Childhood Vaccinations: Orthodox Pharmaceuticals or Homoeopathic Alternatives?

vaccination 211th December 2013

By Robin Stein

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

So many people ask me about this subject that I felt it necessary to devote an entire article to the question. Believe me, it is a very good question, and you may be totally shocked by my answer.

In America, and also in Australia, practitioners have been greatly influenced by Pharmaceutical companies. The majority of doctors know very little about Homoeopathic practice and many of these doctors do not even want to know, which is both closed and sad. When it comes to people’s health, wouldn’t you want to know what is best for your patient? And how can a person learn anything if they are closed and have no desire to become informed? Recently, I watched a debate on vaccination on SBS, hoping for someone to mention Homoeopathic Vaccination. But nobody did. And when I rang a friend who is a Homoeopath, to ask if I could use a quote from an article she wrote on Homoeopathic vaccination, she did not want me to do so because of a genuine fear that she would be closed down. Such is the Pharmaceutical influence!

I am acutely aware that by discussing this subject as fairly, openly and as honestly as I can, that my name may be completely raked through the mud, however, I would feel irresponsible if I did not discuss this question. And besides, I’m probably going to be lampooned for teaching you the lost art of natural conception and how to use natural remedies to stay healthy anyway, so here we go…

Doctor Godfrey, from whom I learned so much, began to practise medicine in 1927 when he was aged twenty. He lived through several epidemics of childhood problems while he worked at different big hospitals around the world. One of these epidemics was Whooping Cough and he told me that anyone who watches helplessly as hundreds of babies die from this disease, would never, ever forget it. It was this experience that enabled him to make the decision to vaccinate his own child with orthodox, medical vaccines. He told me that Homoeopathic remedies have the power to reduce the negative effects of orthodox medical vaccines, like fever and inflammation.

Homoeopaths learn all about these remedies when they study the subject. They have been used successfully for generations to treat the sniffles, fever, aches, pains and local inflammation resulting from a vaccination. But I wonder about vaccines today, compared with those that Doctor Godfrey knew about. Were the same preservatives used, like liquid Mercury, called Thimerosal, or Aluminium and Formaldehyde for instance? Did they use the same fillers and chemicals to deliver the vaccine, which may be as toxic as the preservatives? Have we eliminated the problems caused by a bad batch? And if bird and animal tissue is used to make a vaccine, are any tests done on that tissue to eliminate the possibility of animal or bird virus contamination? Surely these are valid questions. And surely, we require honest answers.

With Doctor Godfrey’s graphic description uppermost in my mind when I began to use Homoeopathic remedies, I too advocated orthodox vaccination and gave each parent a little bottle of drops to give their child directly after each vaccine had been given. Until several different women came to me to ask if Homoeopathic Medicine could help to reverse the terrible effects of orthodox vaccination on their children. Then I discovered the unthinkable, as parents led me to homes where their children (of all ages) were being cared for. All these children had been ‘perfect’ at birth, yet all had deteriorated within hours of receiving a vaccination. Each baby had been rushed to hospital when parents realised their baby had become ill, yet each developed an extremely high temperature, some had seizures, and all suffered different degrees of brain damage. The thirty year old son of a friend has been cared for in a nursing home from the time he became too big for her to manage to bathe, change, feed, or to lift him in and out of his wheelchair by herself. As a beautiful, bright, perfect baby, his condition deteriorated very quickly after an MMR vaccination, which is given routinely around the age of twelve months. Stories and visions of this nature will stay with me forever, and it is difficult for me NOT to think, ‘This should never have happened.’

I have seen these children and now I have a completely different set of graphic pictures in my mind. And because these are pictures from my own experience, I am afraid that I simply cannot advocate allopathic, orthodox vaccination unless the entire process becomes open, accountable, and is proven to be completely safe. If even one of the beautiful, healthy, perfect babies I have helped to be conceived became brain damaged because of something I recommended, I would live with this forever and I do not believe I could continue to be a healer.

