The Case of the Incredible Disappearing Cancer Patients!

The Case of the Incredible Disappearing Cancer Patients!

By Tracy Kolenchuk

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

It’s been almost 20 years since I met my first disappearing patient — a nurse in her early 40s, let’s call her Kate. Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a nurse, she had seen the results of breast cancer treatments. She was terrified, and determined. She was not heading for surgery, nor chemotherapy, nor radiation.

But Kate worked in a hospital. She worked with the doctors who diagnosed her cancer, and she worked with the surgeon, who wanted to schedule her into surgery “as soon as possible.”

The first thing Kate did was slow down. She did some research. It didn’t take her long to remind herself that in Canada, and in the USA, the treatments for cancer are akin to law. No hospital would dare deviate from the deadly three (cut, poison, burn).

Kate’s cancer was not large. She had been tested for cancer last year and no cancer was found. She knew it took many years for cancers to develop. At first, she was furious, “If it is here today, it must have been here last year. Why didn’t you find it last year?” It had not metastasized. It was not growing rapidly and was not affecting her health in any way. In theory, she had lots of time. So, she took some time.

But Kate didn’t look for magic cures. She didn’t search for the latest “cancer medicine.” She wasn’t interested in curing herself. She knew she was a nurse, not a doctor. She searched instead for the “cured” – patients who were diagnosed with cancer, and no longer had cancer. She knew from her work in the hospital, from conversations with patients, and with some staff, that these people existed — but from the perspective of the medical establishment, they seemed to disappear.

It didn’t take her long to find some patients who claimed they were cured. They hadn’t disappeared from life. They were eating, drinking, loving, and living full healthy and prosperous lives. But according to the medical records, they didn’t exist. They were “never cured.”

The medical system treated their cures as “anecdotal.” It ignored them. There was no attempt by any doctors to understand what happened to these cancer patients. They were no longer sick. The medical system looks after sick patients, treats sick patients. These patients were not sick.

Kate looked and listened. Her interest was not clinical science vs. anecdotal evidence. Her interest was personal. She talked, listened, compared stories. From several, she learned about a clinic that did not claim to cure cancer. It did not use medicines to treat cancers. But patients were cured, somehow. This clinic was not in Canada. It was not in the USA. She would have to go to Mexico to learn more.

There are lots of alternative treatment clinics in Mexico. Are some of them valid, using important techniques to cure cancers? Are some of them scams, wanting to take money from desperate clients? Do some of them have a cure that works sometimes, but might not work for her? Kate didn’t know. She did more research. She called the clinic.

The staff did not claim to cure cancer. Claiming to cure cancer is dangerous, even for a clinic outside of North America. They suggested Kate visit the clinic and see what happens there, no charge for a visit, but she would need to pay for her travel to Mexico. Kate had done her research. She had met and talked to patients whose cancers had disappeared.

Kate made her decision. She was familiar with cancer diagnosis techniques in Canada. She had undergone a physical examination, a mammogram, that detected a lump in her breast. Then she had a biopsy, where tissue was taken from the lump and was sent to a lab for analysis. The lab technician tested and examined the sample and issued a diagnosis “cancer” or “not cancer.” Once the diagnosis is issued, everybody swings into action. Kate knew that the mammogram had a high false positive rate and a false negative rate. Many people who are diagnosed with a “possible cancer” by a mammogram do not actually have cancer. She was also aware that cancer biopsies have a false positive rate and a false negative rate, as well. Her work in the hospital, with real patients, had made this very clear.

She didn’t really know for certain if she had cancer. Her surgeon, on the other hand, was still pressing her to schedule treatment.

Kate knew one thing. She had time. She cashed out some savings and booked a “holiday” in Mexico.

At the clinic, Kate was surprised that there was no “cancer diagnosis.” They did check the presence and size of the lump on her breast. But they didn’t repeat the biopsy. The clinic read her diagnostic reports, but did not investigate them further. There was instead a very thorough analysis completed by a suite of doctors. It took two full days of tests and interviews, if I remember correctly.

Kate was asked about her family’s medical histories. She gave blood samples. She was questioned extensively about her diet, about what she eats on a regular basis. What foods does she like and eat often. What foods does she not like and never eat. Doctors examined her lungs, her heart, liver, and other bodily organs with various tests. Her immune system was tested. Extensive interviews about her life, her work, her relationships, and more.

At the time I talked to Kate, I didn’t realize that she was not getting a “medical analysis,” she was actually getting a “healthicine analysis.” Her tests and questions fit perfectly to the hierarchy of healthicine: genetics, nutrition, cells, tissues, organs, bodily systems, body, mind, spirit, and community.

Kate’s genetics were analyzed through family history. There may have been further genetic analysis, I don’t remember all of the details. Her nutritional status was analyzed, not just by analyzing what she ate, and what she preferred to eat, but also by studying what she didn’t like to eat, what she deliberately never ate, what foods she believed she was allergic to. Her cells and tissues were analyzed directly, through blood samples and physical examination, and indirectly through medical history and other tests. Many of her organs were tested for healthiness. Her bodily systems, immune system, circulatory system, respiratory system, hormonal systems and more were analyzed and assessed. Her physical body was measured, weighed, and examined. Her mental health was assessed, as well as her spiritual healthiness. She was in good spirits, even in light of a potentially life threatening illness. Her community health was analyzed as well. Her family, her relationships with her children, her spouse, her parents, her work community, and more.

