Leaked Email Shows ‘Occupy’ Movement has Banksters Shaking in their Boots

9th  December  2011

By Madison Ruppert

Contributing Writer – Wake Up World

After being repeatedly targeted for crackdowns, harassment, and outright police brutality, the Occupy Wall Street movement that has been sweeping the United States and the world is utilizing a new tactic.

Instead of waving placards and chanting, which the criminals in the financial industry seem to be able to easily brush off, the Occupiers are now moving to “Occupy Our Homes.”

Occupy Our Homes intends to put homeless families and others who were foreclosed on back into homes which would otherwise be sitting vacant and collecting dust.

This push began Tuesday involving over 20 cities and more than 40 events, and this has clearly upset the financial oligarchs who have no problem watching responsible families get fraudulently foreclosed on and be forced to live in total poverty.

A memo from Bank of America’s “Field Services Communications” division obtained and leaked by Zero Hedge reveals just how threatened they are by this latest incarnation of the Occupy movement.

The memo was sent out Monday, December 5 and warns that the Occupy Our Homes protest “could impact our industry.”

The memo says that they “want to make sure that we are all prepared.” Proving that these acts of protest aren’t futile as the establishment media keeps trying to drill into our consciousness.

The memo warns “do not engage with the protesters” for safety reasons, even though the Occupiers are all peaceful and the few instances of clashes have been attributed to outsiders and undercover police provocateurs.

The real violence being seen as a result of the Occupy movement is being handed out by the brutal police. This was exemplified in Occupy Oakland where protesters attempted to help Scott Olsen, a former U.S. Marine who was struck in the head by a police projectile and had fallen to the ground and was not moving.

When demonstrators attempted to run over to help Olsen, a police officer threw what appeared to be a flash bang grenade into the group, forcing them to disperse and abandon the injured American veteran.

Does this seem like the activity of a violent group who would injure bank employees? No, and if Bank of America actually believes this then they’re even more divorced from reality than I thought.

The memo also instructed employees to “take notice of vacant BAC Field Services managed homes and ensure they are secured,” as Bank of America thinks that homes should stay empty while families are homeless instead of simply housing struggling Americans.

They pointed employees to the OccupyOurHomes.Org website which posted a customer’s horror story which they said they were looking into. They also link to a page that helps activists find upcoming protests.

Later, the Bank of America confirmed the authenticity of the leaked memo to the Raw Story.

“As a matter of normal course of business, when we are alerted to activities that may affect our real estate owned properties, we inform our third party contractors,” Bank of America spokesperson Jamuna Bauwens said.

“This is our standard operating procedure. The safety of our associated and third party contractors is our first priority. It is the bank’s policy to protest and secure our properties for the investors who own them. Bank of America is committed to helping our customers with home retention solutions and other foreclosure avoidance programs,” Bauwens claimed. “Foreclosure is always our last resort.”

I think we all know that this is far from the truth and the fact that Americans are now moving to take back what was stolen from them clearly has the big banks worried that real change could come about which would hurt their parasitic business.

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. He is available for podcast and radio interviews. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at [email protected]


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