The Earth’s Surface Serves as a Giant Source of Antioxidants in the Form of Free Electrons

the antioxidant benefits of earthing

By David Gelfand

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

People have become familiar with the health benefits of antioxidants, in the form of different foods. However, recent studies suggest that walking barefoot on the Earth can be just as beneficial.

Consumers continue to be drawn in to the varied product offerings which boast antioxidant ingredients within them. Fruits, vegetables, teas and skin care supplements are just a few. It’s a concept and ingredient that consumers have been taught to equate to something healthy and/or beneficial. However, when asked “Why?” most people aren’t entirely sure.

The answer comes back to a theme discussed many times before – free radicals. The concept of free radicals is widely recognized as being a contributor to a multitude of health ailments, though many fail to recognize its root. Free radicals are the byproduct of environmental toxins (i.e. electromagnetic frequencies, radiation, smoke etc.). They are molecules produced as a result of our bodies breaking down food for energy.

When our bodies encounter an unhealthy surplus of oxidative stress and exposure to environmental toxins, free radicals grow rampant. As a result, they begin to strip healthy cells of their electrons in order to remain “stable”.

Antioxidants are certain substances that help in protecting healthy cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

Dr. Roy Lidke, highly-regarded physicist and podiatrist, explained that “If this release of reactive oxygen species gets carried away, we call this oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is related to cell damage in the inflammatory process, heart disease, cancer and the aging process, and can eventually lead to cell death”.

So, what can we do about it?

How can we prevent our bodies’ cells from being robbed and maintain an optimally “balanced” bodily frequency? Where can we get the antioxidants needed to avoid free radical damage?

The human body performs most optimally when it is balanced. That is, when there is an adequate supply of electrons available to it. Electrons, in and of themselves, provide the negative potential that the human body needs. In essence, they create and sustain a stable internal bioelectrical “environment” in the body.  Some may call these electrons a natural source of “antioxidants”.

lightning - earth - electrons

While certain dietary substitutions are most commonly associated with antioxidant and electron supply, there’s one commonly overlooked option – the Earth’s surface.

The Earth’s surface possesses a nearly limitless supply of free electrons. This supply is consistently replenished due to it being electrically conductive with its atmospheric electrical circuit (i.e. being struck by lightning at the equator thousands of times each minute).

This association has led to several studies being conducted to better measure and understand the benefits of being in contact with the Earth’s surface or walking barefoot – also known as “earthing” or “grounding”.


Dr. Alan Christianson, an Integrative Health Specialist in the Scottsdale, AZ area is one of the many doctors with a growing appreciation for earthing. Speaking of his own practice, Dr. Christianson went on to say that “I know that many of my patients suffering from various ailments also spend a lot of time indoors and with inactive lifestyles. Something as simple as adding grounding to your daily routine can work wonders upon the rest of your day and the rest of your life”.

These studies have suggested that, by allowing for an influx of electrons into the body, the Earth’s potential assists in stabilizing the electrical “environment” for organs, tissues, and cells.  The Earth, in this case, acts as a natural “power source”. It allows the body to maintain a healthy, homeostatic level of electrons and compensates for any lost during attrition (free radical stress).

copper dots earth the footWhile the benefits  associated with going barefoot are age-old, they have only been put (back) into practice and recognized in recent years. In 2013, earthing was rated as one of the top trends by Spafinder. Their website notes that “while we expect to see more of this formal ‘earthing’ at spas, we expect to see far more ‘nature grounding’ in a wider sense”.

Footwear brands have also begun to take notice, with brands like Juil designing shoes based specifically on the benefits of being barefoot. By placing copper dots in their shoes, Juil creates a direct connection (due to the copper’s conductivity) between the feet of the wearer and the Earth’s surface.

The human body performs most optimally when there is an adequate supply of electrons available to it.  The Earth’s surface possesses a nearly limitless supply of free electrons.  By regularly putting our feet in the ground, and buying footwear that connects instead of insulates us from the Earth’s vibration, we can utilize Nature’s most potent antioxidant – the Earth itself – and reap the benefits associated with this contemporary wellness trend.


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About the author:

David Gelfand, a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, is a dedicated environmentalist with especially strong interest in sustainability and history. David is also an avid writer and traveler, spending much of his time in the capacity of a culinary enthusiast.

Working for an upstart footwear company called  Juil, David is a part of a team that spreads the word about grounding and its associated benefits. Through marketing and educational efforts, David is passionate about the benefits of this new concept of grounding footwear.


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