After a few days, Kate met with a group of doctors to discuss her health, not her illness, her healthiness. Diagnosing illness is difficult. Analyzing healthiness is more complex. It took several doctors and several hours for Kate to learn and understand what they had learned about her healthinesses and her unhealthinesses.

They then “prescribed” two weeks, if I remember correctly, of healthiness training, tailored to Kate’s specific situation. She spent the next two weeks at the clinic, learning to be healthier, not learning how to be “healthier in principle,” rather – learning what Kate needed to do to make her diet, her body, her mind, her spirits, and even her relationships with her communities healthier. She could not change her work community. But she could change how she reacted to and interacted with it – to improve her own health. After two weeks of learning at the clinic, her breast lump had started to shrink.

Kate went back to Canada, to put her learning into action. The lump disappeared. Her diagnosis was still there on paper. But her “cancer” had disappeared. She was retested at her hospital and no cancer was found.

Then Kate began to disappear.

When the surgeon asked again, she explained that she was not going to surgery. The surgeon looked away. He refused to look her in the eye after that.

But Kate didn’t disappear from her family. She went back to her family. She didn’t disappear from her job. She went back to her job. She disappeared from the cancer system. Her cancer disappeared, so, as a cancer patient, she disappeared.

Was she cured? We don’t know. There is no useful definition of a cancer cure. No medical or scientific test that can prove a patient has been cured of cancer. Our cancer treatment statistics have no count for people who are cured of cancer. Patients that are cured, whether they are cured with medicines or not, are not counted. No breast cancer patients are officially cured by medicine. If their cancer goes away without treatment, they disappear from statistics. If their cancer is killed by radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, they are not cured, they are a “survivor.” Everyone knows that cancer survivors are always waiting for the cancer to reappear. Their symptoms are in remission, but their cancer is not cured. They are not cured. With no proof of a cure, it might just be hidden.

Kate no longer has cancer. She paid, from her own pocket, for her trip to a clinic in Mexico. After the trip, her cancer disappeared. She had medical insurance. But her insurance wouldn’t pay for her trip. Insurance pays for treatments, not for cures. It pays for treatments, even if they fail. But it does not pay for success. Success disappears.

There are two ways for a cancer patient to disappear. You might be cured by health. Or you might be cured by a medicine that is not approved. In both cases, the medical system will ignore the cure, and ignore the patient.

In healthicine, there are no incurable diseases. If it is not curable – it is not a disease, it is a handicap, a disability, a deficiency, or simply an attribute of the person. All diseases can be cured by definition.

I have since met several cancer patients who have disappeared, and not just cancer patients. Maybe you have too? I’ve met more by internet, email, etc. There is no way for me to determine if a disappeared patient actually had cancer, if their treatment cured their cancer, if their body cured their cancer or if they still have cancer. We can only tell if there is another cancer diagnosis. Nothing can be told from the absence of a diagnosis.

There is no way for any doctor to tell either. There are no tests for a cancer cure. There is no way to recognize, much less document a cancer cure. There are no statistics for cancers cured.

Many cured patients don’t disappear quietly. They speak out. They write books and newspaper articles. They blog. But it doesn’t matter. They still don’t count. Once cured, they disappear. The medical system does not study their cases, does not study their diagnosis, does not study their cures. For chronic diseases, like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, even obesity, and many more, there are no techniques to document “cured patients.” As a result, there are no statistics for “cured patients” of any chronic illness.

Once they are cured, they disappear. Health doesn’t cure illness, it disappears illness. And medicine doesn’t count people who have disappeared.

To your health, Tracy

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Tracy Kolenchuk Understanding Medicines From Deadly Drugs to Healthy Foods

Canadian born Tracy Kolenchuk is author of two books: Introduction to Healthicine: Theories of Health, Healthiness, Illness and Aging Healthicine: The Arts Sciences of Health and Healthiness.

Tracy is not a doctor. He is the founder of the websites and where he works to change the way the world defines and looks at health, healthiness and healthicine.

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  • Sylvie

    wow beautifully written! <3

  • Christine Blackford

    I focused on health and mine “disappeared” I am 68 and had stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer.

    • Laura Palmer


  • Nancy Brown

    is it possible to learn more about the clinic in Mexico?

  • Kim

    I would love to have further information on the specific clinic in Mexico, as well! Great article – thanks for sharing.

  • Jackson

    Thanks for sharing! It would be so beneficial if you would share the name of the clinic.

