The World Stands Up and Says: “NO MORE!”

ukraine protests

A Wrap-Up of Major World Events Mainstream Media Isn’t Reporting On

5th March 2014

By Dani

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Many people are feeling a pause, like the quiet before the storm. The huge intake of breath that is held in anticipation, with a quickening of the pulse that is the prelude to the adrenaline rush. It feels as if the world is sitting on the blade of a knife, waiting for the slightest flicker of air to ever so gently brush against it and waft it over the edge of Change. Many many people stand watching intently to see which way the breeze will blow….

And there are many people who feel the pause like a deadening emptiness that threatens to swallow them whole. They fear, they doubt, they moan. To believe in the coming winds of Change is to open themselves to the frigid hazard of being let down again, to have freedom yanked away in icy disdain…. to even hope is too much effort at the end of a very long day.

Society drills us with the admonishment that we are not worthy nor capable of freedom. Religion and politics teaches us from birth that the only way forward is to be good boys and girls and to listen to our leaders so as to not be punished. The media surrounds us with propaganda that perpetuates the stereotype of “normal”, and indoctrinates our peers to judge and bully all those in their groups to toe the line, be good, follow the leader, do not question.

But many many many people ARE questioning. They have awoken to the reality of this Matrix-like system that controls the populous with fashion, friends, fear, frenzy, factional faith and fornication. They are SEEING the real world and the real world problems, and the real world answers, and they are standing up and saying “NO MORE!!” At this moment there are literally millions upon millions of people all over this blue planet who are standing up and demanding Truth and Freedom.

One of the things I am told over and over again, is that people are not waking up or not waking up fast enough. Many rage that “nothing is happening”, even though it is happening right in front of their eyes. Many stomp because “IT” isn’t happening the way they want it to happen, nor is “IT” following the carefully well-thought-out schedule that they had arranged. “Nothing is happening” has become a litany for those that have no wish to accept that it IS happening.

People ARE waking up. People are not just waking up, they are standing up and they are standing in their power and saying “NO MORE!!” The people on this planet are taking up the mantle of NOW and are demanding the truth and demanding their freedom.

No, the mainstream media – especially in North America and in Western Europe – are not reporting what is going on all over the world. Oh, they will tell you about those events that they cannot NOT talk about, like what is happening in the Ukraine and Thailand and Venezuela, just as they did not report on Occupy until is was blatantly obvious that they were not reporting on it. But for the most part, the media is keeping the truth of what is going on very quiet. The reports are there…. you just have to look for them.

It is the same in the world of politics and finance, the truth is getting out to the people and is being laid transparently on the ground for them to see…. BUT YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT!!! This is why I began Transpicuous  News  updates, so that I could publish daily listings of important pieces of news for people to see.

No, the world is NOT sleeping any more. The alarm clock has gone off, and it’s time to get up!

If you want CHANGE then you must be the CHANGE you wish to SEE. Does that mean you have to go out and protest? That you have to burn cars and throw rotten eggs and scream and yell? NO it doesn’t. But it DOES mean that you need to take some responsibility for those changes that you want to happen. It DOES mean that you need to be involved – in whatever way resonates with you – to CREATE CHANGE.

People in North America are under a heavy blanket of “see nothing, hear nothing, do nothing”…. yet all around them the world is being taken back by those who are STANDING in their BE-ing.

The World Is Awake!

Don’t believe me? I have spent the past few days compiling this list that shows just how awake the world has become and how many people are standing up, right NOW.

This is a list of countries where people are telling their governments “NO MORE”. This is a work in progress as it is no where near complete, but I felt compelled to get it out there for people to see RIGHT NOW. You will see that many of these places are the most highly controlled military states on the planet…. and yet, the people RISE and STAND.

YOU are not alone! All these people in ALL these “nations” are standing right beside you. They are BEing the CHANGE.

Please share this list and make it viral. Let the people know that they are not alone and that the people of the world are standing with them.  This is not about fear. It is about standing together. It is about knowing that NOW is the time to BE THE CHANGE.

