All I See is Part of Me – Listening With The Soul

6th July 2012

By  Trinity Bourne

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

“Should you really open your eyes and see,
you would behold your image in all images.
And should you open your ears and listen,
you would hear your own voice in all voices.”

    – Kahlil Gibran

When Kahlil is talking about ‘really opening your eyes and ears’, he is referring to opening the eyes and ears of the  soul…

Anyone who has experienced a spiritual Awakening can touch this place.

It is from the Soul that we experience the interconnectedness of all things. It becomes clearer and clearer that the world outside of ourselves is always an accurate reflection of our inner state of consciousness.

What an incredible gift on the journey of spiritual evolution!

When we look in a ‘regular’ mirror, we see our physical body as well as the clothes we are wearing. The world we see around is just like a gigantic mirror. In this universal mirror we can see all of the other bodies too. As well as the physical, we see the mental, emotional, karmic and other etherial bodies. These other bodies wear ‘clothing’ too, which equates to the layers of attachment and distortion that we have formed around them.

Seeing what we need to see

If we have distortions or attachments, we tend to see the world through those filters first. Like a magnet, we  create a world  around us so that we can see exactly what it is that we need to look at in order to liberate the soul and become fully who we are.

In the same situation we will usually see different things to one another. It all depends on our state of perception, which is determined by the layers that we still need to work through.

I see what I am ready to see.

You see what you are ready to see.

This parable translated by Paulo Coelho illustrates so well how we perceive the world differently depending on the filters that we need to resolve…

Many years ago, in a poor Chinese village, there lived a farmer and his son. His only material possession, apart from the land and a small hut, was a horse he had inherited from his father.

One day, the horse ran away, leaving the man with no animal with which to work the land. His neighbours, who respected him for his honesty and diligence, went to his house to say how much they regretted his loss. He thanked them for their visit, but asked:

“How do you know that what happened was a misfortune in my life?”

Someone muttered to a friend: “He obviously doesn’t want to face facts, but let him think what he likes, after all, it’s better than being sad about it.”

And the neighbours went away again, pretending to agree with what he had said.

A week later, the horse returned to its stable, but it was not alone; it brought with it a beautiful mare for company. The inhabitants of the village were thrilled when they heard the news, for only then did they understand the reply the man had given them, and they went back to the farmer’s house to congratulate him on his good fortune.

“Instead of one horse, you’ve got two. Congratulations!” they said.

“Many thanks for your visit and for your solidarity,” replied the farmer. “But how do you know that what happened was a blessing in my life?”

The neighbours were rather put out and decided that the man must be going mad, and, as they left, they said: “Doesn’t the man realise that the horse is a gift from God?”

A month later, the farmer’s son decided to break the mare in. However, the animal bucked wildly and threw the boy off; the boy fell awkwardly and broke his leg.

The neighbours returned to the farmer’s house, bringing presents for the injured boy. The mayor of the village solemnly presented his condolences to the father, saying how sad they all were about what had occurred.

The man thanked them for their visit and for their kindness, but he asked:

“How do you know that what happened was a misfortune in my life?”

These words left everyone dumbstruck, because they were all quite sure that the son’s accident was a real tragedy. As they left the farmer’s house, they said to each other: “Now he really has gone mad; his only son could be left permanently crippled, and he’s not sure whether the accident was a misfortune or not!”

A few months went by, and Japan declared war on China. The emperor’s emissaries scoured the country for healthy young men to be sent to the front. When they reached the village, they recruited all the young men, except the farmer’s son, whose leg had not yet mended.

None of the young men came back alive. The son recovered, and the two horses produced foals that were all sold for a good price. The farmer went to visit his neighbours to console and to help them, since they had always shown him such solidarity. Whenever any of them complained, the farmer would say: “How do you know that what happened was a misfortune?” If someone was overjoyed about something, he would ask: “How do you know that what happened was a blessing?” And the people of the village came to understand that life has other meanings that go beyond mere appearance.

Looking in the mirror

A great way to unravel our blockages is to open our hearts and minds and then notice what the universal mirror is showing us.

If you feel inner turmoil then ask what is the mirror revealing to you? It may be painful to ‘go there’, but it is also your road to liberation.

It’s about honouring what the reflection reveals, whilst shedding our layers to unleash the majesty of our authentic beingness.

with Love


About the Author

Trinity is an experienced, empathic energy worker. Around 18 years ago, during a profound spiritual awakening,the world around her shattered. At the time, she became engulfed in a white, universal, timeless, formless light until nothing else existed, other than the nameless truth at the core of all sentient beings. Following which,  her path rapidly became one of deep compassion for the Earth and environment.

During her journey, she has integrated a wide variety of multidimensional gifts including clair-sentience, kundalini awareness, inner child healing, removal of energy blockages, past life regressions and karmic healing. She works hand in hand with the Angelic Realms.

Trinity is the co-founder of the Openhand Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the evolution of humankind. She works as the divine complement to her soul mate Chris Bourne to help facilitate the global Ascension process and feels incredibly blessed to be of divine service.

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