Nine Essential Questions on Ascension

By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

We stand at the dawn of a miraculous new evolution.

Our planetary system is moving to a higher vibrational reality – one founded on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. The Soul of the Earth, a vastly more evolved being than ourselves is ascending.

What exactly does this mean?  How does it effect you?

Here are some essential questions on  Ascension  which frequently get asked…

It is important to say I am not offering these views as absolute truth. They are my own interpretations from my own inner exploration. I offer them to encourage a deeper exploration of your own truth…

1. What is meant by the term Ascension?

The Universe exists as a vast ocean of consciousness – in other words light energy. It is arrayed in layers of decreasing vibration – what many call “dimensions” or “densities”. Dimensions array together forming “dimensional realms” of existence. We live in the lower Physical Realm (comprised of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Densities).

We may consider it like a pond: we as the ‘creator’ cast a pebble into the centre and ripples flowed outwards steadily increasing in size until they form waves at the edge of the pond. Each ripple represents a dimension. As you get further out from the centre, the amplitude (size) of the waves gets bigger so their wavelength gets longer and therefore vibrational frequency lower. It is exactly the same in our Universe where the further we get away from the centre (the Source), the lower the vibrational frequency of the dimensions get and therefore the denser “heavier” they are.

The consciousness of most people is currently centred in the lower Physical Realm – we have a physical body and tend to be attuned to these dimensional frequencies. Many evolving people believe that Gaia herself is ascending, and moving into the 5th Density, a process due to complete in 2012. It is a natural process which has been unfolding for some time.

Put simply, you might say the “New World” exists in the 5th Dimension and the “Old World” exists in the 3rd. The two are inter connected by the 4th Dimension. When we get out of the mind and into the Heart, our consciousness expands and we begin to feel the energies of the New World expressed as joy, love, expansiveness, completeness, wholeness, lightness and timelessness. Because the dimensions overlap we experience the new paradigm here and now all around us.

2. Why is it that society does not view the Universe in this way?

The human brain is bombarded with hundreds of billions bits of information about our reality every second and yet can only deal with a small fraction of this. To cope with the overload, it superimposes a map of the reality it expects over the incoming information and filters out the rest. Since our experience of life is created by our consciousness – our thoughts and beliefs – we continually recreate the reality we expect and have become used to. It is a bit like tuning in stations on a radio – people have become so addicted to a particular station, they’ve stopped looking for other ones!

3. So how do we experience the new reality?

The key is to get out of the mind and into the Heart. In other words to let go of our attachments and need for an outcome in the external drama of life. If we can rise above this self imposed victimisation, then we discover the essence of our being – our spirit, consciousness or  soul. Every single event and circumstance in the Universe is designed to reveal this; the Universe acts as a mirror to see that which could not otherwise be seen.

So if we let go of our fears and doubts about life then we can let go or out attachment to the drama, the Heart opens and we begin to connect with the true essence of life itself. We experience the infinite and simple joy of living – we touch the soul.

4. What happens when we connect to the soul?

The soul connects us to a super conscious field of energy – what some call  “Unity Consciousness”. It is the awareness that arises from the Source of all life – what some might call “God” and what we at Openhand call the  “Seer”. The Seer is in and through all things and in our truth, we are that.

When we connect to the soul, we are infused with energy which raises our vibrationary state. If we can keep connecting, then over time our energy rises, our consciousness expands and we begin to unfold into the new vibrational reality. The new paradigm actually becomes a part of our consciousness and we begin to create that more and more in our lives. In a way, we are dissolving from this dimensional realm and forming in the new one (although we are likely to experience both simultaneously until we’ve made the full internal transition – our Ascension).

5. So how do we raise our vibration?

Basically we  raise our vibration  by attuning to those inner feelings of profound joy, love and completeness. If we return to our pond analogy, on the surface the waves flow outwards from the centre to ever increasing separation which we witness in our Universe as increasing disorder and dis-ease; because we are moving further away from our connection to the Source inner doubt, fear, separateness and selfishness intensify. However under the surface of the pond – and in our Universe – is an undertow, a flow of energy pulling back to the centre. It takes place in what we might call “consciousness space” (also known as ‘negative time space’). It is the flow back to increasing order, ease and harmony. Science calls it an ‘increase in negative entropy’ but we know it by a much more powerful name – “love”!

