Sign the Petition: Ask the Queen for the Truth About Australian Government

26th November 2012

By Andy Whiteley

Co-Founder of Wake Up World

In response to our previous article “Are Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide?”  It’s time we knew the truth. And we need your support to do it.

Imagine this for a moment… In Australia today, government that serves the people no longer exists.  Instead, corporations masquerade as government for profit, not governance. The country’s laws are simply rules for employees of the corporation. Amazingly, most people don’t know about it. And it  isn’t  isolated just to Australia…

It sounds like the story-line from a bad Hollywood ‘conspiracy’ movie.

But the facts are:

– A corporation called ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’ is registered with the Securities & Exchanges Commission in the United States.

– The ‘Great Seal of Australia’ is a trademark registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

– Provisions for the Office of Governor-General, the administrator of government in Australia, were established in 1900 under the Monarch’s Seal – the Great Seal of the United Kingdom. But in 1984, those provisions were supposedly revoked and replaced – but under the trademark, the ‘Great Seal of Australia’.

– Without lawful provision for the Office of Governor-General in Australia, no genuine offices of government can exist, nor any new laws.

– And when they are asked to demonstrate their legitimacy, Australian Government agencies do not seem to behave like true government would.  

At first, these facts can be difficult to digest. The implications are staggering! Perhaps my local Member can shed some light? No… silence. Department Offices. No… silence. Ministers? The Office of Prime Minister? The Office of Governor-General……?


So let me get this straight…… We know there is a ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ registered as a corporate entity with a trademarked corporate logo. We know that in 1984, provisions for the Office of Governor General were issued under that corporate logo. We know that  real government can’t exist in Australia without a legitimate Office of Governor-General. Now it seems representatives from all levels of the Australian Government are unable to prove the legitimacy of their own offices.

But they continue claim to claim ‘government’ status? And we’re meant to quietly accept it?

This matter is now being escalated to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. And we need your support to do it!


QueenIt is time we heard the truth. And Her Majesty appears to be the key to solving the puzzle.

Please sign the petition to ask one simple question of Her Majesty:

Is today’s ‘Office of Governor-General’ in Australia the same one that was constituted by Queen Victoria in Letters Patent 1900?

It’s only one simple question. But it’s a question the Australian Government appears unwilling to answer.

About the Author

Andy Whiteley is the Co-Founder of Wake Up World.

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