About Wake Up World

A labor of love.

For years, we watched the power-brokers posing as democratic governments around the world tighten regulation in the name of “freedom”, tighten the censorship of opinions that contradict their agenda, disparage and outlaw effective and ancient natural (ie. unpatentable) medical interventions, and feed the public “news” that seems invented solely to manipulate, control and instill fear and division. Finally, like many of you, we felt overwhelmed, angry and in disbelief, and decided to stop watching and do something positive to help change the status quo.

That was the day that Wake Up World was born.

The little blog that could.

Starting as a simple blog, our initial focus was to document some of the inconsistencies in the official stories of the world’s governments, seemingly spun in the name of maintaining control and supporting a progressively corporate-focused agenda. Over the next 3 years, as our readership grew, the site – and we – grew and evolved along with it. Now with a Facebook community of nearly 4 million people (and growing) Wake Up World is a platform for a range of authors, covering topics we believe are the most important today; physical health, emotional and  spiritual growth, political awareness, sovereignty and our human rights, and social and environmental sustainability. Featuring a range of  writers from around the world, we proudly offer an alternative voice to the drone of mass media… and it really seems to resonate with people!

Our mission.

Our mission is pretty simple; we offer information that we think will help people to live better, see through the lies, and break down the old ways of thinking and being that no longer serve our society. We examine  what we perceive to be the most important problems in our failing society today, we  discuss potential solutions and alternatives that might help us to rebuild our society from this mess we find ourselves in, and offer commentary on our strange and wonderful lives in  this living, energetic organism we call Earth, the Universe and the Multiverse.

We publish articles that inform and challenge our our thinking and preconceptions. We speak our truth and offer a platform for other people to speak theirs. And we hope that, in some small way, we contribute to the sustainable, heart-centered and enlightened future we know is on the horizon.

Our Earth – the Living Organism

Your mission.

Of course, we encourage discernment and critical thinking. We certainly don’t believe everything we see, hear and read, and we don’t encourage you to either. We encourage our readers to question any and all information that comes across your path. If an article you read rings true to you, pass the knowledge on — there are easy ‘sharing’ options for social media on each of our posts, and you can sign up to our free e-newsletter here. If you have a question, why not post a comment or join the  conversation on Facebook? You never know who you might connect with!

But most importantly, we encourage you to follow your intuition. Only you  know  what feels right for you, so why not do it, be it and live it?

Now is always the right time for right action.

Revolution is not a thing of the past.

The heart is the new brain.

With our minds informed and our hearts open, we can Wake Up the World.

It starts with each of us.

About the founders.

Our names are Ryan and Andy. Although we share many common views about “life, the universe and everything”, we didn’t always, and still don’t, and we approach life from totally different perspectives and backgrounds.

We knew we shared a purpose when we first met in 2001, but it took until 2011 for it to truly manifest. Once we started taking ‘risks’ in our lives, and listening to our inner voices over our expectations and conditioning — that’s when everything changed. The Universe conspired to clear our path, and synchronicity abounded. And in the bigger picture, we believe this can happen for all of us, if we learn to trust ourselves and the unknown, and get out of our own way.

While this collective awakening (the Shift) remains a ‘work in progress’, we consider it our role to offer a mouthpiece to a variety of writers, information and views that best represent the truth as we see it in the outside world, and our inner truth, offering an alternative to the endless manipulations and distractions of mainstream media, the theatre of modern politics, the pharmaceutical “health” model, the popular consumer culture, and the overtly masculine (ie. unbalanced) spiritual energy embodied by our culture on the whole.

But it’s more than that. Wake Up World isn’t just about providing an ‘alternative’, or challenging mainstream thinking, or telling people what we think is not working, and why. Wake Up World is also about solutions — social, scientific, political, and personal. You already know what’s not working. If you’re anything like us, you already felt that ‘something wasn’t right’ before websites like Wake Up World started talking about why. Now, it’s pretty damn hard to miss. So we’re here to help create a new paradigm. We’re about bringing the ‘alternative’ back into the mainstream, celebrating all the good and joyous and beautiful things in the world, improving ourselves and our lives, taking our power back, and reminding ourselves that the simplicity of the “old ways” can actually show us the “new way” forward.

And our philosophy isn’t just about peace love and sustainability, it’s about multidimensionality too.

We don’t see the world through rose colored glasses, but ultimately, we are optimists. As anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. We believe we can change the world for the better. Although we’re fast marching in the other direction, humanity has the ability to turn around, and to create Utopia  —  and right now, this is crunch time folks!

We each need to Wake Up, look within for the answers, and do our bit for humanity’s future — and Wake Up World is where our little bit begins.

Love and sparkly blessings,

Andy and Ryan

Wake Up World. It’s time to rise and shine!

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  • anjali

    Dear folks,
    Thank you SO much for what you’re doing…could you please alert me, thought my email, to your newest posts?
    Well done,
    love, Anjali

    • Hi Anjali and thank you so much for your interested in Wake Up World.
      I have added you to our email subscription service. You will receive an email shortly asking you to confirm this.
      We hope that you enjoy our future articles as we attempt to shed light onto world issues.
      In light & in service

  • AWESOME!!!!! Thank you for stepping up and joint the fight for mankind and our further evolution

    Our band OF WOLVES
    Has the same point with similar ideals and goals as you


  • Rakesh

    Great work…team. The site really captures certain aspects and dimension of reality that 99% of population is sleeping on. Wake Up World!!!

    with much love,

  • I stand with you. Thank you for your care.


    • No one believed me when I told them how powerful Words, light and colors were; it;s good to know I am not Alone

  • James

    Congrats on your work. I’m of like minding and think that the best way to fight is to spread the word. I’m looking to do something similar on my end.

    Let’s wake up the people.

