Nine Ways to Achieve Personal Peace and Freedom

By J.G. Vibes

Activist Post

This overwhelming situation that we find our species in leaves so many people feeling hopeless, asking, “What can I possibly do to improve the state of our civilization?” No doubt, this is a very hard question to answer because the problems facing us are massive. However, there are many personal steps that you can take which will give you control over your own consciousness and your own life.

Having peace in your personal life and fully understanding what freedom is all about, is the first step towards bringing this change in society, because after all society is just a collection of people.   A collection of people that you are a part of and have an ability to influence.

Today, I am only going to cover 9 solutions that can help you become more free personally and bring the message of freedom to the rest of society.   However, there are far more than 9, so I invite you to add to the list. We’ll focus on personal solutions that each and every person can put into effect in their own lives. Perhaps in the future we can list systemic solutions, as well as philosophical solutions like natural law.

Organic/Urban Gardening

The first step to freedom is to become self-sufficient, and growing your own food is the best place to start.   Its very hard to trust the food in the stores with companies like Monsanto out there poisoning the food supply.   Also with inflation and gas prices on the rise, you can be sure that just eating and staying alive is going to be burning an even bigger hole in your wallet than it has in the past.   Now with new urban gardening techniques, you don’t need to live in a rural area to have your own organic garden.   Nowadays almost anyone in any situation can improve their quality of life and save a considerable amount of money by growing their own food.

Natural Medicine

At this point nearly everyone is disenfranchised with the pharmaceutical industry because it has become obvious that their goal is to keep us on medication, not improve our health.   Recently more and more doctors have actually been abandoning mainstream medicine for ethical reasons, and pursuing practices in natural medicine.   Break free from the addiction to pills by getting healthier and getting educated.

Don’t underestimate this approach, one doctor named Stanislaw R. Burzynski has actually developed an extremely safe and advanced treatment for cancer, completely outside of the pharmaceutical industry.   This is a feat that the FDA has attempted to make him pay dearly for, but luckily he continues to come out on top and is still working and healing people today.   Natural treatments are not just for cancer patients, these treatments can actually have a profound impact on the general health and well being of our species.   Last month Gnostic Media did a series of interviews with Dr. Peter Glidden (PT2) and Dr. Joel Wallach, two different doctors who have had incredible success with curing patients of all backgrounds, using nutrients.   These interviews offer a great introduction to the subject, but if your left wanting to know more, check out Dr. Peter Glidden’s book “The MD Emperor Has No Clothes“.   To stay up to date with this kind of information on a day to day basis check out and

Critical Thinking/Trivium

The most vital lesson that has been removed from our education system is not made up of a list of facts like one may believe, but is actually a step-by-step process in critical thinking called the “trivium”.   The trivium allows one to become autodidactic, which simply means “self-taught”.   This process was removed from the public education system because, as I mentioned, the people who were in charge of the curriculum were not interested in teaching our children how to think, but rather what to think.   This time tested learning process is still taught in many elite universities but has been intentionally removed from government schooling for social engineering purposes.

One of the main proponents of modern “education” (indoctrination) was President Woodrow Wilson.   He admitted very plainly that “We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class, of necessity, in every society, to forego the privileges of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.”

When he mentioned a “liberal education” he was most definitely referring to the trivium and quadrivium, most specifically the trivium.   Logic and critical thinking were considered to be useless or dangerous skills for the working class to be developing, so these studies were occulted from the mainstream and reserved for the ruling class.   Without learning the proper critical thinking skills the general population is left vulnerable to psychological attack and manipulation.   This is especially apparent when one class of people is given these tools and everyone else is not, it allows those who have the information to easily prey on those who do not.   Today the trivium is unknown to most, but thanks to the excellent work of sites like, ,, and others, this lost tool is now becoming available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Unschooling/Peaceful Parenting

Parenting is probably the most important responsibility that any of us will take on in our entire lives, and it is actually our greatest avenue of affecting real change in the world.   It is very possible that the fight for freedom will be either won or lost by the next generation, which means that it is up to us to make sure that our children are free to create their own path in learning, without being subjected to the oppressive indoctrination processes that are so prevalent in government schools.

Likewise, it is important that we are not authoritarian with our children, if we truly want the next generation to live in freedom.   This does not mean letting children do whatever they want, but it means treating them with the same respect that you would treat an adult that was bigger than you.   There have been many researchers that have covered this topic, Marshall Rosenberg and Alfie Kohn are some of the best in this field.   Recently the Complete Liberty Podcast did an extensive series on Alfie Kohn’s book “Unconditional Parenting“,which offers a very good introduction to this subject.   For more on the benefits of homeschooling and unschooling look into the research of world renowned scholar John Taylor Gatto.   If your looking for some good podcasts to stay up on this kind of information, stay tuned to the School Sucks Podcast and The Unplugged Mom Podcast.

