The Functioning of the Abundance Paradigm

26th May 2012

By  Amaterasu  Solar

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

“If  the  universe  is  made  of  mostly  Dark  Energy… can  We  use  it  to  run  Our  cars?”

“If  You  want  peace,  take  the  profit  out  of  war.”

“Information  will  free  Us.”

Let Us presume a world where free energy is available to all.   Also, Let’s add robots doing all the necessary work no One wants to do – or taking up the slack where not enough People are doing necessary work.

In this scenario, there would not be any need for money – in any form: barter, trade, work exchange, cash, checks, electronic funds.   You may doubt this, but Let’s examine a single case to illustrate the whole.

Let Us now suppose that You have a hot dog cart – You like to hang around it from time to time and chat with People, say; You are a gregarious sort.   And You like to see people happy eating food.   The energy to run this cart is free, and You have a robot tending it, taking orders, fixing the dogs, and so on.   You, Yourself, may choose to fix a dog or two for People You particularly like, but You don’t HAVE to do any of the work.

Your robot is run on free energy, so it  doesn’t  cost You anything.

Now Let’s say Your hot dogs come from pigs, and the farm – where the pigs are allowed to roam a few acres – is run by robots.   There may be someone who LOVES to raise pigs there, but most likely, the pigs are cared for, organically, by the robots (which are run on free energy).   The cost of the pigs themselves is nothing.

The fields that grow the food for the pigs are farmed by robots, running on free energy, and perhaps a Human or three who LOVE to farm the land.   The tilling, planting, weeding, debugging (maybe by small robots patrolling the plants), and harvesting is all handled organically by these robots and so there is no cost to grow the pig food.

Robots transport the pig feed for free (and any Humans who LOVE to transport things, should there be any).

Robots would handle the slaughter, cleanly (We would ensure this), quickly and honorably.   They would also process the meat into the dogs, and upon a standing order, or Your request over the web, would deliver the dogs to Your cart – for free.

From the fields, free-range chicken coops and dairies (handled by robots), would come the ingredients for the buns and condiments, delivered to bakeries and processing plants for free – baked by robots (and Those whose bliss it is to bake large batches of buns) and processed by robots, with no energy cost anywhere.   These things too would be delivered upon request, for free.

So…   How much would You charge for these hot dogs?   You paid nothing for the energy in the production line, nor for the labor in the production line – Those who chose to add Their Human energy did so not because They HAD to in order to survive, but because They LOVE to do what They were doing.   Things being free, They simply chose to spend Their time in Their bliss.   The seeds that were farmed are freely given by nature…so are the pigs, for that matter.   The planet sits under Us freely for seeds to go into and pigs to live on.

You paid nothing for these hot dogs; it costs You zero to run the stand.   (And We could go into the stand itself, as well as the robot, costing nothing, too, through robot workers for mining the metals, smelting, shaping, etc…).   So why would You need to charge for the hot dogs?

Now, Let’s say one day You befriend someone and She just LOVES to make specialty hot dogs – Her own “secret recipe” of spices.   She can get Her meat free, Her spices free, Her cooking heat free, Her pots and pans and whatever else for free.   And, because She doesn’t HAVE to spend 8 or more hours pursuing Her slave’s compensation for Her Human energy, She has time and energy of Her own to devote to making Her signature hot dogs.

One day She invites You over – You, who don’t have to “mind the store,” since Your robot can handle it easily – and so You decide to hang out with Her while She is in Her bliss, making Her dogs.

You say, “Hey.   Those smell damn good.   Better than what I have at the hot dog stand!   If You have any extra, can I distribute them at My cart?”

She smiles in delight.   “Of course.   I always have a lot and You can have what You want!   Thank You for the compliment!”

Thus begins a happy relationship.   You have a robot pack up Her dogs and take them to the cart.   You also have a sign made up saying, “NOW!   Dogs by Delilah!”   And soon, Delilah is blissfully making Her dogs, and Your cart is gaining the reputation of being the best on the block – or in town…or in the world.   You develop a reputation.   Your cart is written up in a number of blogs, and demand for the dogs – HUMAN made – grows.   Soon, reservations are required to get the dogs, because Delilah does not want to make THAT many dogs.   All this is handled via net and computer.

In the end, You gain reputation for having a popular hot dog cart, Delilah has reputation for making dogs, and neither of You have traded, bartered, exchanged work, exchanged coin, bills, checks or electronic funds (money).

But You are both very rich in social standing.

This all seems idyllic, so wonderful to consider.   Every Human Being freed from wage-slavery and poverty to follow Her/His bliss, with richness in character and betterment contributions defining wealth.   But can We get there?   The answer is, YES!, but We need a plan.

The Plan is to:

1)   Raise awareness that electrogravitics technology (which provides gravity control (“antigravity”) and overunity (“free energy”) exists so that We can –

2)   Call for the release of the overunity technology to –

3)   Remove the cost of energy in manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, homes, & misc. so –

4)   The cost of building robots to do the necessary jobs no One wants to do becomes affordable so –

5)   We can relieve Ourselves of undesired toil, being supported easily at this point on social services since –

6)   Money will become unnecessary when the effort to collect the penny for the week’s groceries (the room full of furniture, the house, the [fill in the blank]) is more than the penny is worth

By abundantly replacing the money with what it represents (meaningful energy expended), the need for money dissipates and there is no motive to promote consumerism.   There will be no motive to create cheap, breakable goods to ensure future sales. There is no motive to solve issues the cheapest or most profitable way.   There is no motive to steal – if One wants it, another can be had for the asking on the web. There is no motive to defraud.   There is no motive to silence discoveries.   There is no motive to hide cures.   There is no motive to do what does not give One bliss.

But surely there are plenty Whose bliss is solving problems.   Plenty Whose bliss is creating robots.   Plenty Whose bliss is programming.   Plenty Whose bliss is researching.   Plenty Whose bliss is helping Others.   Plenty Whose bliss is building.   Plenty Whose bliss is creating art.   Plenty Whose bliss is teaching.   Plenty Whose bliss is any endeavor robots can’t handle.

There WILL be motive to better the world – Those who contribute will earn appreciation, thanks, gratitude, name recognition and Self satisfaction.   Instill a Betterment Ethic in place of the work “ethic” (a slave’s ethic – enrich others with One’s Human energy).

“From Each according to BLISS; to Each according to DESIRE.”

So if One wants to be a couch potato…   Heh.   No problem!

Clearly We must spread this information.   Widely.   Below is a link to a petition, but if You choose to sign it, don’t stop there.   Share it.   Email it to friends and family, tweet it often on Twitter, post it to the Hotel Califacebook and on forums You visit.   Become proactive and maintain the proactivity.   If We all do this, We can make this planet a far better place than it is now.

To sign a petition for the release of electrogravitics technology:

More detail on the simple chaos seed for a society with free energy:  (All societies are chaos systems; chaos differs from randomness in that it has an infolded or underlying structure/seed.)

About the Author

Amaterasu Solar is a multidisciplined economist, social engineer, and layman physicist, also studying emergence, fractals, chaos, and other elements of science, who has spent the bulk of Her 50+ years on this planet seeking solutions to the problems that beset Humanity. Her father was deeply involved in the study of electrogravitics, teaching Her, describing His successful experiments in gravity control and overunity (“free energy”), and painting a picture of flying cars, floating cities, and all the energy We can use as the world She would grow up in because of His work. When the technology of electrogravitics became highly classified, Her father never mentioned His work again.

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