Lesser Known Facts About Bone Fractures And Calcium Metabolism

By Raluca Schachter

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Children didn’t break bones as easily back in the days as they do today. The elderly weren’t as susceptible to falls and hard to heal bone fractures either. As with everything in our health and nutrition, over time, the skeletal system had to suffer too, and was forced to adapt and deal with whatever was available to draw nutrients from… Not much I’m afraid these days.

The general consensus promoted by the conventional medical community is to load on calcium early on, and that this is the most important element to consider if you want strong bones. Well, many people developed osteoporosis while heavily supplementing with calcium!

What Do Bones Really Need To Stay Strong?

As per the Metabolic Typing approach, the answer will be different biochemically speaking for different people, different metabolic types and different imbalances.

But as a general rule, bone fractures are related to  calcium metabolism inefficiency, specifically as pertains to mineral balance and pH. Good calcium metabolism requires: sufficient calcium levels, sufficient calcium metabolism synergistic factors (primarily magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C , E and B6), sufficient sympathetic strength/tone and sufficient pH acidity (an over-alkaline pH will cause calcium to precipitate out of solution and be deposited.)

So good calcium metabolism requires sufficient levels of calcium, but beyond the quantitative presence of calcium, the availability of  synergistic factors must also be present for proper qualitative calcium utilization.

Any one or all of the above factors can be involved. The proper ‘Metabolic Typing’ interpretation of a hair tissue mineral analysis can be useful in targeting the causal factors.

Different Causes For Calcium Deficiency, Different Metabolisms, Different Treatments

Interpreting a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) has to be done only by skilled, certified, trained practitioners, who studied the works of the experts in this field and have accumulated clinical experience themselves.

Below you can see a sample of such a HTMA lab testing. The interpretation is based on reading the ratios between minerals, heavy metals and determining where actual deficiencies are present: inside or outside the cell.

In the below sample, the high calcium level doesn’t mean the person has enough Calcium in her body, on the contrary. In this case (by interpreting the specific ratios between minerals, and also considering the metabolic type of the person), the HTMA result reveals a  Qualitative Insufficiency  of Calcium. The person has enough calcium in her body, but it can not enter the cell, due to inefficient utilization of this mineral. As you can observe, heavy metals which displace good minerals in the body are also a big contributor in this case. So calcium is actually high OUTSIDE the cell. This is an information that blood and urine testings can’t possible determine. In this case, supplemental calcium and elimination of heavy metals will restore normal levels in the body.

But in a different metabolic type, a high calcium shown by a HTMA determines a  Quantitative Insufficiency of Calcium, meaning the person has high calcium levels INSIDE the cells AND outside the cells. For this person, a protocol high on Potassium and low on Calcium would correct the imbalance.

Other Aspects To Consider When Dealing With Bone Fractures And Calcium Deficiency

  • It all starts with eating the right diet for your metabolism AND taking the right supplements for your metabolic type. This will ensure a proper autonomic nervous system balance, cellular energy production, calcium metabolism efficiency, bone metabolism efficiency, and pH balance. The wrong diet will inhibit repair and healing.
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is essential to address any heavy metals and to fine tune mineral balances in relation to your metabolic type and calcium metabolism. Heavy metals will displace minerals, including calcium and disrupt calcium and bone metabolism.
  • Balance your hormones naturally, efficiently and safely using Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Addressing estrogen vs. progesterone imbalances are critical in bone growth.
  • With acute pains due to bone fractures consider homeopathy. Symphytum (Comfrey/Boneset) can be of a great help; consult with a knowledgeable homeopath about the best homeopathic treatments for you.
  • When having a bone fracture, using a  strong  tea made from 1 part Comfrey and 1 part Horsetail, drunk several times per day, has shown to improve the condition and speed up healing for many people.
  • Consume daily about 12 oz of home made bone broth soup: rich in glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and other glycosaminoglycans, all of which are highly desired for repair of tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.
  • VitaminK2  has a definite role in bone health. There are at least two  vitamin  K-dependent proteins that fulfill important functions in skeletal metabolism: matrix Gla protein (MGP) and osteocalcin.  Researchers from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands showed that over the course of 40 days,  vitamin  K2  was three times more effective than  vitamin  K1  at raising the percentage of activated osteocalcin.  Large amounts of  vitamin  K2  are readily absorbed from animal foods like meats, poultry, chicken liver, hard cheeses, eggs and butter.

Remember that bone fractures are actually not the problem! The problem lies in a multitude of imbalances, which need to be corrected in order to achieve the right balance on a biochemical level. When that is achieved, the nutrients and minerals involved will keep your bones strong and free from fractures.


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