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Photo taken by Wake Up World – 15th October 2011 @ Occupy Sydney (Click to Enlarge)

3rd November 2011

By Corinna White

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Is Universal Intelligence Humanity’s Internet?

When we sit with nature we can feel the natural world is already awake; sitting in glorious equilibrium; that static point in a dynamic system where ‘being’ is effortless. I’m guessing actually it’s wide awake with bulging eyes, given the hard time we humans give it. It really is just ‘us chickens’ that are mostly asleep. And waking the 99% is not an overnight thing… or is it?

I’m grateful every day for Facebook; seeing the power it has to facilitate social change and to wake us up. And just as computers have the ‘Internet’, once awake; we humans have Universal ‘Intellect’. It’s just another incomprehensible invisible entity; what’s to understand?   Do we fully understand electricity? No. And do we still accept and use it? Yes. Because it brings benefits.

As more and more people connect to the internet making the world a smaller place; so it shall be with this ‘intellect’. One by one we will come to accept our ‘human internet’ in the same way, reap the benefits and post like a rash giving others around us permission to do the same.

As I join in various Facebook discussions across the globe, a caution arises in me as I am reminded that everything we create starts with mindset. These days, of course, often in the order of ‘Thought-emotion-behaviour…. disaster!’  As a race we are not yet as well connected to our ‘intellect’ as computers are to their internet!   This is the same caution which arose in me at the birth of the Occupy Peaceful Protests. The only thing which distinguishes Peaceful Protest from Bloody Revolution is, of course, the Peaceful part.

And as we focus our energies and  discussions on our poor ecology, bad finances, unjust governments, war, fraud, corporate negligence, violence, animal cruelty, humanitarian atrocities, we’re contributing to keeping the world’s negative polarity fuelled; re-creating the paradox. I see tinges of anger and  indignation and wonder just how much peaceful protest we are actually capable of and for how long. True peace and  understanding sits in this Universal Intellect. The price of subscription is positivity. You can’t plug your negative prongs into this socket.

I’m also reminded that these atrocities against us, the result of ‘mindless control and  social conditioning’ can exist only through ‘mindless acceptance’ of those same masses. And then I remember that to address each and every one of these atrocities lays just one common denominator – mindset; and am suddenly glad to remember that social science states it does not take a majority to facilitate change, that history has shown just 11% will do. A mere 766,700,000 million!

How can we trust that we are ready for peaceful protest? That our neighbours are ready? That they won’t cross that bloody line in the moment of ‘battle’; their buttons pushed; their reactions automatic?

How can we be sure that everyone taking part is conscious? That they are in the right space to handle likely provocation and less than gentle handling by the authorities; the outcome after all; nobody’s fault, but everyone’s responsibility?

The answer is really very simple. Change our minds and the rest will follow.

Eliminate that stress that makes us react. Come to a place of acceptance of what ‘just is’. A place where one’s passion is found and we are naturally driven by it. A place where fear disintegrates & self-value abounds. A place where we reject negativity. A place from where peaceful change is possible.

Once evolved, minds do not regress. We reach that place of no-return where we become bent on doing well for ourselves, for others & our ecology. Hell, bacteria have already achieved this!   Let’s not question WHY we ever-so-evolved humans managed to become the cancer cells on GAIA, let’s just accept that’s where it’s at and fix it – quick!   There is plenty of time for a post-mortem later. Not much time right now.

As with the birth of the internet it’s taking some time for the right tools to get into the right hands to connect people to this ‘Intellect’. The seed is sown; the feather, the brick and the bus analogy has kicked in for many – out there now with an inkling, searching, undergoing trial & error with ancient cultural tools or trying a million ‘cures’ for the symptoms of stress, anxiety & apparent failure in life which cycle over and over, again and again – when what is needed is prevention, interjected at any point in the cycle, to stop the chaos and lift them to higher ground. Get them off the hamster wheel that is unconscious life. We need to evolve. Not devolve. As with the principles of connecting to the internet; you must use the correct protocol. Get one small piece of code wrong and we go to the wrong place. We have to be specific.

I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’re already or ready to be part of the change in the world.

If you worry as I do how the guy standing next to you on the peace-field will react under pressure, give him this protocol; www.mindyoga.com.au. The code to the downloads he personally needs are inside.

About the author:

Corinna White is Lead Consultant at Evolve4Life on Australia’s Sunshine Coast delivering Corporate & Community Training & Coaching and Motivational Speaking Engagements.  A graduate of the University of Life; majored in low self-esteem, eating disorders, crippling anxiety, gutteral grief, phenomonal mother-guilt, self sabotage & having to work twice as hard as the next guy; Corinna is spending the 2nd half of her life helping others graduate sooner!

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