Getting on the Path to Our Life Purpose

By Catherine Cates

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In my previous article, Are You Getting the Call, I wrote about hearing the call regarding our purpose in life. Once we’ve answered the call about our life purpose and know we heard correctly, we can move on to the next phase, which is getting on the path. The last phase is living the path. First, we have to get on the path. Just like plugging in a destination into our GPS before we can get there, we have to plug in our destination to get on the path.

How do We Get on the Path?

This phase is filled with complexities, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Oftentimes we make life and change hard. It doesn’t have to be. We can change with ease and grace to be in the flow.

Getting on the path includes becoming aware of your “head-game” and working through it. Do you believe you can do whatever is your path? Have you embraced it and want to do it? Are you scared? Are you ready to start? Are you comparing yourself to others in the field?

Part of believing we can do something is proving it to ourselves. Can you actually do it? Do you have the skills? The knowledge? The abilities? If not, now is the time to fine tune those. Get more knowledge, address your skills. Take some classes, watch a youtube video, whatever you need to do.

If you’re fairly confident in your abilities based on what you know you’re capable of but haven’t done it much, get some practice.

If your path is being a healer of some sort but haven’t worked on many people, start practicing. Practice doesn’t mean for a fee, it can mean free. Before I became a psychic, I was given the opportunity to practice for free on strangers. When there’s no pressure to charge we can make what we think are mistakes or work out the kinks in our process and not have to worry about giving a refund or being wrong. Not that we will be wrong, but it takes the pressure off. It’s a learning situation, a way to hone your craft to be as accurate as possible.

Practice Makes Perfect

For many of us, reading or coaching for friends and family right out of the gate can be a challenge because we already know a lot about them. Then we tend to question whether it’s our intuition or our knowledge of the person? Or perhaps we don’t want to upset the person because of our relationship so we don’t tell them everything or bend the truth. Whatever the case may be, sometimes starting with strangers gives us permission not to be perfect.  Practice makes perfect.

This is the same reason why many massage or beauty schools have their students practice on people before going out into the real world. Make your “errors” now before you go full on.

If you are a healer, perhaps practicing on friends or family makes sense for you. There’s a level of trust built in. Trust is important as all good healers know. It allows the client to relax into the treatment, making it more effective. All healers know, healers don’t heal, they facilitate. The one doing the healing is the client’s mind and body.

Another benefit of working with friends and family, or even strangers, is they tend to give honest feedback. Feedback is very important when we learn our craft. That’s how we know where and how to course-correct. Am I talking too much? Am I pressing too hard? Am I allowing enough time?

As a psychic and coach my biggest question was: am I accurate? The more people I read for and coached, the more my confidence built up because I could see the results. People told me I was accurate which helped me develop trust in my abilities.

Take the Next Step

Athletes practice the same move over and over again. They keep working on their jump shot until they sink it in almost every time. Once your success rate, your record, is a high percentage and you are comfortable, it’s time to charge or trade. Trading can be a good next step before charging because it allows you to get feedback from another professional who will have a different point of view than a client. The pressure is still off because you’re not charging. And a bonus – you get something free in return. And you gift the other person with your feedback and skills.

Practice on as many people as you can. If you’ve already been charging, keep doing it. If you’ve been charging but not getting a lot of clients it means somewhere along the way in your process of accepting and using your gifts, you are stuck, probably in your head-game.  You’ve practiced, received positive feedback, maybe you’re even charging, but the dial isn’t moving.

It’s the Head Game – Again

The head-game is where most of us get stuck. We listen to that fearful voice in our head. We let our doubts get the best of us. We let anxiety cripple us. Whatever the case may be, there’s something going on in our heads that keeps us from moving forward. This is the phase to address them.  What is that voice saying inside your head? Listen to it and address it.

If your life purpose is not to be a healer of mind, body or soul, but an entirely different career, then it’s also time for you to get additional training or knowledge to fulfill your purpose. If your purpose is to be a writer or some type of artist, the same holds true as for healers – get some practice. Start writing. Start a blog, enter writing contests, write short stories, whatever your desire is. Start making your artwork, give some away, put it on consignment, have a show or start charging if you’re ready. Just start doing it.

Once we start taking action, we usually feel better because our thoughts change as we feel more productive. Seeing the fruits of our labor is a boost to our confidence.

After we’ve worked out the kinks in resolving our head-game and getting practice, then we’re home free. Then is the time to start executing. Embody that person. Live the dream. Be the “you” you came here to be. Fulfill your life purpose.

Are you ready to get on your path?

About the author:

Catherine Cates has helped thousands go from doubt to making their dreams come true. With her unique blend of intuition and twenty-five+ years in the business world she helps people find direction, focus and, success.

If you’re in fear over the virus, contact Catherine for a free get-out-of-fear session:[email protected].

Catherine’s unique style as an Intuitive Visionary and Life Coach will get you there by raising your awareness, highlighting possibilities and helping you release your fear.

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