For many years, the medical profession has scoffed at Homoeopathic medicine because they think it is no more than a placebo, devoid of any original material or healing properties whatsoever. Yet at the same time, they warn people about its ‘dangers’ and totally dismiss the incredible success patients have experienced for them selves. This is illogical to me because no medicine can be dangerous if it is a placebo that contains ‘nothing.’ However, Homoeopathic vaccination has never, ever caused the side effects that orthodox, medical vaccinations have caused. I am definitely not a person who believes that it is okay to sacrifice some children for the benefit of many. If Homoeopathic practitioners acted with so little responsibility they would be jailed instantly. So how is it possible that pharmaceutical companies get away with sacrificing so many, and making so many children sick, with no reprisal whatsoever? This is totally unacceptable and they simply must be held accountable, otherwise orthodox vaccination becomes a game of Russian roulette and parents are forced to make a Sophie’s choice.

Recently, a young woman asked me to help her baby who had Whooping Cough. The baby was eighteen months old and he had not been vaccinated either homoeopathically or medically. He had been hospitalised and the medical staff told the mother there were just as many babies who had been medically vaccinated in the hospital with the disease, as babies who had not been vaccinated at all. How is this possible? And how can unvaccinated children be responsible (and their parents blamed), for a vaccinated child getting the disease? This is not logical thinking. Logical thinking would tell me very obviously, that if the orthodox vaccination did not prevent these children from getting this disease, then it did not work. But the Homoeopathic remedies I gave this child did work. The child’s temperature came down overnight and he vomited copious amounts of mucus throughout that first night. Afterwards, the cough became less severe, he stopped vomiting, the periods of time between coughing fits became longer, and the baby recovered daily over the course of the next two of weeks.

When I was around six months old, my sister, who was seven years old, contracted the Measles. The doctor told my mother I was too young to get Measles so he vaccinated me. The vaccination gave me a very severe dose of Measles, and I also developed severe asthma over the course of the next two months, from which I nearly died several times. A little later, I was also given a Chicken Pox vaccination and immediately got such a severe dose of Chicken Pox that pustules developed in my eyes, mouth and all mucus membranes. Several years after that experience, I caught a second dose of Chicken Pox, which the doctor told my mother was impossible. Several years later, I developed Shingles, then, a bit later, Cytomegalovirus, both of which come from the same viral source as Chicken Pox, namely the Herpes Virus. Is this a coincidence?? As a child, I was also given a Mumps vaccination, but that did not prevent me from getting mumps in my late twenties.

The one thing these experiences have taught me is that orthodox medical vaccinations are far from foolproof. And I feel that as long as pharmaceutical companies have the final say in medicines, the financial interests of these companies become far more important than the health of the general population, not only of these particular countries, but everywhere the vaccines are disseminated. (Almost 200 countries).

What do vaccinations contain that cause such severe, life-long health problems in some people? I started to search, and came across a television broadcast from station WFAA in Dallas, Texas that was very interesting indeed. The station reported that before the 1990s, one child in 10,000 was diagnosed with ‘vaccine related autism.’ But in the last decade, as the government has increased the number of mandatory vaccines, some recent studies suggest the rate of autism has risen to one in 250 children. The level of Mercury in the system of these children was reportedly “off the chart.” Liquid Mercury, called Thimerosal, has been used as a preservative in vaccines since 1929. Is this acceptable?

Station WFAA went on to report that Doctor Jane Siegal, a professor of Paediatrics at UT Southwestern in Dallas, said she believed there was no data thus far to prove a connection between Thimerosal and Autism, yet The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study which showed that three month old babies exposed to just 63 micrograms of Mercury, were two and a half times more likely to develop Autism. The report noted that pharmaceutical companies agreed to stop manufacturing vaccines that contained Thimerosal in March 2001. However, while production may have ceased, vaccine vials already containing Thimerosal were not recalled. Also, the British General Practitioner who uncovered the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, Doctor Andrew Wakefield, was fired from his job for making this revelation public. And of course it does not end there because if pharmaceutical companies are unable to use Thimerosal as a preservative, they are likely to use even more dangerous chemicals.

