Allowing and Accepting What Is

21st September 2012

By  Anica Brandt

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In order to heal and move forward in life we need to accept what is in the present moment. All of our mis-creations and all of our victories. Whatever our life looks like, by accepting it we open the path and allow change of the circumstances of our lives. Allowing ourselves to be who we are and accepting all of life.

Acceptance is not an easy thing if we are stuck in our ego, we may have unfulfilled desires, expectations and wants that take us out of the moment and keep us from accepting what is in the moment. Whatever circumstance we are in is either a creation of ours or Gods will for us. Gods will is not always our will and until we are able to accept that and get our stubborn ego out of the way we will either be frustrated or discontent with life. We all have hopes and desires, dreams and wishes that are human and very natural. It is when our desires get in the way of god’s divine purpose for our lives that we create problems for ourselves…more frustration more roadblocks and obstacles.

Learning to let go and surrender to the creator is a necessary step in contentment. We are not always in control of our lives; we are however, in control of our reactions, the way we respond to the situations, people and circumstances in life.

If we are unable to accept things as they are then we are acting in denial of what is and the universe cannot provide for us when we are unclear or not accepting of what is. All of our choices and beliefs have led us to where we are and so the only way to change what is is to change our beliefs and make new choices. In each moment we have the choice to act from our highest self out of love or to act in ways that are keeping us stuck and based in fear/ego.

Breaking out of old patterns is not an easy process, it takes mindful awareness of what we are doing, how we are feeling, thinking, what our beliefs are and what is motivating us to repeat these things. Often times a pattern is so deep that we are totally unaware that we are successfully creating that which we don’t want with our limited thoughts and beliefs.

We must become aware in the moment, of every emotion and thought we are having and to ask ourselves if this is creating what we want in our lives. Is this thought or feeling based in love or fear? What are the consequences of this emotion, thought or action? What are the benefits? Is this what an infinite powerful being would choose?

We have to allow ourselves to be where we are without criticism and judgment. Lovingly allow and accept ourselves to be who we are right now. Let the past go, the only place that it exists is in the mind. The future is yet to be created and it is in this now moment that we are creating or generating our future selves. How do you want your life to look? Now is the time to change our perception of ourselves and our lives in order to attract what it is our hearts desire. Accept what is, show gratitude for what we have, know what we want, allow and surrender…let it be.

To create joy, love and peace in our lives we need to open our hearts. This can be a difficult thing if we have closed our hearts in order to protect ourselves from pain.

We often find ourselves with the need to control something in our lives. It may be trying to control other people, outcomes or life itself. When we open our hearts we allow love to flow through us, we become receptive, soft and gentle.

Think of an old tree, it is deeply rooted and grows up towards the sun/god allowing the world around it to be, it just is what it is in all of it’s beauty and joyful magnificence. It does not try to do anything but to be and live in harmony with all of nature. The tree receives what it needs without worry and grows toward the light of the sun.

In allowing life to flow we send the message to the universe/source that we trust, we trust that all is exactly as it is meant to be at any given moment and we are in the process of receptively co creating with god.

This is love….accepting, allowing, trusting, free.

Copyright Anica Brandt 2012

About the Author

Anica is passionate about helping others on the path to holistic living. She enjoys  inspiring people, creating fitness programs and superfood based vegan diets for  athletes and those wanting to transform their lives. As a writer she enjoys writing about  the spiritual path, and the shifting energies occurring on the earth at this time of great  transition. She is an intuitive, healer, teacher with experience/study of Eastern Spiritual  philosophies including Western Judeo – Christian traditions.  For more information check out her blog at  or her website


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