Generic Cancer (Part 4): The End of the “War” on Cancer…. It’s Time to Make Peace


16th May 2013

By  Tracy  Kolenchuk

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is no war on cancer.

There is a war on cancer patients. More victims are dying every year.  Even if your doctor issues a death sentence “you have three months to live”, you cannot choose your method of execution. You can only choose to wait, or to accept the treatments your doctor is allowed to use. This is a war on  all cancer patients, not just generic cancer patients (who don’t usually die from their cancer). But it does affect generic cancer patients as well. Even if your cancer is not likely to kill you, your treatment choices are limited to those allowed by the so called “cancer war”.

There is a war on cancer doctors. They are not allowed to offer or recommend a non-standard treatment, even one they would choose for themselves or their family. They are not allowed to investigate alternatives. They are not allowed to speak their mind. Oh, they are free to speak about politics, and religion, but not about medicine – not when doctoring a cancer patient.

There is a war on cancer treatments.  Many of them are illegal to make, to sell, and even illegal to give away. Information about them, their successes and failures is not published in medical journals.

If the best, most effective, healthiest cancer treatment was discovered today, it is already illegal. Does that sound ridiculous? Sorry… It’s perfectly true.  As soon as you claim, rightly or wrongly, that it cures any illness, it is classed as a drug.    And as soon as it is classed as a drug, you can’t use it until someone applies for, and receives, approval. You can’t even use it in a clinical study until someone applies for and receives approval.

If the cure for cancer has already been discovered, you can’t buy it or sell it. You can’t manufacture it, advertise it, or even give it away. Medical science is in agreement that chemo, radiation, and surgery do not cure cancer. And medical science is in agreement that you, the cancer patient, are not allowed to make your own decisions, to buy your own treatment.

If you are selling a natural food, like  bitter almonds or apricot seeds,  that contains chemicals used to treat cancer in some clinics, you are not allowed to state the cancer facts on the package, and if you do, your ‘food’ will be banned and confiscated.

“The war on cancer is a bunch of shit.” – James Watson, discoverer of DNA & Nobel Laureate.

U.S. President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971. Statistics consistently show a steady growth in incidence, severity, and death from cancers since that date. How can this be true?

Sun Tzu,  author of  The Art of War  said “There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.  ”

Many people have declared that the war on cancer is a failure, or a fraud. Few bother to ask what’s really going on. Conspiracy theories abound. Cancer, it seems, fills us with hate.  gives a list of reasons the war has failed – and continues to fail – from the failure of early detection, to failures of current treatments, and failures to find or recognize treatments that work. But they’re missing the key point. We need to make peace with cancer. We need to make peace with cancer patients, and other victims, like their family members. We need to make peace with cancer doctors. And we need to make peace with cancer treatments.

We need to make peace with health, not war with cancer.

Harold Varmus, former director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and current director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), held a town-hall meeting in 2010 in which he outlined his priorities for improving the cancer research program, including the following:
–                   reforming the clinical trials system
–                   improving utilization of the NIH clinical center
–                   readjusting the drug approval and regulation processes
–                   improving cancer treatment and prevention
–                   formulating new, more specific and science-based questions

He also missed the key point.  We need to make peace.

The site ‘The Best Years of Your Life articulates many statistical errors, or sins, committed by those who are fighting the war on cancer.

But they also miss the point.  We need to make peace.

In Cancer Research, a Super Fraud, Robert Ryan, B.Sc. tells us that cancer is increasing and that cancer is preventable, but misses the important detail.

We need to make peace.

There are two important truths about the so-called “war on cancer”

Everyone who does the least bit of research will see the first truth – few notice the second.

First: There are no wartime statistics, therefore there is no war against cancer.

If there is a war against cancer,  where are the wartime statistics? Oh, we have statistics about cancer deaths, but deaths don’t indicate a war. Not alone, nor do survivor statistics.

Where are the friendly fire deaths? If there is truly a war, can there be a war without casualties by friendly fire? What is friendly fire in the war against cancer? How many people are killed by the war, not by cancer?

Where are the statistics about people killed by cancer treatment?

According to Cancer.ORG, the  American Cancer Society statistics, just over 570,000 Americans died from cancer in 2011.

We know that chemotherapy is toxic; that it can kill patients. We know that surgery is dangerous – every surgery has a possibility of death. And we know that radiation causes cancer.

How many cancer patients died from chemotherapy? There are no statistics. This post on GreenMedInfo  illustrates the fact that chemotherapy and radiation kills many patients, but their deaths are counted as ‘cancer deaths’.

How many cancer patients died from radiation? There are no statistics.

How many cancer patients died from surgery? There are no statistics.

Most important: How many people beat cancer? There are no statistics.

Where are the statistics? If there was a real war on cancer, we would have real statistics. The current statistics make it almost possible that all cancer deaths are caused by chemotherapy, or 50 percent, or 10 percent.

We have no statistics that are useful for fighting, winning a war. We only have statistics designed to raise funds for ‘research’.

Where are the statistics about cancer successes?

It’s not difficult to find people who were diagnosed with cancer, who refused to take the recommended treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, who decided on their own treatment – and their cancer has disappeared.

Small studies have repeatedly demonstrated that people who simply refuse conventional treatments live longer.

Where do these people appear in the American Cancer Society statistics? They don’t appear. They might be counted in the group of people who have survived for 5 years. But there are no statistics about different cancer treatments. And no statistics about cures.