After the discovery of this damning evidence, I came across an interview between an American investigative journalist of more than twenty years, by the name of Jon Rappoport, and a doctor who had been employed by a pharmaceutical company to research and create vaccines for more than ten years. And if you really want to be informed, then reading this particular interview is absolutely essential. The article is called “Vaccine Dangers and Vested Interests” and you can find it by googling the title, or go to Jon Rappoport’s website –

The statistics used to instil enough fear in people to make them run to get an influenza shot are totally inflated. The U.S. Centres for Disease Control (CDC) have consistently put out an annual figure of 36,000 deaths from influenza, when in fact the actual deaths recorded among patients suffering influenza are only a fraction of that figure. Calculations done every two years from 1979 to 2001, show clearly that the lowest figures over a two-year period throughout this time were less than a thousand. Even in the two-year period when the highest deaths were recorded, the figure was three thousand and six. Not even close to 36,000.

The doctor interviewed said he believed the public should be given a choice whether or not to vaccinate their children, but it was impossible to make an informed choice while people had access only to lies. And when he became aware of the lies, he began his own investigation that uncovered some startling facts, which I will list here. And I quote directly from this article:

  • The Rimavex Measles vaccine contained chicken viruses.
  • Simian (monkey) Cytomegalo Virus (which is a herpes virus) was found in a Polio vaccine. Cytomegalovirus virus can cause congenital handicaps in infants born to women who contract this virus while they are pregnant.
  • A type of ‘brain eating’ amoeba was found in a Polio vaccine.
  • Bird cancer viruses were found in an MMR vaccine.
  • Various organisms were found in an Anthrax vaccine.
  • Potentially dangerous enzyme inhibitors were found in various vaccines.
  • Duck, dog and rabbit viruses were found in the Rubella vaccine.
  • Avian viruses were found in the Influenza vaccine. (These are bird viruses, called ‘aviarian’ in Australia).
  • Pest viruses were found in the MMR vaccine.

The doctor goes on to say that he based his belief system about vaccines on the premise that all vaccines were tested before being given to the public, but in fact, they are not tested at all.

He mentions the fear tactics that permit newborn babies to be injected with Hepatitis B, yet this disease can only be caught through sexual contact, shared needles or contaminated blood products!

And he talks about the practice of grouping several vaccines together into one injection being based on the premise that all vaccines are safe. He insists that no vaccine is safe, therefore the potential for damage increases when several are given together.

Are you as shocked as I was when I read this article? I am quite certain you will be just as dumbfounded. Please, I urge you, go into Jon Rappoport’s website and read the article all the way through, and let me know how you feel about vaccinating your children the orthodox way when you finish.

As a total contrast, I’d like to tell you an absolutely wonderful story about what is currently occurring in Cuba. Cuba has been outlawed by the United States so they have not fallen prey to the giant, and extremely powerful American pharmaceutical companies. They have their own vaccine production. Every year after tropical flooding, many people in Cuba are infected with a disease called Leptospirosis. It is caused by Spirochaete Bacteria, named for its spiral shape. It is an infectious disease, carried by rats in Cuba after the floods. The disease begins with a fever and may affect the liver, causing jaundice, or it may affect the meninges of the brain causing meningitis. In some cases, the kidneys may also be affected and many patients die.

For many years, the Cuban government has been vaccinating the people who are most at risk, with their own preparations of orthodox vaccines. This has been an extremely expensive exercise, at a cost of three million U.S. dollars annually. It would have continued if it had worked, but every year, the numbers of people infected began to grow alarmingly. So Doctors in Cuba looked for a more successful alternative, and in August of 2007, two and a half million people were each given two doses of the Homoeopathic Nosode. This means a Homoeopathic preparation was potentised from tissue that had been infected with the Spirochaete Bacteria itself. Each person was given a dose of the Homoeopathic, with a second dose to take the following week. The only other medicines they were given were Bach Flower Remedies to address the mental distress of the disaster situation. The entire cost of this incredible exercise was less than two hundred thousand U.S. dollars.

