Dolphin Midwives and Underwater Birthing

Dolphin Midwives Underwater BirthingIgor Charkovsky, a Russian male mid-wife has assisted in over 20,000 underwater births, but in 1979 he began experiments with dolphins and children. His daughter, one of the first modern water-birthers, was in her late twenties when the following incident happened…

Charkovsky and his team had taken a woman to the Mediterranean Sea in Israel for an underwater birth. In two feet of water, preparing for the birth, suddenly three dolphins approached, pushed everyone out of the way and took over. They scanned the length of her body (with sonar?) which somehow relaxed the mother and child and gave birth with no pain or fear.

Apparently all the human midwives were pretty shocked though. For some reason, dolphins are attracted to pregnant women and young children. This opened up the new practice of ‘Dolphin mid-wivery’ which may sound strange, but fits in with the new breed of ‘super-children’ that are currently coming in to existence.

As many  people are aware, dolphins can also help heal people with mental and psychological problems.

The children, who are being born with the aid of dolphins, at least with the cases documented in Russia, are extraordinary children. Most of the have IQ’s of over 150 (genius range again), plus extremely stable emotional bodies and strong physical bodies. They are superior in one way or another. Water is becoming their natural environment, plus they are also super intelligent.

There is ample evidence that humans once had a much more intrinsic connection with water. Charkovsky believes that mans close affinity with aquatic animals can be explained by our common origins in water in our mammalian history.

In the book The Aquatic Ape, Elaine Morgan gives a fascinating account of the aquatic theory of evolution. According to Morgan, our aquatic affinity goes back millions of years to the Pilocene age, when our ape ancestors lived a semi-aquatic life on the coastline to escape the extreme heat which occurred due to climatic change. By wading in the sea, our ancestors began to walk upright and lost their body hair and developed a layer of sub-cutaneous fat like other aquatic mammals, to protect them from the cooler temperatures of the water. Today, we still have this layer of sub-cutaneous fat.

The below video shows a dolphin assisting a mother in giving birth underwater:

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