Humanity’s 5D Ascension: Punching Holes in the Globalist’s Control Drama

March 11th, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I’ve just completed my third tour of Great Britain in lockdown. Britain feels like it’s a key bell-weather in the worldwide plandemonium, and a central tenet of the shadowstate agenda, with a raft of draconian control measures instigated. Of course it’s all an excuse to shut down the Ascension of human consciousness into 5D. But worldwide, gaping holes are being punched through the charade by alternative investigators, journalists, energy and lightworkers.

I must encourage you all, let’s keep going, let’s keep working, let’s keep illuminating, because no less than the freedom and future of humanity is at stake.

Two Speed World, 3D/5D Consciousness

Right back at the beginning of this global shadowstate shenanigens I simply knew it was designed and planned. The shift was going way to well. Too many people were waking up to the soul and the worldwide emergence into a New Paradigm of consciousness was beginning to go parabolic. Yes, the intervention has slowed things down at one level, it has fragmented groups and marginalised those who speak out against the concocted narrative.

Plenty of people have gone into fear and contraction, with anxiety for their own physical wellbeing, that of their loved ones and their ability to thrive in what is now clearly the 4th Industrial Revolution – one that is purposefully designed to remove our individual resources and ability to live and express freely.

BUT, plenty of people worldwide ARE rising up against the control drama and breaking free. In fact they’re using the smoke and mirrors charade as a tremendous reflection of what they are not, and thereby it’s backfiring – they’re finding the courage, drive and will, to step out, express, and be all that they can be. This is happening in the USA, Europe, India, Africa, Australia and many countries around the world. It is simply brilliant to witness. However, we cannot rest on any early laurels. We must keep pushing forwards, stepping up and breaking through. For this is the forging of soul and entirely necessary to continue the 5D Ascension Shift.

Ascension into the 5th Dimension (Exploring Primary Concepts)

The Shift Numerology Speaks Volumes

To anyone waking up and evolving, the shift synchronicity is speaking volumes through the numerology. Firstly, 2020 spoke of two divergent pathways emerging due to the “plandemonium”. It’s exactly as the Hopi Elders had prophecised: one pathway leading to heavenly Ascension and the other to a hellish descent into a technocracy, which fortunately, will be short lived – it heads off a cliff and breaks down. Ideally of course, as many souls as possible will be reclaimed from this nightmarish scenario.

And that’s why the shift into the 2021 numerology was so illuminating – for those ascending, the two possible pathways must become one – a singular eagle-eye focus on your evolutionary pathway. One that leads into the next evolution of humanity in 5D – the divine being DIVINICUS.

The numerology also spoke through the 5Geez/5D synchonicity – as 5Geez is being rolled out worldwide under the shadowy veils of the plandemonium, it too is desgined to drag people unwittingly into the technocratic, transhumanistic reality – blending technology with DNA, in order to suck people into a collectivised consciousness.

How to Fly with Eagle-Eye Spiritual Vision Through 2021

Downgrading DNA Effects of the Vaxe

My trip around Great Britain had several purposes: first and foremost, I am an energy worker, working the field to help it realign – we can all do this, it’s simply having the understanding, inner expansion and commitment to do so; it was also to witness the degree of acquiescence here to the synthetic narrative; thirdly, it was to witness the effects on people of lockdown.

About 21 million people here have already had the Vaxe. Let’s be clear what this is really all about: it’s changing DNA, which is a receiver/transmitter of soul consciousness. If they interrupt the soul’s inflowing frequencies, they can instead channel in whatever sureptitious agenda the shadowstate desires.

It’s highly synchronistic that during all this, NASA’s space vessel “perseverence” landed on Mars. Because that is ultimately the agenda of the ET Opposing Consciousness behind all this: to harvest as much soul consciousness as possible and take it off planet in advance of the culimating Pole Shift, Grand Solar Minimum and Galatic Superwave. They know all about this tremendous cyclical convergence that the earth is building towards. It’s what destroyed previous 3D civilisations (such as Atlantis) and what they’re wishing to avoid once more.