And guess what? Within two weeks, the rising infections from the disease dropped completely off the charts to zero. I have not heard of two and a half million people being immunised Homoeopathically in one country before. Even in India, where Homoeopathy enjoys the sanction of the Indian government, this kind of grand scale immunisation has not occurred.

Please feel free to read about this incredible success story yourself. From the 10th  to the 12th  of December 2008, an inspiring event took place in Havana, Cuba. There, the Carlos J. Finlay Institute, under the guidance of its Director-General, Dra. Conception Campa Huergo, and Doctor Gustav Bravo and others, hosted “NOSODES 2008” an International meeting on Homoeoprophilaxis, Homoeopathic Immunization and Nosodes against epidemics. (Prophilaxis means prevention).

Why was Homoeopathic Medicine chosen to accomplish immunization on such a large scale? Quite simply, because of the well documented, and extraordinary success Doctors have had in Homoeopathic Hospitals in the UK, the USA and Australia, in treating epidemics without side effects for well over one hundred years. And why does it work so well? Because it stimulates the Immune System naturally and gently, the way nature intended, with a minute dose, an infinitesimal dose, as Doctor Hahnemann called it, so their Immune System will be stronger after the vaccination than it was previously. Is any vaccination system foolproof? The answer must inevitably be “No” because there are always some susceptible individuals whose immune system has been weakened by disease or age, who will succumb to any bug is circulating. But at least a Homoeopathic vaccine will strengthen the body. It will not weaken the immune system.

Doctor Jayne Donegan, MBBS, DCROG, DCH, MRCGP, in her article, “Vaccination Viewpoint” (August 2006) says, “Exposure to a disease does not guarantee infection and a strong immune system can often prevent the person from becoming ill.” And she makes an extremely important point, that “these diseases occurring in childhood actually prime the developing Immune System of a child so it becomes a strong and healthy adult who is capable of throwing off, or certainly surviving most infections.” There is a well-known saying in the science of immunology that says, “Autoimmunity is the price one pays for the eradication of infectious diseases.” This is because if everyone has immunity, nobody catches the disease, and when this occurs, there is no host on which to multiply, so the disease dies out.

Doctor Donegan goes on to say, “When the Immune System has not been primed by these extremely useful childhood diseases, it can go awry and may attack its own body at a later date. We may see this in the incidence of cancers, autoimmune problems, rheumatoid arthritis and connective tissue diseases, as well as eczema and asthma, that do not simply occur because we live longer.”

A study by Ronne, in the Lancet (5/5/85 1-5), showed that women who had natural Measles with a rash, had a decreased incidence of various cancers, including cervical cancer. Another study showed that women are less likely to contract ovarian cancer if they have had Mumps during childhood. (West R.O., Epidemiological Studies of Malignancies of Ovaries. Cancer; July 1966:1001 – 1007).

For over a hundred years, Homoeopathic doctors have observed a similar anomaly regarding a rash. They discovered during the outbreak of a Small Pox epidemic, that a large proportion of healthy people who were vaccinated against the disease, were actually given the disease within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine. They also observed that some people, who had every symptom of Small Pox except for the outbreaks in their skin, were actually very much sicker than those whose skin had broken out all over the body. This was followed by close observation of children who contracted Measles and Chicken Pox, who had very high temperatures with very few spots. They noticed that children, who apparently had a ‘worse’ dose of the disease because they were covered in spots, made a far quicker recovery, then became stronger than the children who had very few spots. They postulated that the immunity of the children covered in spots, was actually stronger than the children with few spots, whose recovery took so much longer. And they noted that those with few spots, also had greater sequelae. This means that while the stronger children with many spots recovered completely, the weaker children, whose immune system was not strong enough to throw the disease out through their skin, suffered respiratory infections later, sometimes for many years, where they required constant care.