North America


Thousands of people in 37 Canadian cities marched against  Prime Minister Stephen  Harper  – 1st March 2014

Thousands joined Toronto rally in support of Ukrainian protesters – 23rd February 2014

Owen Sound’s push to put the fluoride question on the city committee ballot:

Postal workers and activists protested PM Stephen Harper in Toronto – 8th February 2014

Students at UNB staged a demonstration against the ongoing faculty strike – 24th January 2014

BC Ferries’ proposed elimination of 6,900 sailings annually on 16 routes across coastal British Colombia brought hundreds of protesters out on 18th  January 2014

Fracking protest led to bigger debate over indigenous rights in Canada – 10th December 2013

Rally in demonstration of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at Nathan Phillips Square – 15th November 2013

Protesters hold ‘Idle No More’ rallies across Canada for the recognition of indigenous land rights – 7th October 2013

United States of America

Several 100 people  were arrested during a peaceful protest in  Washington DC  after they strapped themselves to the  White House  fence in protest against the proposed  Keystone XL  oil pipeline – 3rd March 2014

Students also staged a “die-in” outside the White House to say NO to the Keystone XL oil pipeline – 3rd March 2014

Protesters converge on the Duke Energy Centre, Charlotte North Carolina to protest against Duke Energy’s so called  “clean coal” energy  – 2nd March 2014


Worldwide Wave Launch Gatherings began, honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and  resurrecting his spirit of nonviolent direct action.  – 4th April 2014

Students headed to Washington to protest Keystone XL pipeline – 25th February 2014,

Americans protested against government on issues of gun registration, excessive media monitoring and a proposed licence plate database: 23rd February 2014

Protesters stand with the NATO3, 3 protesters charged after NATO summit demonstration, and respond to The Chicago Tribune’s ‘War on Dissent’ – 13th  February 2014

100,000 people protested in the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina, and mainstream media never bothered reported on it – 10th February 2014

Thousands attended over night vigils at over 270 locations, protesting Keystone XL pipeline – 4th February 2014

Stop Watching Us! International Day of Privacy protests (IDP14) took place around the world – 1st February 2014

VOA News Khmer American protest in front of the White House against human rights violations of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen  – 20th January 2014


65,000 people marched in protest of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in Mexico – 3rd February 2014

Thousands of protesters marched through Mexico City in  rejection of the country’s energy and education reforms –  31st January 2014

In Mexico’s Michoacan state, spiralling violence continued as civil unrest escalated – 14th January 2014

Mexican riot police break up striking teachers’ occupation of city square – 14th September 2013



Citizens push to stop water cannons from being deployed on the UK’s austerity protests – 30th January 2014

Over 1,000 cyclists staged a “die-in” protest outside the Transport for London Head Quarters in protest of increasing cyclist death toll – 1st December 2013

50,000 people attended a Manchester protest against austerity measures – 29th September 2013

Thousands of people protested the UK Government’s brutal austerity measures – 1st April 2013


Tens of thousands protested against austerity measures – 14th February 2013


UK Independent Party’s Nigel Farage was mobbed by protesters in Edinburgh, labelling him “scum” for his sexist, racist and homophobic policies – May 17/13

Thousands attended anti-bedroom tax protest in Glasgow, demonstrating against low-income tax hikes – 1st June 2013


Protesters marched through Pontypridd over education funding cuts – 16th Nov 2013


Protesters and 4,000 riot police clash in Hamburg demonstrations for the protection of public space and refugee rights  – 21st December 2013

Police Attack Rote Flora demonstration in Hamburg – 24th December 2013

Thousands in German march in anti-NSA protest – 8th September 2013

Anti-austerity protests: Spain, Germany, Portugal – 1st June 2013


Spanish protests over new austerity measures – 16th February 2014

Basques march in support of separatist group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)  prisoners despite Madrid ban – 11th January 2014

Protesters demonstrate against austerity measures across Spain – 11th March 2013


Portuguese soldiers stage anti-austerity protest – 13th February 2014

Mass protest erupts in Portugal against austerity budget – 20th December 2013

Anti-austerity protesters occupy government ministries – 26th November 2013

1.5 million people protest in the streets against austerity – 3rd March 2013

Thousands join anti-austerity march in Lisbon, protesting 2014 budget – 2nd February 2014


Italy’s president fears violent insurrection in 2014 but offers no remedy – 17th December 2013

‘Pitchfork’ protests rattle Italian government – 13th December 2013

Italian anti-austerity protesters clash with police in Rome – 19th October 2013


20,000 Swiss civil servants march in protest of austerity – 16th Mar 2013


Police attacked 20,000 French citizens protesting against Airport Notre-Dame-Des-Landes – 22nd February 2014

French conservatives marched against government ‘family-phobia’ – 2nd February 2014

