Discovering Your Sacred Gifts – Even If You Don’t Think You Have Any

By Catherine Cates

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

What are your unique talents? What are your sacred gifts? If you’re like many people, you’re now looking at me blankly. “I don’t have any,” is your most likely answer – but that’s simply not true.

Each of us have a set of innate gifts, through which we can connect to the Divine. One gift we pretty much all have in common is the gift of intuition. You may think your intuition is lacking, or perhaps you simply don’t trust it very much, but it’s there, ready and waiting to be recognized, trusted, developed and used for the good of us all.

If you were born in the 80s or later, you may have less of a problem acknowledging your intuitive gifts – many of those born at this time and later are higher vibrational souls, here to help guide the planet through ascension. What if you were born earlier than that – does that mean that your intuition is lacking? No, not at all! Your job – and mine – has been to hold and build the energy needed by the current generation. We’ve laid the path and played our part in the awakening of humanity.

What Form Might Your Divine Gifts Take?

Intuition is not the only gift you can choose to develop. We are all born with other abilities – some can sense or feel energy, some can see angels, some have mediumship abilities and can communicate with the spirit world. Perhaps you can see auras or channel higher beings. These abilities are much more common than you might think, but each medium or channeler is unique in the way in which they work with the divine energy.

To discover your own unique gifts, start being aware. Start noticing what you think you may be able to do. Take classes which interest you, watch youtube videos, read some good books. There are no coincidences in life – instead, synchronicity should ensure that what you are interested in is indicative of a gift you may have. So, follow your interests and inclinations.

The Thoughts-Manifestation-Reality Connection

If you’re hoping to develop your divine gifts, one thing is crucial: please refrain from saying you don’t have any gifts, you want more gifts, you want different gifts, you can’t do what someone else does, or any variation of this. The reason I implore you to stop saying these things goes back to law of attraction. Our thoughts become our reality. Thought directs energy and energy follows though, so your thoughts are how you manifest. For this reason, you must be very careful with what you think and what you say.

The more you say you don’t have gifts, guess what’s going to happen? The longer it will take for them to come in. The more you notice what you don’t have, the longer it will take for you to discover what gifts you have been blessed with.

When Is the Right Time for My Gifts to Unfold?

Remember my story on willingness? I was willing to be open to receive my gifts, but I was noticing I didn’t have any (rather, I thought I didn’t have any, we all have them) and I was comparing myself to others whose gifts were apparent. By doing this, I blocked the unfolding of my gifts. In that blog post I said it wasn’t my time. That’s true. It wasn’t my time to receive them because I was blocking them. And because I was blocking them, it wasn’t my time to receive them. Was it part of my bigger plan, written in my records, that my gifts wouldn’t be noticeable to me until whatever year it was vs 1990-something when I was blocking them?  Probably, just so I could learn that lesson and one day figure it out and share it with you.

In other words, even if you are blocking your gifts right now, perhaps by complaining about the fact that you haven’t got any, this in itself could be an important part of your journey. That’s probably not the answer you want to hear, just like I didn’t want to hear it all those years ago. Like one of my favorite sayings, “It is what it is.” It will happen when it’s time. You control the timing. When is the right time? When you stop noticing that your gifts aren’t there – when you stop thinking you don’t have any, or telling people you don’t have any. That’s the right time. That’s when your gifts will show themselves. And then it IS time.

Trust that your time is coming. You were born with your gifts, they just aren’t noticeable to you – yet.

If you are not sure what your gifts are, feel free to contact me so we can have a discussion about it. See my bio for contact details and to get a free coaching session.

About the author:

Catherine Cates has helped thousands go from doubt to making their dreams come true. With her unique blend of intuition and twenty-five+ years in the business world she helps people find direction, focus and, success.

As an Intuitive Visionary, Catherine gives easy strategies for getting results faster, building confidence, and inspiring others to achieve even bigger successes.

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