Federal Reserve BANK CON Exposed on MSNBC

In this feature video, Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC explains the causes and scope of the of the current global financial crisis.

Calling it a “con job,” Ratigan identified former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan as a godfather-like figure at the helm of the alleged scam. Ratigan argued that Greenspan’s decisions to keep interest rates at low levels benefitted banks that used the low borrowing rates to lure Americans into taking out more and more loans. Banks didn’t maintain enough capital, but that didn’t matter, Ratigan said, because — thanks to the government’s support of too-big-to-fail banks — the system was rigged and they stood to gain no matter what happened to the loans that they made.

Ratigan blamed Congress for “feeding the money” to banks and not looking out for Americans.

Originally aired on MSNBC – 4th July 2010.


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  • Dean McKenna

    A con, yes, and since 1913!!! One hundred years of treachery.

  • Derek

    This story, like so many others, makes my stomach hurt.

  • Dobbs

    A plan that has been in the works for thousands and thousands of years is falling apart!

  • Jeff

    It goes back way further than 100 years.
    My boy Dylan is at it again.
    Here is a youtube link to a vid of him speaking at occupy wall street

    If you are interested in how all this works and the history of not only the finance but the rest of the vail I would highly recommend David Wilcock the author of Source field Investigations.

    His Current Investigation