What If Lose My Home or Job? Handling Fear During Uncertain Times

By Catherine Cates

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

During these uncertain times many of us are worried about our home, job or business. For me to say, “Don’t be” would be flippant. However, I will re-direct you to go from worry to concern. Concern is ok, it’s legitimate. These are trying times so it’s natural to have concern.

If you’re concerned, develop a plan, assess your finances, whatever you need to do. I’m not a financial planner so I am not equipped to give you that type of advice. Be smart, be informed. Check into financial forgiveness delayed payments and relaxed unemployment guidelines.

Stay Out of Fear

Do your best to stay out of the fear zone. Fear will get you nowhere because it keeps you paralyzed. When we get into fear, we tend to go into the future, such as playing the “what if” game. “What if I lose my job?” “What if I can’t pay my mortgage or rent?” “What if I have to move in with my mom?”

Unfortunately, for some people those may be a reality at some point. These things are out of our control right now. Being proactive and informed could possibly help avert a financial disaster. Even if it happens, fear won’t help the situation because it can lead to resistance. When we get into resistance, it’s hard to move because we don’t want to. Right now, we may have to.

If your job is currently not threatened, please don’t play the “what if” game. Keep doing your best work. Keep showing up as if everything is fine. If the company shuts it doors or issues lay-offs that is out of your control.  The good news is you never know what could happen next.

We know from Law of Attraction like attracts like. Fear attracts more fear. If your company ends up having lay-offs, be the person who’s not in fear. You may be rewarded with keeping your job, or landing a better one. If you stay in fear you could bring about your own lay-off.

Not all companies are on a hiring freeze or laying off. Many companies are being re-deployed to serve in this time of crises. Online businesses, delivery services and grocery stores are booming. That doesn’t mean you have to be a minimum wage employee as new positions could open up amidst rapid expansion. Many companies are struggling to quickly adjust to an online model. If you have expertise, now is your time to shine. If you’re in the business of content or marketing, companies may need you now more than ever.

Find the Rose Amongst the Thorns

Today as I was walking through the living room, I spotted an uplifting story on the news amidst the doom and gloom. It said an Oregon bookstore re-hired one hundred people it had laid off because their online sales were booming. Great news! The workers may have panicked initially, but guess what? They were rewarded with getting their job back.

That’s what I mean, you just never know what miracles may come about.

Amongst this darkness, there is some light. We just have to look for it.

When things are so uncertain as they are currently, we want to be in control even more but we can’t. It’s just out of our hands right now. So, put it into the hands of the universe. It always knows what’s our next best step.

Since You’re Indoors Already, Go Inside Yourself

Be open to ideas. Be open to inspiration. Go inside of yourselves.

If you find you have to down-size, don’t panic. Use your intuition to guide you to the perfect home. If you are losing your job, ask the universe to show you the next opportunity. Panic and fear make it hard to listen to inner guidance.  I know these are tough times. We are being tested. This virus is all about bringing up our most primal fear – survival – financial and physical survival.

Now is the time to get in touch with that fear and do your best to trust that no matter what, you’ll be ok. Unfortunately, we don’t know what ok looks like just yet. Many spiritual gurus are saying we will come out better on the other end. Again, no one knows what that will look like. It’s too soon to tell.

I can tell you the more we as a collective stay out of fear, the sooner we can move through all of this. The sooner we move through it, the less we are all adversely affected. That’s how potent this enforced change is. Less fear equals easier transition. We may not want to transform, but we’re being forced to, even if we keep our job and home.  Life as we know it has changed.

Lemons or Lemonade – You Choose

Life is giving us lemons now so we have to make lemonade. What’s the alternative? Staring at the lemons hoping they’ll squeeze themselves? Being thirsty but too afraid to squeeze the lemons?

When the going gets rough, the tough get going. Remember that phrase? A few months after 9-11 I got pregnant. As I neared my due date my husband was laid off. Jobs were scarce. Babies are expensive to have and to raise. There was no way I was going to allow us to go into financial ruin because of a lay-off. I pulled out the stops and appealed to a contact to hire my husband. Thankfully, she did. He took a big pay-cut, but we could survive.

Just like 9-11, times like these are when we have to take the bull by the horns and summon our best selves. If you don’t know what yours is, this self-isolation gives you plenty of time to dig deep and find it.

Use Your Tools

Ask your Higher Self or any beings of light you work with to show you. Do a meditation to stimulate your third eye if you want to increase your intuition to guide you in these uncertain times. Listen to binaural beats or sound healing. If you have a crystal bowl, get it out and play it. Do some toning or chanting. Many healers are offering free healing or meditation sessions online to help uplift the consciousness of the planet. Take advantage of these tools we didn’t have in the past.

During the Great Depression all they had was hope and prayer. Not that hope and prayer aren’t powerful, but why not add in intuition and all of these wonderful healing tools we have available today? I am so thankful we have these tools. We don’t have to suffer or be in fear.

Transmute your fear into a higher vibration. Elevate your consciousness as each one of us contributes to the collective consciousness. As you raise your vibration, so do we all.

I thank you for that.

About the author:

Catherine Cates has helped thousands go from doubt to making their dreams come true. With her unique blend of intuition and twenty-five+ years in the business world she helps people find direction, focus and, success.

If you’re in fear over the virus, contact Catherine for a free get-out-of-fear session: www.catherinecates.com[email protected].

Catherine’s unique style as an Intuitive Visionary and Life Coach will get you there by raising your awareness, highlighting possibilities and helping you release your fear.

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