The Road To Peace

7th June 2012

By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

Without a doubt, the attainment of peace of mind would be considered the most widely sought after experience in the world. After childhood, most embark on this journey to learn how to re-establish peace in our own individual mind, which is to say that it’s not something we need to get or earn, but rather, a process which removes the blocks to the awareness of love within our own thought system.

We have it now – for peace, joy, love, happiness, and completion are inherent in who and what we are. This means we don’t have to strive for what is within us now, although we do need to learn to overcome the obstacles, or roadblocks, we have chosen as a substitute for our own perfect happiness.

All lessons that are in line with spiritual enlightenment or attainment will actually be lessons in undoing, forgetting what is false in order to remember what is true. Memory will then be viewed as a tool that is not utilized to remember the past, but rather a way to remember the now. Once we have accepted the fact that the past is gone, and cannot be reenacted, this will free our mind to experience the only time there is – the eternal now.

Let’s take a closer look at the roadblocks that prevent us from experiencing our reality. The first obstacle, which we unconsciously uphold in our mind, is our desire to get rid of peace. At the outset this might sound insane, for no one in his or her right mind will ever find anything more desirable than simple happiness. And no one would consciously claim they want to be miserable and unhappy! This brings us to the point where we need to have a really honest discussion with ourselves, and ask who and what we are holding grievances against. For it is certain if we hold anger or resentment in our hearts and minds, it is impossible to be aware of the perfect peace and unlimited happiness that are buried beneath our unloving thoughts. The ones who seem to suffer from unhappiness, of course, are those who hold grievances.

In this world we feel justified in holding grievances: “So and so did this and this to me!” On any given day there are countless situations which serve to enrage us, anger us, disappoint us, or simply make us feel as though someone, or some situation, is responsible for depriving us of what we really want. Look at the headlines in the newspapers. Watch the evening news and there will be plenty of stories that could incite us. Each of us could spend more time finding causes for anger than reasons for joy in this world, if we are willing to buy into all the depressing things that seem to happen every day.

Those who are willing to practice forgiveness will experience a transformation taking place in their thought system that cannot be denied. Forgiveness is the only tool we have at our immediate disposal to release ourselves from conflict, and find ourselves, instead, with our feet planted firmly on the road to peace. It never fails. Forgiveness is another way of looking at any given situation in a completely different light, which transforms what we perceive to be an attack into a call for help, or a cry for love. Isn’t this what attack is all about: a secret, well-disguised desire that we need help and want to be at peace instead?

Forget the clever disguises that perceived attack presents to keep us in the dark and unaware that it is simply a call for peace. Learn to translate unloving thoughts and actions into nothing more than a form of unconscious denial of the truth. And then remember that Love is with us every step of the way. This is undeniable, unless we have come up with some plan to overthrow the Power of the Universe, and substitute a false reality for that which has no opposite, that which has no conflict.

Only in the deepest, darkest corners of our mind could we really pretend that what is impossible has happened. This is why we should be of good cheer! We haven’t changed our reality, which is Love, and substituted a devastating nightmare in its place. We don’t have the power to alter what is true about us. Not one of us, even in our most agonizing moments, could dispel reality and change the truth into a lie. Forgiveness helps us forget the past and releases us to experience the present moment. There is no fear in love because there is no conflict in love.

When all unloving thoughts have been undone in our mind through perfect, complete forgiveness, then all we are left with are thoughts of Love, which are eternal. The transformed past is then washed clean of all ‘sin’ and, seen in the light of reason, is recognized as the underlying call for the love that it is. Be determined to see all situations in this world for what they represent. It will be forever true; there are only two emotions we can experience – love or fear. All fear-based thoughts and emotions are still capable of helping us recognize our ultimate truth; no one and nothing has ever been separated from our Source of Love.

Take a step forward in your mind by being willing to undo and reverse all unloving thoughts. Stand strong in the midst of imagined chaos and fear, and be one who knows the difference between fear and love. When we learn to remember the truth for everyone, we will have experiences that are clearly not of this world. Peace of mind is the result of releasing all attack thoughts, and extending our love so that we will experience it in its fullness. All it takes is a willingness to accept the fact that truth is true, and a desire to be happy and at peace. A small nod to Love and we will be carried along with no effort or strain through this life.

The road to peace is everywhere, for Love is not absent here. Take the first small step by forgiving the world for what it never did, because we have never had the power to banish love from our lives. Those who recognize this is true will establish themselves among the Teachers of Love and forgiveness that walk the same path as everyone. There is no cost for this – but there is a huge price we pay for unhappiness and fear. This small step contains all the power of the universe, which is in each and every one of us. How could it be otherwise?

There is no separation in love, which binds us all together. And since we came from All Power, it stands to reason that we have all power within us. The only thing that seems to hold us back from remembering this is our grievances. Suffering is not powerful, but it is debilitating. Happiness cannot be touched by the ways of the world once we have forgiven everything and everyone. In the end, those who forgive will experience their own gift of forgiveness – because we do receive what we give. Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © June 2012

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