Thousands staged anti-government protests in Paris – 26th January 2014

French government suspends ecotax after violent protests – 29th October 2013

Tens of thousands of French protesters reject austerity – 5th May 2013


Police in Greece fired tear gas at anti-European Union protesters in central Athens  – 9th January 2014

Thousands of Greeks mark 40th anniversary of student uprising, protest against austerity – 17th November 2013

Thousands join fresh Greece protests against the far-right  Golden Dawn political party – 25th September 2013

Wave of protests engulfed Greece following the closure of close the state-run Hellenic Broadcasting Corp.  – 17th June 2013


Several thousand people marched in anti-austerity protest in Brussels – 21st February 2013


Over 6,000 people join protests in Vienna out the front of a ball thrown by the Austrian  ‘far-right’ party – 25th January 2014

Protest wave against new Austrian government rises – 18th December 2013


Up to 200,000 people protest anti-protest laws in  Hrushevskoho street riots – 19th January 2014

Ukraine parliament removed President Viktor  Yanukovich, who fled Kiev in “coup” – 22nd February 2014

Over 300,000 defy protest ban in Ukraine – 2nd December 2013


Bosnia-Herzegovina hit by wave of violent protests – 7th February 2014

Bosnia’s ethnic rivals join forces in anti-government protests – 11th June 2013


Scientists in Serbia protest against dire financial situation – 7th July 2013


Large demonstrations were held in Poland against government austerity policies – 23rd September 2013

Tens of thousands join march for jobs in Poland – 14th September 2013


International protest against criminalization of homelessness in Hungary – 12th February 2014

Protests against government plans to increase Hungary’s nuclear power facilities – 3rd February 2014


Thousands of Albanians protested their government over plans to accept Syrian chemical weapons  – 15th November 2014


Belarus car owners flooded into downtown minsk to protest new tax – 20th December 2014


Bulgarians held first anti-Cabinet rally for 2014 – 3rd January 2014

Bulgarian government resigned amid large scale austerity protests – 20th February 2013


U.S. energy company Chevron suspended activities in Romania following anti-fracking protests –  12th December 2013


Sale of government assets to Goldman Sachs ignites political crisis – 6th February 2014


Thousands of Swedish citizens of Eritrean origin protested arson attacks against Swedish-Eritreans community centers – 22nd March 2013

Thousands take to the streets for anti-racism protest in Sweden after similar rally marred by neo-Nazi attack – 23rd December 2013


Icelanders overthrew their government and rewrote the Constitution in response to corporeate/banking fraud – 2nd December 2013 (ongoing)


Over ten thousand people marched in Moscow to support opposition activists charged over anti-Kremlin rally  – 2nd February 2014

Middle East


No links necessary: just open any news site.


Peaceful protesters in al-Daih clashed with Bahrain forces over the death of another activist in prison.  – 27th February 2014

Bahrain protesters mark uprising anniversary – 14th February 2014

Clashes, tear-gas mark third anniversary of Bahrain uprising – 14th February 2014  


Protesters across Jordan call for social reforms – 6th December 2013  

Saudi Arabia

Saudis protest for the release of all political prisoners, freedom of expression and assembly, and an end to widespread discrimination of  government – 28th September 2013

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi buying a new mercenary force to suppress “internal unrest” against petro-monarchies – 15th June 2013


Bakhtiaris clashed with security forces in Isfahan  over the UN’s inaction regarding the plight of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty in Iraq – 24th February 2014



Open any news paper or news website


The changing face of Indian government (2014 elections) – 6th January 2014

India creates new 29th state amid protests – 20th February 2014


Political party ordered the shutdown of Karachi, Pakistan, over what it claimed were targeted killings of its members – 8th February 2014

Nationwide protests in Pakistan over unemployment, corruption and privatization – February & March 2014

Sri Lanka

Thousands protest against government corruption and mismanagement in Sri Lanka – 28th January 2014

South Korea

1000 Buddhist Monks joined mass protests against systemic election manipulation – 28th November 2013

100,000 South Koreans protest election manipulation and labor union clampdown – 28th December 2013    


Peaceful protest in Kabul suppressed,  intended to silence public dissent against the government – 7th May 2013


Thousands protest former Osh Mayor’s defeat  in mayoral elections after he  appeared in support of an anti-government protest  – 15th January 2014  


Police in Kazakhstan have detained a number of demonstrators during a protest rally against the devaluation of the country’s national currency – 3rd March 2014  


