Activating Your Heart’s Intelligence

Burning Heart

By Marianne Weidlein

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Understanding the function and power of the heart is essential for effective  self-management and quality of life.

The physical world, including our bodies, is made from electrical and magnetic fields of  energy. The human heartbeat is known to be the strongest generator of the body’s  electrical and magnetic fields. I’ve read it to be  60, 100,  or 100,000 times electrically  stronger than the brain. And I consistently read the heart to be 5,000 times  magnetically stronger than the brain.  This makes the human heart very powerful!

Physics says that to change the atoms of physical matter, either the electrical field or  magnetic field must be changed. The heart is so strong that it can affect both! Whereas,  the energetically weaker brain cannot. It is more like a computer that processes and  stores information, directs bodily functions, and so on.

The  heart has  its own nervous system with which it can sense, learn, remember, and  process emotion and vibrational information from the environment and brain. It decodes  the energy it receives, and with each heartbeat, transmits these impulses to the brain  to interpret and act upon.

The heart is the sensing, feeling organ that guides us to  make choices that honor  our truth.  It sources our frequencies of courage, caring, love, and compassion, with  which it helps to guide our thinking and decision-making.

However, when neural  pathways between the brain and  heart have not been activated, the intellect  functions independent of the power of the heart. Since this lack of connection then  disconnects us from ourselves and life, we feel  separate. We are dominated more  by  fear, insecurity, anxiety, limitation, and so on  than by intention. To survive, we tend  to develop divisive strategies of control, defense, competition, manipulation, excessive  attention or work, or even deception or fighting  to survive.

Simply said, our thoughts influence our feelings and emotions. Likewise, the energy of  the heart influences our ability to effectively attract what we need and want.  Understanding this can help us to magnetize and cultivate the quality of life we want for  ourselves, our families, and the world.

Indeed, with increasing global instability and disruption, we need sound decision-making. For this, the heart and its wisdom, must come alive… through the heart of  each of us in caring for ourselves… in caring for each other… in caring for all life. An  awakened heart inspires wisdom and all is cultivated and well-tended. It’s time for humanity to become  nurturers and protectors of life, and move  into a thriving future!

© Marianne Weidlein 2012

About the author:

Marianne is a transformational coach with a lifelong passion to understand human  consciousness and how to transform limitation into focused power that manifests  extraordinary results.  Nearly three decades ago, she began working in groups, couples, and one-on-one telephone coaching. Today, she guides emerging leaders to accelerate their transformation by  developing self-mastery and the presence to perform at optimum levels. Visit Marianne online at


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