The Healing Properties of Coconut Water

By Sayer Ji

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Coconut Water: Far More Than Just A Refreshing Beverage

Few beverages on this planet are as bio-compatible to the human body and its hydration needs as coconut water. Indeed, coconut water has been reported to have been used for intravenous hydration and resuscitation of critically ill patients in remote regions of the world for over half a century. [1]  It is also an excellent preserving medium for avulsed teeth (and semen!), besting even Hank’s balanced salt solution, a commonly used medical solution. [2]

While some are concerned about the sugar content of this slightly sweet beverage, recent research shows it actually exhibits blood sugar lowering  properties in an experimental model of diabetes. [3] Additional animal research shows coconut water prevents and reverses high blood pressure associated with fructose feeding-induced hypertension, as well being able to reduce oxidative stress and insulin resistance. [4] Perhaps one of the most amazing properties of coconut water is its superior lipid modulating activity in the animal model, offering potent cholesterol-lowering alternatives to statin drugs such as Lovastatin. [5]

This means we can, in clear conscience, modify Hippocrates’ famous saying to read: “Let What You Drink Be Your Medicine.”

Other medicinal properties of coconut water include:

  • Anti-Ulcer Properties: Both coconut milk and coconut water exhibit potent anti-ulcer activity against chemicals such as indomethacin, a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID).
  • Blood-Pressuring Lowering Properties: When human subjects consumed coconut water for two weeks, it was found to lower blood pressure in 74% of the experimental group, reducing it by up to 24 points (mmHg) systolic and 15 points (mmHq) diastolic.
  • Anti-Alzheimer’s Properties: in an animal model of ovariectomy-induced menopausal changes, coconut water appeared to prevent the decline of brain estrogen (estradiol) levels, as well as the associated accumulation of Alzheimer’s disease associated β-amyloid (Aβ) plaque in their brains.
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties: Three novel antimicrobial peptides have been identified in coconut water which exhibited inhibitory activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
  • Anti-Gastroenteritis Agent:   When sodium is added (ideally sea salt) coconut water has been determined to be an ideal rehydrating agent in countries where medical supplies are not freely available, and where, say, cholera and other severe forms of gastroenteritis persist.

Ultimately, coconut makes for an excellent alternative to sports drinks, which are increasingly comprised of synthetic ingredients. Also, coconut water is filtered by Nature through an intensive purification process — far safer than municipal systems which leave up to 600 toxic disinfectant by products behind. I’m nuts for the stuff (so much so that I will use a bad pun like this), how about you?

For more, check out Wake Up World’s coconut research page.

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  • tom

    We have abundant of coconuts here. And in old days lot of varieties of sweet food or sweet short eats were made by old folks here using coconuts. But thats changing rapidly now. My question is, are you talking about the coconut we used to break into two halves like in that pic or young coconuts we used to have for a sweet beverage.

  • Carol

    Is it True that people with “O” type blood should Avoid Coconut???

  • Diane

    I was taken ill with really severe gastro-enteritis while on holiday in Jamaica – was thinking I would end up in hospital but one of the hotel maids told me to stay put in bed and she would bring me a cure. She got one of the gardeners to collect 3 coconuts in different stages of ripeness, she sliced the top off of each one and added some salt, and put each one in an ice bucket, then told me to start with the most unripe one and continually sip the water and go on to the next one and keep it going, and that this would cure the sickness, diarrhoea and terrible stomach cramps. I followed her instructions and it worked! I made an amazing and quick recovery and thank God for the lovely young Jamaican woman – she said that this is what she always does when one of her kids gets sick.

  • Marie

    I am new to this site and am just starting to learn about how coconut is used for cooking. Not to mention all the other uses of coconut . Could you tell me where get the best coconut products?

  • Ellycat

    Google it!!

  • Ellycat

    I always cook with cold pressed coconut oil. And I actually eat it straight from the spoon, when it’s in its solid state.