Gratituding — Accessing the Divine Life-Force

Gratitude - Diving Life Force17th May 2014

By Keith Gregory

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Of all the magic potions, secret formulas and arcane wisdom of the ages, when it comes to getting out of my sh*t, the quickest way to shift the imbalance and come back into my open and empowered Heartspace is to get into Gratitude.  Nothing works like Gratitude.  Nothing.

It’s a simple matter of physics or science or something progressively sensible… In that whatever we focus upon and put our attention towards, gets more … of itself. One of the most preferred ‘afterglow’ feelings to have in relation to anything in your life is being thankful for it. To cut to the catch – the choice to simply be grateful for whatever you’re going through (no matter what) will automatically upgrade the experience as being beneficial and good for you.

As we’ve now come to understand that energy follows thought — like attracts like, you get what you give, what goes around, comes around — doesn’t it make perfect sense to put your focus on the bestest best feeling you can possibly have?  This is also called ‘pivoting’  or shifting your attention in any given situation to line up most favorably with what feels good to you.

Is it really this simple?  In my life, it has proven so, over and over again.

In these times of accelerated Lifeforce flow, the velocity by which our thoughts come into manifestation are quicker and quicker. The lag time between an intention set and a direct manifestation in my life has decreased significantly. However,  this isn’t to say I get  everything I ask for (I don’t), although when my request is aligned with my highest and greatest good, it sure does.

Like most Spiritually ignited people, I want to keep finding ways to increase the feelings of being connected with my Higher Self and the Love juice that flows from this union between my human awareness and my Divine consciousness. Hey, I freely admit it –  I Am a Lifeforce junkie!  I just Love to Love. And I totally want to rest in The Beloved’s Love.  Always.

This marvellous turn of perception has saved me so many times from taking a wrong turn down memory lane, or in more present times, a trip into and through my emotionally hellish tight spots that up until now used to own me. These often and eventually disappointing experiences were called ‘Intimate Relationship’. Does this sound familiar to anyone, I wonder?

The Monkey Mind

Perhaps there is just a wee bit of mental manipulation going on here. And yet, we’re going to think of something anyway – it is the nature of the mind to think – so doesn’t it make sense to think of things that make you feel good? It is always a choice where your mind goes and how long it stays there.

More often than not, most of us do not exercise our conscious thought or intention process. We just follow our monkey mind wherever it happens to take us. This eventually becomes exhausting. Sooner or later in our Soul’s evolution, we just get worn out.

This process of moving in a less challenging or rather, more joyful direction is what has moved me along in my own Spiritual development. I believe this can be so for all of us. In short:  I’ve learned to do what I want to do by having done things I never want to do again.  It is indeed a gradual process of elimination, isn’t it? As the layers of ‘not Self’ are stripped away, what remains is our true Essential Nature, shinning eternally radiant.

Eternal love and gratitude - accessing divine life force

It Do What It Do

On a personal note, I’m currently in an intimate relationship of sorts with a Lovely woman here in NYC. She has so many qualities I admire, our sexing is wonderful and we share many similar interests. And yet, it really isn’t what I most want, relationship-wise. For her own understandable reasons, she prefers to see me only on the weekends, citing that I distract her from attending to her especially full plate of concerns. I too have a great deal to steer through in my life these days, so I can easily relate. In this respect, mentally, I get this loud and clear. In truth, I sincerely want for her what she most wants for herself – I just wish it was me more often.

However, through the trials and tribulations of my fertile relationship history, I’ve learned the hard way (is there another way!?)  that doing what I say and saying what I do really goes a long way with my partner…  Unlike M who texted me earlier today saying she would call as soon as her flat mate left for the day (that was 6 hrs ago). Although she surely has her reasons (as do we all), in learning to keep my harmonic balance, emotionally speaking, I no longer hold her to what she tells me in this regard.

Even though my partner and I match up really well on many essential levels, the way we relate with each other is more different than I prefer. Oh well, that’s life –  and here comes the grand Gratitude Blessing  – clearing the way for me to to streamline forward, or perhaps just to be more resolved and content with what is. And as always, it is only what it is. As my friend Michael Lightweaver is fond of saying –  it do what it do.

This is the huge gift I’m now choosing to give myself in this interpersonal dance. I consciously choose to free myself from disappointment by not biting on how she does or does not show up for me. This is because  I Am now focusing on showing up for myself  by not being so affected by how she behaves.

As we all have experienced in relationship – the ever ready solution (in our ego’s eyes) is “I just wish she would do what I want”. Good luck on that fantasy, big boy! Each moment is our opportunity to either see life half full or more and more empty. It certainly befits me to slice out the nonsensical monkey thinking by consciously aligning with my Soul Stream and coming back into living contact with the God “I Am” Lifeforce, here and now.

Besides, it much more fun not to be all tied up in emotional knots, reacting to what the outer world does or doesn’t do ‘for’ me. (To be continued… )

In the topsy turvy arena of conscious relationship, many a pit fall will call your name. Loud and clear! And you will answer this summons, most often dragging your feet. You have no choice. To enter into this agreement – to Awaken now – the Youniverse will force you to your destiny, each step of the way.

Thank you.

About the author:

Keith Gregory is an energy artist. He is  clairvoyant, a medical intuitive, a licensed massage therapist and an advanced energy healer. He has studied and practised an extensive array of alternative healing and consciousness growth modalities for over 35 years – as a result of a Spiritual awakening in 1972.

The main influences in Keith’s work were found and developed through his own arduous self healing journey. A key focus of his work is to help  awaken the energy of the Sacred Masculine, and to re-define the old “masculine” archetype for a new paradigm.

Based in the United States, Keith travels internationally teaching an enlightened form of healing and Self-awareness known as Heart Tantra.  He also gives classes in Heart Tantra Healing, Conscious Connection Bodywork for Couples and The Higher Self Alignment Meditation, and also co-creates private 1-on-1 retreats for those interested in more accelerated advancement and growth.

For more information, please visit Keith at


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