The Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon11th June 2013

By  Ameer Rosic  RHN, FDN

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

By adding some sweet Cinnamon to your diet, you may increase your longevity, health of your skin and increase cognitive function.


As you age the breakdown of your collagenous networks results in physical changes in your skin. In a recent study Cinnamon was shown to help in the reformation of collagenous network.

Cinnamaldehyde which is the active component, has been shown to stimulate  IGF and therefore increase the production of Collagen biosynthesis. The end results of the study suggested that cinnamon extract is useful in antiaging treatment of the skin.(1)

The next time someone asks you, what your secret is for looking so young and vibrant, just tell them to Spice up their life !

Blood Sugar Control

Cinnamon, is a rich botanical source of polyphenolics that has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, the Chinese were way ahead of the game. Cinnamon has been shown to affect blood glucose and insulin signalling. Cinnamon extract and/or cinnamon improves fasting blood glucose level in people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes.(2)

According to previous studies, cinnamon may have a positive effect on the glycemic control and the lipid profile in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2.

The following study was conducted with a total of 79 patients with diagnosed diabetes mellitus type 2 not on insulin therapy but treated with oral anti-diabetics diets, that were randomly assigned to take either a cinnamon extract or a placebo capsule three times a day for 4 months in a double-blind study. The amount of aqueous cinnamon extract corresponded to 3 g of cinnamon powder per day.

The results of the study were very impressive, there was a significantly higher reduction in the cinnamon group (10.3%) than in the placebo group (3.4%). The decrease in plasma glucose correlated significantly with the baseline concentrations, indicating that subjects with a higher initial plasma glucose level may benefit more from cinnamon intake. No adverse effects were observed. (3)

This comes as significant information, as the rate of type 2 diabetes raises. You need to counteract with an  ancestral diet and natural remedies to rebalance your natural homeostasis. You must not let the “drug” companies win, and remember Type 2 Diabetes is a life style issue, its not as if you woke up one day and just got T2D, No ! It was a cascading domino effect that eventually got you to your final destination of destruction.


Boosts Brain Function

Okay….. so cinnamon may make you look younger and control your blood sugar, what more do you want! How about boost brain power.

Research led by Dr. P. Zoladz and presented April 24, 2004, at the annual meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences, in Sarasota, FL, found that chewing cinnamon flavored gum, or just smelling cinnamon enhanced study participants’ cognitive processing.

( This is not what I would like you to do, always eat the most natural form possible )

Specifically, cinnamon improved participants’ scores on tasks related to attentional processes, virtual recognition memory, working memory, and visual-motor speed while working on a computer-based program. Participants were exposed to four odorant conditions: no odor, peppermint odor, jasmine, and cinnamon, with cinnamon emerging the clear winner in producing positive effects on brain function.

Encouraged by the results of these studies, researchers will be evaluating cinnamon’s potential for enhancing cognition in the elderly, individuals with test-anxiety, and possibly even patients with diseases that lead to cognitive decline. (May 9, 2004)

Another fascinating study was conducted on Cinnamon polyphenols. They investigated the protective effects of cinnamon polyphenol extract (CPE) that has many anti-oxidant and insulin-potentiating effects on cell swelling. Mitochondrial dysfunction, a key component of ischemic injury, contributes to cell swelling. OGD ( oxygen-glucose deprivation ) induced a 39% decline in DeltaPsi(m) ( electrical potential gradient across the mitochondrial membrane) big fancy word for movement, even I really don’t understand.

This decline was blocked by CPE as well as insulin. What this means is the Cinnamon extract helps increase oxygen to the cell and reduce swelling. The conclusion to their study states. Our results show that CPE reduces OGD-induced cell swelling as well as the decline in DeltaPsi(m) in cultures and some of its protective effects may be through inhibiting the mPT.(4)


By adding some sweet Cinnamon to your diet, you may increase your longevity, health of your skin and increase cognitive function. Talk about a super food, so listen up, go spice up your life and enjoy the many benefits Cinnamon holds for you.

Optimally yours, Ameer

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About the author:

ameerAmeer Rosic is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner. As a leading expert in nutrition, optimal-aging, methylation, fitness and wellness, Ameer is consulted worldwide and gives lectures, seminars and certification workshops around the world. He is your guide to living optimally.

In 2012, Ameer won The Canadian Kettlebell Biathlon Championship. He is the author of “The Kettlebell Advantage” (ISBN: 9781465875594) and is currently finishing his second book titled “Diagnostic testing and Functional Medicine.” His unique approach to fitness and wellness is now the feature of the TV Show, “Shape up with Ameer: Kettlebell Conditioning.” Helpful advice can also be found on “Optimal Health Show,” a feature on his YouTube channel and his weekly Experts panel with top doctors.

Ameer endorses and teaches the martial arts philosophy of life-balance and believes in the ancient teachings of Hippocrates: “Let Food be Thy Medicine.”

Respect your body, it’s your temple.

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