If people get plenty of nutritious food, exercise and sunlight on their body, with a minimum of refined food with its conglomerate of chemical copies, preservatives and colourings, they are far more likely to throw off any disease faster than those who block the healthy rays of the sun, eat a predominantly junk food diet and live sedentary lives. And I cannot stress the point about this more strongly. Without Vitamin D, we leave ourselves open to a wide variety of diseases. A Vitamin D deficiency is implicated in the causes of Rickets, Osteomalasia, Osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, malabsorption of Calcium – called Hypocalcemia, Depression, Prostate Cancer, Chronic Pancreatitis, Coeliac Disease, Liver and Kidney Disease, malfunction of the Parathyroid Gland, Crohn’s Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Gastric or Small Bowel Cancers, Fistulas and Colitis. (Professional Guide to Diseases. 9th Edition, 2007, by Springhouse).

Doctor Jayne Donegan goes further in her article to say:

“The fact that children have been vaccinated against these diseases is a separate issue. The vaccinations certainly sensitise the Immune System to many diseases. And they certainly cause many not well acknowledged neurological sequelae. Even the vehicles (fluids and other materials) in which the vaccines are injected cause unacceptable effects because they are so toxic. The main problem about the vaccines is that they do not do the work that is their primary function – namely, making people immune to infectious diseases.

Vaccinations stop children from having their childhood diseases at the beneficial age of three to four years. Children are now susceptible to Rubella and Mumps at just the age when girls can conceive and boys can be made sterile.

Antibodies from vaccinations do not cross the placenta to make very young children immune (as many people think), with the result that children less than one year old are more likely to get the disease. In the case of Whooping Cough, this is just the time that the disease is likely to cause neurological damage.”

She finishes her article by saying:

“We cannot escape these illnesses. They have been with us too long. They are part of our evolution. The more we try to fight them with vaccines and antibiotics instead of living with them, the more we weaken our Immune Systems and make them susceptible to a whole host of pathogens – Listeria, Legionella, Lyme’s Disease, Cyclospora, and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus – that no-one had heard of a few decades ago.”

She suggests that, “Children should have their orthodox vaccinations anti-doted Homoeopathically, and parents should search for children with Measles/Mumps/Rubella in order to expose them to these diseases at the correct age of three or four years.” And she adds that if she had a deep, penetrating wound, she would wash it out thoroughly with water and peroxide, and then she would treat it Homoeopathically because she would not submit herself for a Tetanus vaccination.

Acknowledgements to: Vera Scheibner’s “Vaccination.” 1993.

Arno Karlen’s “Plagues Progress.” 1996. Indigo.

Doctor Jayne Donegan, MBBS, DRCOG, DCH, MRCGP. August 1996.  

We are told that orthodox vaccinations have assisted us to eradicate certain diseases from the planet. But have they really done this? As Doctor Donegan mentions, these diseases are part of our evolution and we cannot escape them. They have always been with us, and given the right conditions, they will continue to reappear. It was thought for many years that Diphtheria, Cholera and Typhoid had been eradicated, yet all three diseases still break out in certain conditions in epidemic proportions, despite the populations of these countries being given orthodox vaccinations. Over the years, science has documented many times how a disease breaks out in epidemic proportions, then suddenly, it simply disappears.

It is not in the best interest of any bacterium or virus to wipe out an entire population because they require a living host in order to thrive themselves. After the Spanish Influenza of 1918 infected so many people across the United States and Europe, it simply disappeared, and it seems this is the way of viral and bacterial infections. Although ‘hybernate’ is probably a better word to describe what really occurs. Perhaps ‘Small Pox’ would have disappeared all by itself too, until another set of ‘perfect conditions’ arose to enable it to take hold once again, just as Cholera and Typhoid break out in flooded areas where sanitation becomes a serious problem. *The Spanish Flu’ of 1918 was wrongly called ‘Swine Flu’ by the way, yet no-one in authority has felt it important to correct this mistake in almost one hundred years. It appears ‘fear tactics’ are more important than the truth. Yet what do we have if we don’t have the truth? At the end of the day, the truth is all we have.

