Going Direct: Creating Your Own Unique Eden

genesis19th August 2013

By Kerri Lake

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

To embody all that we are, to emanate the uniqueness of our own expression; ultimately that is why we are here. It is love. It is light. It is the real YOU!

There are countless ways to become enlightened; teachings, systems, religions, abuses, rock-bottoms, and more. And they all work! However we get there doesn’t matter. We’re going there anyway…

But with every path, with every teaching there is a time when we are invited to step beyond our teachings, to step beyond the comfort of the systems that supported us and enter a whole new conversation; one that begs a redefinition of what a ‘conversation’ is….

Our conversation in awareness.

Our higher levels of awareness are already in communication with all that is. We have the capacity to be aware of our conversation in awareness, and to let our outer lives function in recognition of this intimacy.

It is all about becoming aware of what we sense, even when we don’t recognize it. Even when we don’t have words for it, or pictures, or any way to communicate it to another person other than in the form in which it came to us. In this sense, it is all about sense itself, without definition.

This half-hour audio file is a beginning walk-through, to help bring the body, mind and awareness into the same conversation. It is not meditation… We don’t have to work to quiet the mind, it quiets down all by itself when it has an appropriate job to do. It is all about recognizing the brilliance of the body, the brilliance of the mind, and from our expanded awareness, giving each a job to do that works for everybody.

It’s about playing with the toys that came with the package, the innate abilities and awareness. The more we play, the more we get to play with! When we’re dancing in our own awareness, excluding nothing, the reality of ease, the reality of grace present themselves to us. We don’t have anything to seek anymore, there is nothing to achieve. We claim ourselves as a unique facet of Creator, and through that capacity command the most complementary awareness to present itself to us.

This is not a “teaching” the way teaching has all happened in the past. There is no process, no agenda, no attainment. This is simply a way to play with yourself, to invoke your natural capacity to be all of who you are. You can be as creative about it as you’d like, in fact…

Go! Create new ways to play!

When creation comes from our biggest awareness, an awareness that is beyond the mind, whose presence can be confirmed by the body, we create the greatest space of magic. We step into the space of our own unique Eden. Emanating that space through and as our physical body – walking around the planet – IS the gift that you are here to share. That IS the purpose that is YOU. And from that place, watch the universe twist itself out of space and time to make sure you have all that it takes for you to be more of that.

Note to the mind: it would make sense to me that you might get a little dyslexic on this one. You have been trained to work hard, to run the show, to seek and find, to perform and satisfy. We are deliberately going into places that are not your domain, not your department. Sensing is not a capacity of the mind – it’s just true! So, beloved mind, your job is to watch the communication happen and translate when asked. You are brilliant at this! Thank you so much for your service!

Note to the body: you are the most divine sensory instrument in all existence. Please communicate what you sense. It may be familiar, it may be unfamiliar, but you don’t have to scream to get my attention anymore. I’m here, I’m listening. I’ve got the mind poised to watch your communication so we are all aware of what’s going on, together. Please simply share what you sense, where you would like me to bring my awareness next? I am here.

You will get there anyway no matter what you do. You can take the scenic route, or you can take the fast track. I’m all about the fast track, especially when it’s the most graceful, elegant, effortless ride. Have fun, and let me know if I can assist in any way!

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About the author:

Writer and facilitator Kerri Lake communicates from an integrated perspective of creator consciousness and equality among all species and dimensions, inviting the absence of judgment and the fullest embodiment of Divine essence. Through 1-1 sessions, group events and public speaking, she shares tools and awareness, and articulates subtle but profound aspects of consciousness with humor, lightness and truth.

Her new book “Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance” is now available. Visit her website for more details: www.kerrilake.com

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