  • April

    Wonderful news, where is the clinic in Mexico, I’d like to take a look

  • Gail Kauranen Jones

    Tracy, thanks for sharing this very inspiring article. Yes, more stories like this need to be shared-particularly about creating the mindset for LIVING. I believe one of the most overlooked components of healing from cancer is failing to teach patients how to learn from love versus fear by helping them release the emotional toxins that may have contributed to the disease. Here’s my story–please feel free to share:

  • Nancy Fassio Roberts

    There are many alternative clinics and hospitals in Mexico. The Oasis of Hope Hospital is one of them; they have opened a hospital in Irvine CA. I have been to the Hoxsey Biomedical Clinic in Tijuana, and their approach is exactly as described in Tracy’s article.

  • Nancy Fassio Roberts

    The Cancer Control Society is a yearly symposium of health practitioners from all specialties including spiritual well being. It is open to the general public, held over Labor Day Weekend, and at the end of the three-day conference, they offer a bus tour of the clinics in Tijuana. Well worth looking into… “The Cancer Control Society has brought life-saving information to thousands of patients and their families.”

  • Teala Smith

    I was diagnosed almost two years ago with Rheumatoid arthritis. The doctors told me I would be on pharmaceuticals for the rest of my life to control it. Instead I took a different route that many take~ one that also escapes any documentation by the medical system. I changed my diet and detoxed my body. I am stronger now than before I got sick. I went from being bedridden and crippled to running, gardening, and enjoying life. Doctors hate it when we heal ourselves instead of getting sucked into being sick.

    • Laura Palmer

      I hope you drink distilled water too, and maybe juice cannabis leaves (doesn’t get you high unless you heat it)

    • Yes! Arthritis is another disease where cures become invisible. Medical references often claim that arthritis is incurable, but they look away when an actual cure happens. Why? Because you can’t cure arthritis with medicines, you can only cure it with health.

      • Arthritis caused by stress, fear emotions like anxiety when certain chemicals in your body are released go directly to your joints. I felt it and learned to stop being stressed . Meditation beliefs in own ability to heal your spirit.
        Most illness begin in our psyche.Music, good attitude trust in love and life will heal. Stay away from all form of violence negativity movies books etc.
        All can affect you. Develop understandin love is most powerful force in universe. Learn to love all even your perceived enemy. At least do not hate period.
        It hurts you instead find the gift in everything.

  • shakira001

    Yes my mom was cured in two weeks of a stage 4 rare lung cancer in Germany. We researched thoroughly. A fight with oncologists. When you learn the truth 9 out of 10 oncologists don’t take their own treatment or their families. If you get the book “Cancer, Step Outside the Box” by Tye Bollinger your jaw will drop. We are intentionally being poisoned and in our vaccines. Also check out Read the truth on cancer here, non-profit and real cancer cures. The cures have been here always, just surpressed by mainstream, the big question is why 50% get cancer today and such an epidemic, less then 3% is genetic.

  • Laura Palmer

    I had diffuse large b cell lymphoma in my tibia bone about 9 cm tumor that all but ate the entire bone. I was in agony. I did the treatment they prescribed and it looked as if it spread. I sprang into action and started using cannabis oil extract to treat it. It was expected that I would receive a stem cell transplant but lo and behold 3 months later it was all gone to the shock of my doctor. But after that….I disappeared to them. Assholes. I haven’t been to a doctor since- it’s been 2 years and I treat myself. I don’t have insurance anymore either- Obama care is grand theft of the American people. We only do this nightmare healthcare system because they have us in a perpetual state of FEAR, and TERROR over getting the BIG C. I loved the article. Had I slowed down in the beginning I may have totally avoided chemo. But I am well, and that’s what matters most.

  • marlio

    I wonder if this clinic is in Tijauna Mexico?

  • Try to keep a story short. You lost me halfway.

  • Genevieve Marlin

    Can I have a better description on the health actions you took to help the cancer disappear?¸

  • Well, this would be an interesting story if it were trustworthy. But it isn’t. Then someone who might be ill read this random unsourced text and might be primed to make some very important decisions based on dubious claims. Provide source, medical records etc. and we have a real story and something to investigate on! Please be careful readers.

  • Iyoutome Ceo

    Terpenes / cannabinoids are lipids. Lipids are good fats. We are sick due to a deficiency of cannabinoids. Get them in you. Its a food!

  • Virginia Mu

    How ist the clinic in Mexico named?

  • James Peters

    ”There is no useful definition of a cancer cure. No medical or scientific test that can prove a patient has been cured of cancer. Our cancer treatment statistics have no count for people who are cured of cancer.”

    There are a number of blood tests that look for certain tumour markers but they aren’t reliable enough for a treating medical oncologist to declare a patient ”cancer free.” There needs to be no detectable tumour on physical examination and/or imaging (like MRI), or on other imaging, such as CT scans and bone scans, a state that is referred to as ”NED” which stands for ”no evidence of disease.” Conventional medicine doesn’t consider breast cancer patients cured at five years. Most now usually speak of ten year survival, because it’s been know that breast cancer, particularly estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, can recur later. Also, when an oncologist uses survival for five years as a surrogate for cure, it is assumed that the cancer has been treated and there is no detectable disease in that patient. As for statistics then based on data from England and Wales that was gathered during 2010-11 then across all types (many hundreds) and stages 50% of all patients are predicted to survive for 10 years or longer