Many people believe that if we strengthen our Immune System, we will not get sick. And this is true in theory but it is exceedingly difficult to maintain a healthy Immune System today. We live in overcrowded cities where the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink are polluted with hundreds of thousands of environmental poisons. People worldwide now have many nutritional deficiencies, which have the effect of lowering immunity further, and our stress levels have increased in perfect ratio to the speed in which we live. The result of our raised stress levels increase Cortisol levels in the brain and decrease levels of DHEA proportionately, and when DHEA levels become lowered, we are not able to make adequate levels of reproductive hormones. We are affected by so many factors, and whether they are mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, each problem can reduce the effectiveness of the Immune System.

I understand parents not wanting to play Russian roulette with their children. Why should they be placed in this untenable situation? Remember people power? We really need to lobby our Federal Governments and the ‘shifters and shakers’ in government, to make it patently clear that we will continue to refuse to have our children vaccinated with orthodox, medical vaccines until the pharmaceutical companies are held accountable. These companies should be forced to produce indisputable proof that their vaccines will not cause babies any further, needless, brain and nervous system damage.

This can only occur if the companies themselves are forced to clean up their act, and they begin to test the animal and bird tissue used in the making of vaccines, to make absolutely certain no unwanted matter of any kind gets into any vaccine. Then the testing of vaccines must be mandatory. *Please read an Article by Barbara Minton about an investigative journalist, Jane Burgermeister, who is “filing charges against WHO and the UN for Bioterrorism, and intent to commit mass murder.” She is saying that Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology in Austria, conspired with others to bioengineer and then release ‘swine’ and ‘bird’ flu, so as a consequence, no vaccines produced by them can be considered safe. These facts are presently being considered by the New Zealand Government.

Until testing becomes mandatory, how can there be any informed choice between orthodox and Homoeopathic vaccination? It is simply not possible. I believe babies are put at risk if they are not vaccinated at all so I would recommend that they be vaccinated Homoeopathically. Homoeopathic vaccinations have been proven to work very effectively, with no adverse side effects for well over one hundred years. It appears that we have only one trustworthy choice in our present climate. If we choose to keep our babies safe from infectious diseases that have totally unacceptable sequelae, then we must take them to be vaccinated by Homoeopathic doctors who specialise in this subject.

For at least ten years, I have known several Homoeopathic doctors (those with a real, orthodox Medical degree, as well as a Homoeopathic degree), who refuse to inject themselves with any orthodox vaccine, until it has been homoeopathically potentised. Then each doctor takes the first dose. And they tell me this is the only way to make sure there are no negative consequences with the vaccine. It is only in this way that they feel confident there will be no unreasonable side effects for their patients, no matter what the vaccine may be for. They feel, as I do, that if one of their patients became seriously ill because of something they had advocated, they could not live with themselves or continue to practise. It is good to know there are still many doctors with integrity and a conscience.

On a final note, this is the way Homoeopathic doctors have worked from the very beginning. All of them tested their remedies on themselves primarily, before giving them to their patients. In fact, Doctor Hahnemann tested his remedy for Malaria on himself before giving it to his own daughter. Of course, this would be the real test for the makers of vaccines wouldn’t it? Maybe we should request for them to test each vaccine on themselves before they release them to the public. And we’re not talking about them making some placebo to inject either. We are talking about taking the injection they are about to give our baby, out of their hands and injecting that same vaccine into the doctor. If a doctor is unwilling to do this, we are forced to understand that the vaccine is not safe. As an analogy, it makes no difference if thousands of bullets are made from silver or gold. If only one of those bullets has the power to kill you when shot at you from a gun, and the rest are blanks but you do not know which one, how happy would you feel about lining up to receive a bullet? I do hope you get the point. There is really nothing else we can call it other than Russian roulette and no sane parent would play Russian roulette with their own baby.

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Robin Stein is a medical intuitive, an intuitive Homoeopath, writer and speaker who has pioneered natural and successful ways to eradicate chemicals from the environment altogether. She also has great success assisting childless couples to conceive naturally. A  very successful psychic healer, Robin was honoured in 2012 by the Australian Psychics Association, who placed her into their ‘Hall of Fame’ for more than thirty years of accurate work within the community.  Her published books include: The IVF Alternative & The IVF Alternative Companion Booklet; Your child’s Numerology; The Numbers of Love and The Complete Numerology of Love.

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