Exit the Matrix by Turning Up Your Light

By Catherine Cates

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

How to unplug from the matrix? This topic has been written about many times with good advice such as stop watching the mainstream TV news, remove associations with negative people, work on yourself etc. In this article I’m going to take a slightly different slant.

The 1999 movie, The Matrix, was groundbreaking not just for its innovative use of cutting-edge technology, but also for its story. While it is a Hollywood depiction of what is real, it’s not too far off the mark in concept, in my opinion.

Know It’s Real

We are being mind-controlled and brain washed. If you’re not ok with or don’t believe that bold assertion, please do your research. There is tons of information out there about this.

The best way I have found to unplug from the matrix, the false reality, is first to be aware of it. As with anything, you can’t change it unless you’re first aware of it. Know it exists and if you don’t know, as I said, do your research. Don’t take my word for it if you’re not sure about it, please educate yourself.

Denounce It

The second step is to denounce it.

Whenever I start to feel bad, depressed, anxious etc. I check in with myself. Sometimes it is about my life situation. Oftentimes, however, it is not. Randomly, it seems, I feel bad for no apparent reason. It’s not random and it’s not for no reason.

There is frequency technology in place that hijacks your state of mind. Again, please do your research to verify this if you’re not on board with that. This technology wants to keep us down, depressed, agitated, angry, anxious etc.

When I notice my mood starting to slip, I check in with myself. When I realize it’s not me, then I know I’m being hijacked.

What do you do about it?

This is when you denounce it. Say out loud or in your head that you do not allow (or use your own words) these thoughts, moods, feelings, beliefs, frequencies, etc. to enter into your consciousness. You renounce and denounce them. They are not allowed in. They are not allowed to affect you. You are taking control of your state of mind. They are not invited in.

Don’t Let it Affect You

Then put up energetic blocks, fences, bubbles, anything that you like to keep it out. Some people don’t prefer to use any type of block. Instead they prefer to turn their light up to repel the dark. Others like to call in their angels and guides for assistance. Any of these strategies work. It’s whatever you feel comfortable with.

There is no wrong way, it’s whatever works for you. However, I do feel that using your own light source is the most empowering because you are not asking another entity, even from the light, to assist you. Nor are you using energy to block it. You’re taking your own light and turning it up, which is always a powerful and positive thing to do any time. It’s an empowering strategy.

As a side note, the brighter your light, the more you could be attacked if you’re not aware. These technologies are like a moth to a flame – they are attracted to light. If the light is too bright as I mentioned above, it has the opposite effect – to repel. It’s like the old saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.” For this technology it’s apt to say, “If you can’t stand my bright light, then go away.”

It’s Like Letting Go of Beliefs Too

Letting go of the effects of these frequencies is like letting go of beliefs. Whatever strategy you use to clear beliefs can be used for this as well. See them leaving your energy field, see your aura color changing and brightening, your chakras in balance and spinning. If you’re not good at visualizing, then know it to be done. If you’re stronger auditorily, hear them being gone. Maybe the lower frequency has an irritating, disharmonious sound while the higher frequency has a more pleasant sound. Whatever way works for you, use it.

If you like to cut cords or write things down, then burn it, do that. The point is to remove yourself from the frequency control. It no longer controls you. You are taking control of your state of mind.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

As with all things, this will take repeated applications. Every time you feel bad, do this again. Eventually you’ll get to a point where these frequencies don’t affect you because they can’t. You’re aware of them and you have set up frequency blockers (including turning up your own light). Now you have truly unplugged from the matrix. If those frequencies no longer effect you, they no longer effect you. You are back in control and aware of it. That is being unplugged in the truest sense.

Then, to top it off, do the things many other articles suggest: stop watching TV, especially the news. Don’t watch low frequency or scary TV shows, videos or movies. Let go of associations with negative people. Don’t read negative things. Eat better, stay off drugs and alcohol. You know the drill. All of these things help. The main thing is to let go of the negative programming and unplug from it. These negative habits reinforce the frequency lowering technology which is at the root of all of this.

Frequency technology, low level entities, discarnate beings etc. all exist. They are real. We can’t see them but we can feel and perceive them on some level. If you can’t feel them, then as I said above, check in with yourself when you feel bad. Then you’ll know you’re being attacked, used, clung to, drained, whatever word you want to use.

Don’t let them bring you down. Use your internal power to keep them away. You got this!

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