Uzbek activists were detained for backing Ukrainian anti-government protests – 30th January 2014


Opposition parties vowed to continue protests as violence, party boycott and Islamist ban mars polls – 6th January 2014


Protesters call for end to harsh laws and release of political prisoners – 6th January 2014


Vietnam deploys dancers to foil protests  marking the 35th anniversary of a bloody border war between China and Vietnam – 16th February 2014

Anti-China protesters gather in Vietnam’s capital – 19th January 2014


Massive pro-democracy protests in the streets of Phnom Penh in late December and early January  unmask anti-Vietnam views – 24th January 2014    

Riot police were recently deployed in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh to break up anti-government protests, calls for for democratic reform – 26th January 2014  

Security forces brutally beat housing rights protesters – 14th February 2014


Malaysia police on standby as anti-government protesters vowed to hold rally in Kuala Lumpur – 31st December 2013  

Thousands protested price hikes in Malaysian capital – 1st January 2014    


Inner Mongolia detained dozens in Communist party internet crackdown. Chinese regional authorities arrested 52 people for illegally distributing information online and stirring up ethnic tension – 6th September 2013    


Nepal protests heightened tensions ahead of election after dissolution of government over constitutional crisis – 4th November 2013  


Anti-corruption protests drew 100,000 strong crowds after $226M of taxpayer money funnelled to legislators’ non-existent pet projects – 27th August 2013    


Tens of thousands attended anti-Government protest on Taiwan National Day over land rights, government surveillance, trade agreements and extension of nuclear program – 10th October 2013    


Rioting in China’s Xinjiang region kills 16 people, including 2 Policemen, following attempts to arrest  suspects for an unspecified crime – 16th December 2013

China places armed police under military control to manage large-scale riots – 6th January 2014



‘March In March’ Australia 2014: a national protest as a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the Abbott Government’s policies – ongoing

Protesters on NSW Central Coast halted a proposed sandmine extension that would destroy the region’s waterways, threaten unique endangered species and bulldoze an ancient sacred Aboriginal site – ongoing

South America


Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters against Monsanto activity in  Malvinas – 21st February 2014

Peso panic and rocketing prices shake the throne of Argentina’s Queen Cristina –    welfare activistst take to the streets – 2nd February 2014

Chaos relived as blackouts and looting precede Argentine financial collapse – 24th January 2014


Children clash with police over child labour laws – 19th December 2013

Bolivian anti-government protests continue for a 10th day – 16th May 2013


Rio fare protesters seize main train and bus station and let commuters travel free – 7th February 2014

Brazil-‘Novo Palestina’ land occupation,  organized by the MTST (Movement of Landless Workers) – 16th January 2014

Brazil’s oilfield auction fuels protest in Rio, oil workers took to the streets in protest against the sell-off as well as demanding higher wages – 21st October 2014

“Rio, a showcase for the world” – Brazilians push for land rights and free transport, protest banks and education – 22nd October 2013


Students clash with riot police in Chile over cost and quality of education – 29th May 2013


Trouserless march: Hundreds strip off in Colombia to defend freedom of expression – 10th February 2014


Indigenous women confront Ecuadorian Government over resource extraction – 17th October 2013


Protest over wages and salaries continues at the University of Guyana – 26th June 2013


Thousands teargassed as anti-government protesters clash with Peru police – 28th July 2013

Peru police fire tear gas on protesting students, civil servants – 4th July 2013


Hundreds protest against Uruguay’s paper pulp plant – 7th October 2013

Uruguay protest (Americas) for democracy and liberty – 25th February 2013


Venezuela’s anti-government protests continued despite public holiday – 28th February 2014

2014 Venezuelan protests continue, as a result of the high levels of criminal violence and chronic scarcity of basic goods – ongoing


Dominican Republic

Protesters took to Bonao to stop the exploitation of Loma Miranda – 1st February 2014


Thousands of Haitian people protest US-backed Martelly government – 24th September 2013




Central African Republic


Democratic Republic of Congo





South Africa











South Sudan




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About the author:

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In 2012 Dani founded RemovingTheShackles, a website dedicated to  “the reality of what is really going on in this world… the real news that the media and their controllers will not tell you”. She has since founded two other websites: TranspicuousNews, a daily wrap-up of important world news, and IinformedParenting, a site that encourages parents to research and learn, to open their minds, to listen to their instincts, and take control of their families health and well being.

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