Celebrating Surrender From Ego

14th July 2012

By Dr. Swati Dhawan

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The biggest and the most destructive “disease” of today’s mankind is AN INFLATED EGO. From politicians to celebrities to spiritual gurus all are the victims of this “disease” and to the extent that they refuse to acknowledge that they suffer from it. It is poisonous to society, nations, continents and the globe. A person with an inflated ego is like a drunken elephant on a rampage through a forest where the forest is burning behind him. He runs without any direction to seek refuge and fails in all directions to find one. During his effort to do so, he not only ruins his own life but also the lives of other elephants, other animals of the jungle, trees, shrubs and birds. A true seeker of truth and follower of a spiritual path does not succumb to this disease because he is aware that this is the path to his destruction. He is aware that the path to freedom is surrender and Letting Go.

In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says that the perfect way to live is not of inaction but of surrendering the results of all action to an ultimate power in the universe.

This helps us in detaching ourselves from the fruits of all action bringing about unification with natural forces and volition of the universe and removes all burdens and weights of karma from us. Letting Go the doer ship of action makes one live life more fruitfully and in its completeness. It strengthens the intellect, volition, emotions and increases faith and conviction in right action at the level of mind, intellect, volition and ego. It eradicates fear, mis-trust, hatred, anger, disgust, despair, desperation, dilemma, diffidence, desertation, despondency, depression and demoralization.

Even if our world has few hundred people who surrender their egos the world will naturally become a better place to live in. There would be no ulterior motives, no hidden agendas, no fruitless discussions, no futile arguments, no effortful failures, no poverty, no unemployment, and no illiteracy. The cause of many social evils lies in the inflated egos of a lot of people. Consumerism is the result of inflated egos. Cut throat competition in entrance tests for various academic qualifications is the result of inflated egos at its root. Eradicating this evil will mend a lot of global social evils.

Practicing meditation daily will increase your awareness of various emotions, ideas, thoughts, desires and expectations arising in one which is the most important tool in eradicating ego and superego and inflated ego. Once there is purity in all these there will be spiritual upliftment and growth in all spheres of life from material to spiritual. This will bring in peace and bliss at individual and social level. The world will be a heaven on earth with beauty, bounty, bravery, bliss and all. The world will be rid of all social evils and banes.

About the Author

Dr.Swati Dhawan is a Cosmic Quantum Holistic Wellbeing Consultant and Trainer who has encompassed the fundamentals of Medical Science with the Eastern Vedic Wisdom. This combination offers health in its truest sense and in its entire perspective-physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual as defined by the World Health Organisation. With her objective of transforming lives she has created her niche and footprint on the marks of time by giving practical and time tested advice.

She has worked in the Healthcare Sector for many years. This exposure helped her to recognize, identify and acknowledge the diverse ethnicity and distinctive spirited environments existing in various companies and sectors. Looking at the varied ways of survival of people and evolution of humans going against the laws of nature and Darwinian Theories and her exposure to the yogic lifestyle, she consciously opted for a career in Training and Self Development.

She started her journey in these arts and sciences as a part of personal development in childhood and curiosity and gradually started conducting workshops on Self Improvement, Emotional Management, Self Awareness, Clarity, Concentration, Strategic Thinking, Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiac and Lifestyle Disorders and Stress Management, Leadership, Managing Change, etc. She specialises in the areas of homoeopathy, yoga, reflexology, music therapy and colour therapy. She has authored many articles on the similar topics.

Her Professional Qualifications are as follows:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Health Care Management
  • Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery


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  • I think for the sake of Compassion it’s important to understand, that a world devoid of ego would be a Heavenly Place, BUT the Ego is a intricate part of Human Evolution. There has never been a Saint, never in fact a single soul in Creation, who wasn’t at one time in their evolution… been an egomaniac. In fact every soul evolves from what you might call a state of Purity, to a state of absolute egotism….where that souls purpose in the world is made….which is it’s Individual, Unique Expression. This is why souls incarnate here on this planet. To make a Unique, individual expression. Once this purpose has been achieved….the purpose changes, the wheel of evolution turns back upon itself, and the process of the removal of ego begins…The return Home so to speak. So we must keep it in mind…and Heart always that those Ruled by Ego, are just doing what they need to do, to evolve, to learn….and we’ve all been there, every single one of us, in one lifetime or another…usually many many lifetimes. So we can talk to those on the return trip about how one may facilitate the Return, with things like Meditation, contemplation, proper diet etc. But if we begin to expect others to follow us on that path, we have lapsed back into egotism ourselves. And here is the Spiritual Truth that many “spiritual folks” have yet to grasp : The Ego…and the Soul, are the very same thing….. only at different points of evolution. This is an important point that’s time for understanding has finally come. So realize that those who are still operating from Fear and Desire and collecting things through fear and desire to define who they are….. can’t just stop this behavior, until their Unique Separate Expression has been made….and for us to expect this of them is a good indication we are in the same boat that they are.

  • T. T. Braun

    Bazinga!!! RIGHT ON. My understanding at this point on THE PATH (which we are all one) is ACCEPT what IS, for IT IS perfect. And whether one accepts that or not, IT IS perfect. There IS only perfection. And if you don’t think so, that IS perfect. There is nothing wrong going on. Everything is right, day or night. No matter how hard you try to be who you are not, you can’t do it. You can only be who you are, not who you are not. You’re really quite perfect right where you are at any given moment. And if you try being who you are not, that’s you as well. To allow others to be who they are, and not expect them to be who they are not, is cool for them and bliss for you. No expectations contrary to what is. If a person can take it a step further, or rather, approach it in a different way, it could sound like this: RECEIVE ALL THINGS – all things – ALL THINGS – with thankfulness (did you notice the all things, thing? THAT’S THE KEY. Everything, nothing excluded, everything. No labels: Good, bad, evil, wonderful, true, false, heaven, hell, dark, light, nice, mean, or even, “hate the taste of that jelly bean” (ok, that mighta been over the top). In 1974 I experienced what I call, The Miracle of Thankfulness. It lasted three days. It was not unlike what I read on this blog by the author. I wrote a booklet about it called “THE POWER IN THANK YOU” which I give away (if a person can’t afford it). I mention it not try to sell booklets but rather to contribute to the increasing enlightenment experiences going on. GREAT JOB ON THIS BLOG. “Oh…sorry…IT IS WHAT IT IS. ha. tom braun.