It is not always simple however to tune into this ‘consciousness space’ and feel the guiding hand leading us on a pathway of increasing order, internal harmony and love. We are living in a society that continually conditions us with false desires, illusionary needs and distorted behaviour patterns – leading to increasing separation. Our society is sustained by consumerism first generating and then feeding off our ever spiraling habits and addictions. It is one based on fear and manipulation. Fear that there isn’t enough for all and then manipulating us into struggling to get our fair share. Our true passion – our authentic inner longing for unity with the Source – gets lost in thought control programs. It is this that is causing the wholesale destruction of the planet in this dimension.

6. How do we release ourselves from this programming?

If we can pause for a moment in life and begin to connect once more with those things that really give us joy and a sense of ‘rightness’, then we reconnect to the soul and receive infusions of energy – downloads from our  soul ray harmonic. It infuses causing distorted patterns of behaviour to be brought to the surface. In other words it recreates patterns of experiences in our lives where a choice is exposed to us: either give in to the old addictions and fear based behaviours or instead embrace a higher choice – that which really expresses the essence of our being. If we keep doing this in every moment, then our conditioned behaviours dissolve over time and our vibration rises.

7. What do we experience when our vibration rises?

On the road to Ascension, we pass through five key milestones – what we may call  “Five Gateways”. In summary…

  • Gateway 1:”Awakening”  – the magic of the soul and its unmistakable quiet inner voice is unveiled to us.
  • Gateway 2:”Realignment”  – we surrender to the supreme governance of the soul in our lives. We align with the Divine Purpose.
  • Gateway 3:”Transfiguration”  – a dramatic shift of perception from identification with the personality to being the Seer expressed as the soul through the bodymind.
  • Gateway 4:”Enlightenment”  – ‘fragments’ of the soul still identifying with karmic filters are released and “reconnected”. The soul becomes fully integral within our being.
  • Gateway 5:”Resurrection”  – our seven bodily vehicles of expression are finally cleansed, reactivated and re-energised. We unfold into multi dimensional living.

8. Is everyone ascending?

Ascension is a choice – currently a window of opportunity is open for us. Our destiny is to ascend but if current patterns of behaviour on our planet continue, it is highly unlikely that everyone will. What is beyond doubt (to us) however is that our planetary system IS ascending, the Soul of the Earth is gathering her energies into the new realm as we speak. That is why we are witnessing an increasing polarity between the darker forces – those of fear based manipulation – and those of the lighter ones – based on profound unconditional love. The energies are separating and therefore becoming more obvious.

However, the fear based reality will not exist indefinitely especially if society continues to pollute, rape and destroy Mother Earth in this plane the way it currently is. As this old consciousness fragments, peels away and is dissolved, those souls that ascend will taste eternal life as a unique expression of the One Life.

For the souls that do not ascend, there are a number of possibilities for what might happen. Firstly, because many souls have not been progressing within this difficult and dense environment, it’s highly likely that some will be dissolved and reintegrated with the source. Others will be held in the Angelic Realms (within the 4th Density) until another reincarnation possibility happens.

9. Do we need to heal Mother Earth?

In our view it is not necessary to heal Mother Earth – her Ascension is her healing. She is shaking off an old skin so to speak. However it is still important for our own evolution to treasure and cherish her. In my view, the only way to ascend is to transcend this plane by becoming completely at one with her – by respecting her and all life, not exploiting her or the animal or plant kingdoms, not manipulating but surrendering – trusting in the divine and riding the wave of unconditional love that is our soul.

It is counterproductive to struggle against the darker energies in this realm. To try to do so is a distraction, it can create emotional inner efforting that lowers our vibration. In any case, as we explore our own attachments and inner darkness, we process out our attachments to the lower consciousness. Over time, the outer density peels away.

In order to progress, it helps to notice the effects of the darker energies but not to dwell on them. Once we’re processed our lower distortions, it becomes progressively easier to attune to the lighter frequencies of harmony, at-one-ment and love.


We do indeed stand on the brink of a miraculous transformation and a choice lies open to each and everyone of us:  the chance to let go of the old fear based reality of control and instead embrace the new paradigm of unconditional love for all life.

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