By thinking about evil or dark subjects, you are basically allowing evil to interact with you.

Therefore, even if you didn’t consciously give them permission or state it out loud or in your head, just by thinking about evil or dallying with it in some way, you are allowing evil in.

How to Block the Dark or Evil

Step One – Protection

To block any interaction with the dark side you must have protection. Protection can include energetic protection such as a bubble, fence around yourself etc. Or it can mean shining your light so bright it can’t invade you because it’s repelled by the light. Moths that get too close to the flame get burned. The same is true of the dark. If it gets too close to bright light it is repelled. Repel them with your light.

Why do you think in vampire lore they sleep during the day? The light is too strong for them and weakens them. Also, in vampire lore why do you think people wore garlic? It was a form of protection. Whether it really works or not, I don’t know. I do know you need some form of protection. Surround yourself with the white light. Put your protection up, whatever way you feel comfortable with. If you want to use crystals or stones to enhance your protection, do that too. Black stones are good for blocking energy.

When you become more awake and aware energy affects you more. That’s good and bad. Good because you can sense and intuit energy more effectively which can lead to insights or put you at an advantage somehow. Bad because all energy affects you, not just the good kind. I use the terms “good” and “bad” here for illustration purposes, realizing they are judgment terms.

Low Frequency Things Affect Your Vibration

That means when you watch TV, especially dark or scary TV shows or movies, that negative energy can affect you more than it did before you were sensitive to energy. The same is true for reading about those topics or watching videos or listening to podcasts about it.

Have you ever noticed during or after watching a scary or unsettling movie you feel bad? I have. That’s because the lower frequencies of the subject matter are now affecting you, they are now in your awareness, your energy field. Awareness, consciousness is energy.

TV is a tool or weapon really, of the matrix to keep us dumbed down, numb and quite frankly, stupid. The more TV we watch, the more the matrix loves it. TV itself emits frequency rays to keep us in a dull, mind-numbing state. It’s all designed on purpose. Feel free to research that. There’s plenty of information out there on that topic. That is why removing or limiting TV is a recommended way to unplug from the matrix.

What you consume affects your energy. Like eating sugar may lift you up, then drop you like a hot potato, watching scary things can upset you or put you in a bad mood. Whether you consume food, alcohol, or negative TV shows it all has the same result – it affects you. Whether you realize it or not.

Step Two – Be Aware

I share this with you so that you can protect yourself. If you’ve been wondering why you’re in a bad mood lately or feel unsettled, think back to what you’ve been consuming. As I said, not just food, but what have you been watching? Reading? Listening to? Like a trail of breadcrumbs, it will lead you back to the origin of your bad mood.

We often feel bad for what seems like no reason. We aren’t depressed, nothing major negative has happened in our life, yet we feel bad. Why? It’s because we are energy transmitters and receivers. We are picking up on all of the energy around us, not just our own. The more aware and awake you become, the more your antenna picks up and the more you become aware it’s picking things up. When you realize it’s not you, it’s them (meaning the negative things you consume), you can change it.

As with all things, the first step to change is awareness. Start tuning in to your energy. How do you feel today? If you wake up in a good mood, great. But if by noon or 6pm you don’t feel so great, trace your steps. What did you watch? Read? Listen to? Who did you talk to? Then you will find your answer.

Step Three – Do Not Allow It In

To add to the effectiveness of your protection, renounce and denounce all things evil and low energy. Say in your head or out load that you refuse, do not allow, denounce, renounce, these negative energy entities and low frequency vibrations whether it comes from TV or talking to a negative friend. Whatever the source may be, do not allow it to affect you.

As I said in the beginning, evil, dark or negative energy needs our permission to affect us. By not renouncing it or participating in it by watching it on TV, we are by default, giving it permission.

Step Four – Cut Contact

Step four is either remove all contact with those things or limit it. If you choose to watch a scary movie (scary is your own definition thereof), do so with the awareness it’s not real and you will not fall prey to its energies. Put your blockers up.

If it doesn’t work to put your blocks up, keep working with it. Intention is very powerful. The more you consciously intend, the more it will work. Keep putting your blocks up whether you feel them or not. Do it.

To further shift your energy, get physical – take a salt bath (Epsom salts will do). Go for a walk, put your feet in the grass. Ground yourself. Pet your dog. Whatever works for you. You will know it’s working when you start to feel better, you can breathe easier or you have a smile on your face.

Bottom line, if you choose to engage in lower frequency activities, do so with awareness. Know that it can affect you. Put your blocks up or shine your light brightly. Renounce and denounce it. Do not allow it in. Then, like a dog drying itself, shake it off!

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