The Critical Convergence of the Pole Shift, Grand Solar Minimum and Galactic Superwave

The Vaxe and the Harvesting of Souls

The harvesting of souls is a process that is widespread across the cosmos by this ET Opposing Consciousness. They present a magnet of false light, attract unwitting souls into it, and lock them there so as to exploit the energy and channel it into a synthetic agenda. This is exactly what the Matrix trilogy so brilliantly metaphored. Unfortunately, it is not just a story, it is actually real, and happening here on earth right now. Millions are already being unwittingly sucked into it through the synthetic agenda. The soul is prevented from embodying and is “harvested” for energy, out of body, in a collectivised 4D bubble of consciousness.

On my recent tour, I had first hand experience of the effects of this. One evening I stayed with my elderly parents, both of whom had recently had the Vaxe. The effect at a consciousness level was simply astounding, shocking. There was a visible shutting down, of accepting the narrative hook, line and sinker. I could feel a strong disonant vibration of grey entity consciousness around the third eye. Worse still, when you engaged with this, it had the tendency to suck your own consciousness in. I noticed a lowering of my vibration and a marked reduction in my ability to perceive the higher dimensional interplay. So strong was the effect, I could only stay in that environment for one evening.

For those who’ve got the ears to hear, and the interdimensional eyes to see, we must be absolutely clear what this surreptitious take-over is really all about. Let’s NOT sleepwalk softly into that agenda. Let’s NOT go “gentle into that good night”. For it is my concern that it will be difficult to emerge from.

Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution and the 3D/5D Hybrid State

The 5D Crystalline Grid Comes Online

What I also experienced on my tour around Britain was the extraordinary heightening speed of the 5D Crystalline Grid – the energetic foundation of the new 5D Paradigm. It is strong. It is downloading energy both from the galaxy and the sun. It is animating higher dimensional flow in the most poignant and beautifully profound of ways. When you tune in and follow it, streaming synchronicity speaks constantly as a heavenly choir of angels. This is the frequency ascending souls must be tuning into now and aligning with. I put it to you that this is the authentic destiny for the new evolution of humanity.

Explore further: The 5D Crystalline Grid and 5 Ways to Be in It

Fellowship of the Rings

My tour was very much inspired by Tolkein’s classic Lord of the Rings. For me the trilogy very much provides a prophetic vision of what we’re facing in society right now. It depicts a shadowy veil being pulled across human consciousness and the adventure of a wide spectrum of other “star” souls to resist the take-over. Thus it also depicts an epic journey of forging of the soul through a myriad of trials and tribulations and great challenge. This is indeed how the soul is reclaimed from karmic density and integrated. It is the great opportunity available to those who now committedly embrace that journey.

Of course it’s the inner journey I speak of, but one that is reflected into everything we do in the external, every undertaking that we embark upon. The inner seamlessly manifests these reflective experiences into the outer. It’s what I call the “Dreamspace” – you’re entering the quantum field where external reality is truly created from.

It is of paramount importance that we come together now, in suportive rings that connect into the quantum field. It’s here where we can forge supportive alliances that together, have a much greater effect in punching holes through the control drama to channel in the light. Of course the soul will naturally draw you to these resonant groups of souls, either in the ether, through the internet or terrestrially – ideally all three. The feedback loops you create in this way cannot be over estimated – where we resonate truth and authentic soul vibe back to each other, even just through a simple comment response to a blog, it builds resonant feedback loops that enhance, animate and amplify our soul frequency – help it embody and integrate. Above all, in the shadow of this harvesting agenda, that’s exactly what is needed right now – to counteract the effects.

Fellowship of the Rings 5D Ascension Vlog

With this in mind, I would like to share with you all the 7 vlogs that I shot from around the country. Even though they represent my experiences in Great Britain, this location is an important bell-weather in the shift and can reflect much into your own personal cirumstances: of paramount importance is how the soul can pick up the higher dimensional 5D vibes so as to emerge from planetary 3D lockdown. Do take quality time to watch and feel how your soul responds. And if you resonate, do share widely. In this world of censorship, it is utterly essential we keep the truth alive for many more people to follow the threads of consciousness into the New 5D Paradigm. Thankyou ??

If you resonate with my sharings, do come and get involved in the Openhand events and retreats. The work was specifically crafted to meet these challenging circumstances in the world and to help people ascend out.

Openhand Retreats and Events 2021

Blessings to all
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