‘Youth on Fire’ 2011 Christmas Challenge.

28th  November  2011

By Corrina White –  mindyoga.com.au

Good, good, good.   Good Vibrations!

Come on world; let’s raise our vibration over the festive season.   If home repossession stats are right, there are more families out there doing it harder than ever before.

Imagine as a parent, the anguish & sadness you’d be feeling unable to give your children presents or any of the usual holiday treats.   Imagine the disappointment and frustration of the kids.   One thing our world doesn’t need is more disempowered kids.

Let’s show them the true meaning of Christmas.   Let’s make it a goodwill challenge which empowers our kids.

My ten year old daughter came up with this while we were reading our local paper together yesterday.   She had found a full page list of almost 700 local families going without this Christmas and told me she wanted to give the toys she has outgrown to their kids.   As usual from the mouths of babes she reminded me she’s not the only one with this kind of stuff in her cupboard…

So,  Here’s what we’re doing (and by the way in doing so ‘Youth on Fire’ is borne!)    We’re putting out for kids all over the world to do the same. ‘It’s simple and it’s free’ and it will make many people happy.   The givers and the receivers.   Here’s a link to download the letters you’ll need: mindyoga.com.au

We’re going to:

  • Ask permission of administration to deliver a letter to the teacher of each class in our school.
  • Hold a class representative meeting in a break next week to create momentum in each class.  (Optional but recommended allowing the kids to feel their involvement).
  • Ask the school for some space to store the gifts.
  • Call our local Salvation Army, Lifeline and other Charities to pick the gifts up from our school.

Get going, take action!

Let’s put the smiles back on the faces of those who have had a tough year.   Let’s ready our kids to deal with the legacy they are facing.   ‘Youth on Fire’ taking back their power for their future.

Some might say I should not have watched the movie ‘The Elf’ last night!   Yup; you guessed it!   I just loved the bit where they all sang and the Christmas spirit-o-meter generated enough energy to fly the sleigh!   This is a bit like that! Ho ho!

Here’s to a Happy New Year well on our way to a Happy New World with those who will be adults in it reeling from the good feeling of taking action.   Talk to your kids, challenge them to make a difference.   Give them the gift of purpose and community this Christmas.

PS: Another beautiful and perhaps more obvious way to change our world which I see many people circulating on Facebook are ‘don’t feed the banks with your Christmas shopping’.   Wherever possible feed the little people, the struggling small businesses.   Keep it local.


Corinna is a Coach and Trainer on Australia’s Sunshine Coast challenging you to ‘Be the Change to See the Change’ Empowering   Tweens & Teens, our next generation of parents & teachers, through funds raised via affiliate signup & digital sales of Mind Yogaâ„¢.

We believe that by starting with this next generation of world parents & leaders we’ll see change in our lifetime.  Our Vision is ‘a harmonious world where each individual’s potential is not inhibited by their negative stress reactions’.    Our Mission is to get  Mind Yogaâ„¢ into the hands of every Parent & Carer in the world urging them to ‘Be the Change to See the Change’.    Our Passion is Youth.  www.mindyoga.com.au


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