The American Cancer Society statistics don’t recognize cures. They don’t count cures. The American Cancer Society wants you to believe that no-one is cured, because cures hit their bottom line – fundraising.  They only recognize ‘5 year relative survival rates’. If you do actually ‘cure’ your cancer, you will be dismissed by the cancer establishment as, at best, ‘anecdotal evidence’, or worse, a quack. Your story will not be counted, not published, not be investigated. It’s official, according to the American Cancer Society, and the FDA, and Health Canada – “there is no evidence of a cure for cancer.”

Why is there no evidence?  Because no-one is keeping track.

There are several well known cancer clinics, just across the U.S. border in Mexico. There are medical records in the USA and Canada of patients who were diagnosed with cancer, and who no longer have cancer, after treatment with unconventional techniques. I’m not saying these clinics cure every cancer, or even a large percentage. I’m saying that they count. We need to count them.

There are many statistics about the success rates of chemotherapy, but even those are full of holes and funny statistics. Overall, the success rate of chemotherapy is so low that the American Cancer Society tell us that the  survival rate for most types of cancer is less than 5 percent, with a high less than 50 percent.

But records and statistics for patients who choose their own therapy are nowhere to be found. They do not appear in any official statistics. If there was a war against cancer, the statistics – all of the statistics – would be recognized and available for study.

Second: No one is fighting for peace.

If we truly have a war against cancer, where are the peacemakers? Working for peace is a difficult, complex task. At present, there are no ‘peace workers’ in the cancer war.

Peacemakers? Well, cancer might not know there is a war, but let’s be frank… Cancer is winning. It’s time to make peace with cancer. The war is a failure.

In fact, it’s no longer a war. It’s become an occupation. The so called ‘war against cancer’ has become an occupation by the forces of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Many people are searching for ‘better chemicals’ to fight the war. But no-one is searching for peace.

We need to make peace with cancer. Not war against cancer. We need to make peace with cancer patients, their families, their doctors. We need to make peace with cancer treatments. Our cancer war is killing more people every year; it’s clearly a failure.

It’s time to pursue peace.  

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”  ”•  Sun Tzu,  The Art of War

We often hear that we need to ‘find cancer earlier’. We know that finding cancers earlier leads to higher risk of misdiagnosis, higher risk of aggressive treatment when no treatment is required.

Earlier diagnosis should be used to enhance our ability to make peace.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are people who advocate peace with cancer.

I’m not talking about “Making Peace with Cancer: A Franciscan Journey”, a book that is about making peace with terminal disease and death. That’s a different kind of peace. I’m with Dylan Thomas – although he was talking about old age; dying at a young age from a cancer deserves the same quote:

“Do not go gentle into that good night….  Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

I’m with Dr. Isaac Goren DMQ (China) M.Ac. at the  Tao House Healing Centre when he says:

“I am wondering if it is time we looked elsewhere. I am wondering if we should have a more holistic approach and sign a peace accord with cancer.   It is time we stopped fighting the disease and started helping people to heal their body, their heart and their spirit in a way where the result is the disappearance of the disease altogether.”

Dr. Goren recognizes that cancer is not just a disease of the cells, clearly seeing it as a disease of the body and the spirit. In fact, cancer is a disease of the entire  hierarchy of healthicine, as we learned in my second post on  Generic Cancer: Part 2: Is “generic cancer” a disease of the cells, or a disease of the tissues?

But Dr Goren and people like him are voices in the wilderness, ignored by the medical establishment – or drowned out by the legal fury of commerce, if he dares to raise his voice too high.

We need to learn to health cancer, not to kill it. We need early detection of cancer, so we have more time to learn how to health cancer. When we try to make the body too unhealthy for the cancer to survive – we often harm the patient more than the cancer.

When we can make the body too healthy for cancer to survive, no war is necessary.

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”  ”•  Sun Tzu,  The Art of War

When we war against cancer, we war against our bodies and our healthiness. We need to make peace with our health – we need to make peace with all of our health and our bodies, cancer included.

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.”   Henry David Thoreau.

The root of generic cancer is unhealthiness.  We need to strike cancer by striking unhealthiness, by creating and improving health. We need a more holistic approach to health, more than a holistic approach to cancer.   We need a healthier approach to cancer, our sick war is killing too many innocents.

We can refer again to Sun Tzu,  again, from  The Art of War:

To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

Unfortunately today, the enemy being subdued without fighting is the cancer patient.

It’s time to make peace with cancer.  

It’s time to make peace with cancer patients, and let them choose their treatments, and refuse treatments they don’t want.  

It’s time to make peace with cancer doctors  and let them speak, and practice their truths, not the truths that are ‘allowed’ by the establishment.  

And  it’s time to make peace with cancer treatments. If someone is dying from cancer, they have a right to information about all treatments, not just three. They have a right to all information about treatment success and failures, not just the established three. And they have the right to choose, and a right to buy the treatment they choose – which can only be assured if the seller is allowed to state the facts, and to sell the treatment.

Frankly, the current status of cancer treatments has progressed past the point of ridiculous. We are at a point where someone who is diagnosed with a fatal cancer can legally buy a gun and blow their head off, but they cannot legally buy cancer treatments. Whether the treatments will make them better or worse makes no difference. And frankly, at present, no-one really knows if the treatment will make them better or worse because the statistics are not gathered, not processed, not analyzed and not available.

Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness. Everyone has a right to information about their cancer, information about cancer treatments, and their successes and failures. Every cancer patient has a right to choose and to buy the treatment they choose.

To your health, Tracy

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