Non-violent communication

Advancing our communication skills is an essential step towards achieving world peace, one man who proved that fact in our lifetime is a traveler and psychologist by the name of Marshall Rosenberg.   Rosenberg is responsible for developing a new way of speaking which he calls Non Violent Communication (NVC) or Compassionate Communication.   This method of communication is simple and has had profound success all over the world, from the feuding tribes of the southern hemisphere to the broken homes of modern America.   This is a conflict resolution technique that works to meet everyone’s needs in win/win encounters.   If you are interested in learning more go over to YouTube and search “nonviolent communication” or “Marshall Rosenberg” and you will get plenty of introductory information.   If you find this interesting you can then look into Rosenberg’s books and research which can be found with a quick Internet search.

Independent media

Just a few years ago the mainstream media had nearly everyone in its grip, but thanks to the growing independent media more and more people have been thinking for themselves and turning away from corporate news sources.   At this point the alternative media is far superior to the mainstream media in every way, even in quality of reporting and presentation.   On any given day you can expect solid coverage on current events that are more well researched than anything you will find in a newspaper, from journalists like Madison Ruppert for example.   Video reports from RT,   Infowars, and The Corbett Report look just as professional as what you see on corporate news.   The best thing about all of this is, if you don’t like a particular journalist or reporter, there are literally millions of different podcasts and shows to choose from.

Whereas with the mainstream media you have a handful of stooges who have all been hand selected by 1 of 6 multinational corporations.   If you want a good laugh I guess you could turn on the mainstream media, but in all reality, you shouldn’t even be paying for cable TV anymore, because there’s really nothing valuable on there anyway.   As far as news is concerned, though, you can find tons of different media from different sources at Tragedy and Hope and credible articles everyday from sites like Activist Post, The Intel Hub and literally thousands of other websites.   This is also something that is very easy to get involved in yourself by starting your own blog, podcast or YouTube page.

Create Something

There are a lot of different ways to get involved in influencing peace and freedom.   You don’t have to be a philosopher if that’s not your thing; you don’t have to make signs and march if you don’t want to; and you don’t have to get involved with podcasting or video editing if you don’t have the ability to.   You can make great contributions to freedom movement simply by doing what you love and sharing your unique gift with the world.   Maybe you are an artist, musician, comedian, or you have some kind of public platform that will allow you to bring these ideas to a lot of people.   Wouldn’t your art mean that much more to you if it was connected with a cause that you were passionate about?

People are sick and tired of cookie cutter radio tunes anyway and are looking for a deeper, more meaningful quality in the art that they enjoy. Legendary musicians like Bob Marley or Rage Against The Machine have used their art as a means of communication and activism.   More recently some of the biggest bands in the world like Muse, are very politically active and speak out on sensitive subjects relating to the ongoing fight for freedom.   Just this year, independent hip hop artist Immortal Technique released his latest album over the Internet for free, just to ensure that his revolutionary message reached as many people as possible.   You don’t have to be a musician either, this year comedian Lee Camp decided to take his comedy tour into protests and occupations across various cities instead of booking stuffy local clubs to do a rehearsed act.   Soon we will even be seeing a full-length feature film promoting 9/11 truth, which is guaranteed to bring a lot of much-needed attention on a subject that the mainstream continues to shy away from. There are plenty of other painters, film directors, performers and artists who are using their gifts to communicate political messages to the world, and you could be doing the same thing tomorrow if you wanted to.


Protests, boycotts, strikes and other methods of activism have had a direct impact on the political dialogue throughout the world in the past year.   For years there was actually a debate going on about whether or not there was actually a problem with our civilization, where now the only debate going on is how this mess can be cleaned up.   Various methods of peaceful disobedience have been able to bring once taboo subjects into the public consciousness so they can finally be recognized and dealt with.   Even if you don’t agree with the politics behind Occupy Wall Street, you have got to be able to admit that they have at least brought up some important conversations and exposed the brutal nature of our current police state.

Also on the front lines, there have been organizations like We Are Change, who have kept the pressure on politicians, banksters and globalists by video taping them in public and asking the tough questions that corporate reporters refuse to.   Activist Bob Tuskin has taken a similar approach by walking the streets informing people about fluoride, grilling politicians at public forums and hosting his own radio show.   Just recently, he confronted Rudy Giuliani Over Unanswered Building 7 Questions .   In addition to this kind of activism, boycotting and striking is also extremely useful.   Boycotting can be as easy as not supporting businesses or organizations that do things that you don’t agree with, it only takes a little bit of research to uncover who is behind certain problems.


There are many different ways to meditate, and it is not limited to the traditional ways that you might think.   Even dancing or doing puzzles are forms of meditation.   The idea is that you are clearing your mind of the day to day stresses, and the constant noise that is going on inside your head.   Taking a few minutes a day to somehow focus your attention is essential to a healthy state of mind. There are many different avenues to researching meditation, but many have found OSHO to give meaningful and important information on the topic.

About the author:

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