  • Light Worker

    Namaste. I wish to thank you for sharing this information with all humans of the world. Information is light and this is exactly what wee need in these times as wee are entering the “Age of Light” Love, light and peace.

  • Hello Ryan & Randy

    I just found your great site following a link about the lady who has lived without money for 15 years…. what a story! Also very grateful to see the piece about banks forging documents re mortgages….

    Want to say that I truly appreciated the “real” About Us where you both gave some info about you….so different from the usual, boring, unimportant stuff which is up on a lot of sites!

    For anyone interested in the lady living without money.. this is my vision also… and there is a great movie called “La Belle Verte” which shows just such a future..

    We can do it people!!!!

    Here’s a link to the first part of “La Belle Verte” for anyone who is interested:


    Remember there are 9 parts… amazing!

    Thanks again Ryan & Randy!

  • So artful to have found your website. What’s breath of fresh clean air! Thanks and keep up the awesome work

  • HI Guys,

    awesome website!

    I am trying to do my little bit too: http://www.ecohustler.co.uk/

    The global brain is growing!

    All best wishes,


  • Debbie Ruston

    Thrilled to have found your site! Big congrats on taking a stand to move past traditional, brainwashing media and waking people up!

  • Cecilia

    Love your site! Admire your courage for doing this. It is so true “the truth is hidden in plain view”

  • I’m kinda thinking that killing Osama Bin Laden was a good thing. I’m simple like that, though.

    Anyway, still enjoyed reading some of your other articles here, so keep up the good work.

  • Chrisitna

    Thankful for having the opportunity to be connected to this site. I truly believe in everyone’s right to the truth and most importantly their untainted freedom.

  • Bea

    What you said right here: “But most importantly go with what feels right in your heart.”

    Totally caught my attention because it’s the KEY that most people miss…

  • Charles E. Woods II

    Can’t help it- like one of those “crazy coincidences” (spelling?); for a long time I have expressed the same thinking about our government being just as corrupt as the Mafia and any other organized crime syndicate and using the media as a means to intellectually intercourse those who simply lack in their ability to observe above the average. Can’t wait for global changes to take place- especially the fraud that Capitalism has always been, the fraud that the ‘good ‘ole USA’ has been perpetrating for far too long now! So thanks for the site and I hope I can access it wihtout complication(s).

  • Ginny

    Thank you all for this labor of love… thought this type of website would never manifest. You’re doing a admirable job ! Let’s make it work !

  • Jay

    Gangster website, finally a news website I can read without wanting to rip my eyes out. Down with the NWO!

  • I’ve been reading more and more posts on here and will continue to do so. Yes, a labor of love to show the truth. Will take me some time to read it all but that time is well spent! I will also help to promote the site as much as is in my power, so that anybody who want to know, can know and do something about it. I do believe in walking my talk and have done so for a few decades, a lonely walk at times, but with Wake Up World it seems even more worthwhile going ahead to make a difference! Thanks for this great site!

  • Jamie

    I have spent a good portion of the past two years attempting to research the cause of my Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune issues creeping in for me as they also have for several siblings. You already know what I found wasn’t pretty. When I found your site, it was as if a big blanket of comfort from home had settled on my shoulders and I now find confirmed sources thanks to your work. You are angels to me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  • CGM

    I love the site… Great work, very resourceful. Thank you.

  • Great job !! Thank you

  • Mina Reyes

    Been wondering if the journey to the moon by Apollo 11 was also a hoax. If it isn’t, why there hasn’t been any subsequent mission when more hi tech equipment and gadgets are now capable as compared to the year 1969? So far the satellite that hovers above us sending weather updates and google maps is the only manmade vehicle yet but has quite a limited travel span. What could have happened to Apollos 12, 13, 14, and so on?


  • Norman

    Was just referred to your site through a friend’s FB post of one of your articles. I really like the concept and your approach.

    I have looked around your site a little and do not see anything about a WuW Facebook page and how to become a friend (rather than the share button on each article). This would be the handiest way for me to receive and share updates when you publish new articles.

    Disclaimer: It may well be on the your site and I’m just not seeing it. I tend to not see things right in front of my nose–just ask my wife. 😉

    Awesome site!


    • Wake Up World

      Hi Norman,

      There is a FB box on the right hand side of every page where you can like our page directly from the site 🙂

  • Barbara

    Thank you ‘Wake Up World’ I find your articles, stimulating, interesting, and very informative. Each one I read, I share, even though some of my ‘friends’ probably think I’m crazy. I hope you continue for as long as there is a need. My very best wishes to everyone involved. And again Thank You.

  • Name carolyn

    Thankful to have been lead to this site!!!

  • Mar fowler

    How will ppl ever come together if not now then when and will there be anytime then seeing they will cut off our ways of speaking out and making a change. The time is now and the Sheeps that scream loudest are slaughtered the se as the ones that are mute

  • Wake Up World

    Hi Peter, I can see your email in our inbox.. We will reply shortly.

  • Daniel Robert Hagan

    The cave has video games now, The threshold is guarded, people choose the shadows, you have to wake them up, I applaud your efforts WUW

  • Daniel Robert Hagan

    It will be a tough fight against the rich and powerful,
    the rothchilds, koch brothers, the waltons, the tea party lol,
    i have hope

  • Allen

    Your Wake Up World stone has created ripples on the still waters of complacency. I hope the ripples grow to tsunamis of consciousnesses-raising awareness. The world needs you…most just don’t know it yet! Best regards and God speed!

  • Madeline Loder

    Thank you for this website.
    I’m writing from Massachusetts, USA.

  • Madeline Loder

    Looking forward to your info. here, in Massachusetts.

  • What’s up mates, how is the whole thing, and what you ddesire to say regarding this piece of writing, in my view its in fact amazing for me.