Discovering the Fourth Dimension of Ourselves

Discovering the Fourth Dimension of Ourselves - AscensionBy Katrina Cavanough

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is a re-emerging truth. Western society is finally embracing what Eastern traditions and our indigenous cultures have always known. Most people with a spiritual orientation recognise the existence of the mind, body and soul, however, there is more. Our soul is not the only energetic form we encapsulate. Let me explain.

For 10 years, I worked as a social worker in a busy hospital. Over those years it came to pass that I worked with over 400 deaths. For most of the patients I attended to, their death had been sudden, unexpected and always traumatic. My role as the social worker was to support and guide the patient’s family and loved ones as they attended a viewing, said goodbye, and completed the police identification. I always felt the privilege that comes with this type of position. To be present at one of life’s most sacred final rites was something that always held its own reverence.

Unbeknownst to my professional colleagues and the patient’s family, there were times where I found myself in a state of awareness and communication with the soul of the patient who had died or was dying. This was profound at first and over time became normalised as the way I experienced hundreds of deaths. I always maintained professional boundaries, and would never disclose to the family or medical team that I was having a spiritual experience with the souls as they moved across into the non-physical world. It was simply not professional to do so, and I held my role as the social worker in the highest regard.

My experience with hundreds of deaths taught me a lot about dying and the afterlife. I have a new understanding of what death is like and what happens when we die. I know for instance, that death itself is gentle. Every single time, with no exception. This was a surprise to me as my human mind could not conceive how a person could die so tragically and not suffer. Yet each time, this is what I was shown.

I felt a great sense of humility to be both present at the time of physical death, and to hold awareness of the soul crossing over into the spiritual realm.

As the souls moved into the non-physical they would reflect. Not only about their death and their experience of the afterlife, but also about the life they had just lived. I began to notice there were consistent themes and some unexpected new understandings about how the non-physical world works. It is these reflections, both about living a wonderful life and the dynamics of the non-physical world, that I now describe as The Wisdoms in my book Wisdom for Your Life (Allen & Unwin).

The Fourth Dimension – the Greatest New Understanding

The Wisdom of Your Powerful Spirit has the greatest potential to permanently transform the way we experience ourselves and live our lives. This wisdom invites us to consider a new understanding of ourselves as four-dimensional energetic beings.

Through my communication with the non-physical world, I now understand that beyond our body, mind and soul – there is a fourth dimension of ourselves.

We are aware of our bodies, and the concept of the mind still holds varying definitions dependent upon which context is being used. I use the word mind when referring to the thoughts, beliefs and emotional intelligence that comes with living each lifetime. Your soul moves in and out of each life, holding an imprint of your memories across many lives. As it moves through each lifetime, it holds a central and singular purpose to simply experience life.

Discovering the Fourth Dimension of Ourselves - Energetic FieldWhile working with hundreds of deaths, I was shown that there is more to us than body, mind and soul. There is a fourth field of energy. This fourth dimension of ourselves holds a centre point at the core of our being and then radiates out into infinity. I have come to refer to this fourth dimension of ourselves as my (or your if I am speaking with you) powerful spirit.

Your powerful spirit is a form of energy, with its own vibrational pattern that once again is unique to you. Just like our fingers have fingerprints and each soul has its own vibrational pattern, your powerful spirit has its own unique energetic fingerprint.

The most profound revelation about this fourth dimension of our energetic selves is that it is entirely the same energy that is god, source, the great universal oneness. This is most profound news indeed as it means we are all naturally pure love, infinite wisdom, infinite compassion, and complete abundance in all its forms. Once this was revealed to me I felt transfixed, empowered and relieved.

Once we are reminded that we are actually made of the same essence of god, then it all becomes very exciting as this actually means that the power to truly change your life, feel better, choose kindness, respond rather than react – the power to live a more happy and balanced life – is not something that you need to find in a place external to yourself, because the energy of happiness or kindness or compassion is already who you naturally are. In this way you do not have to look outside of yourself; just shift your attention to focus upon the energetic dimension of yourself that is naturally pure love, happiness, compassion and success.

The strength we need to attend that job interview, the passion you need to complete that project, the healing we need to experience as we have lost a loved one, and even the love we need to feel for ourselves, become more easily experienced when all that is required is an awareness we are already the energetic vibration of those things. It is who we are and we can easily tap into that resource. Better yet, it is available to us 24 hours each day.

So what does this really mean for all of us?

How can this concept of the existence of a fourth and powerful dimension of our energetic self be applied to real life?

Let me share with you how connecting and utilising your own powerful spirit can make a phenomenal difference.

Real Life

Living with the awareness that you do not have to reach outside of yourself to access infinite wisdom, love, compassion, success, health and abundance really has changed the way I live my life. By simply using the art of self-awareness, I have made substantial changes to the way I feel about myself (my self-concept), and the way I operate in my own life. I have always believed anything is possible, however, now I am aware that all I need I already have.

This has supercharged my capacity to really create and experience the life I desire exponentially. The last seven years have seen the realisation of so many of my dreams. From career and business success, material gains, health through to happiness, by using my own powerful intentions program coupled with the strength of my own powerful spirit – my life has gratefully delivered many wonderful experiences.

Beyond creating magnificence in my own life, I have found that living in awareness of this naturally occurring fourth dimension – powerful spirit – has been transformational for my clients and myself as they have moved through the challenging experiences life has to offer.

Happiness and success are important to each of us to varying degrees, however, there are times when just getting through the day becomes the focus. When we experience loss, tragedy, relationship breakdown and distress, then this is when our powerful spirit can be a source of strength and healing.

Discovering the Fourth Dimension of Ourselves - HealingWhen you live your life in unity with your powerful spirit, it does not save you from life’s challenges. There are still events that hurt and cause varying degrees of anxiety, sadness and trauma. The difference will be that as you rest your awareness on your powerful spirit, you will experience a direct connection to all that is possible. In moments of suffering, when we connect to the energy of our powerful spirit, we can more easily access the wisdom that will guide us toward the best way through the situation.

I have experienced trauma, grief and loss without the awareness of my own powerful spirit, and have been through my version of hell and back with the awareness of my powerful spirit, and the difference was extremely noticeable.

Sandra is a woman in her mid-fifties who has been attending therapy sessions with me for the past 6 months or so. She has a son who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. As I listened to Sandra talk, I could hear the grief flow through her words as she struggled to understand the injustice and harshness of her son’s life. I was acutely aware that her only desire in relation to her son was that he find a way to manage his mental illness so as to have some quality of life.

Over time, I coached Sandra to connect with her own powerful spirit, through mindfulness and meditation techniques. Very quickly, she made a clear connection with the part of her powerful spirit that is in a natural state of compassion, healing and grace. As she felt this part of herself, she found it easier to cope with the grief and loss process. It did not change her son’s mental illness, but it did help Sandra realise she did not have to attend twelve months of therapy before a state of healing was delivered to her. She could access this feeling state now.

As the souls of the dying shared with me the concept of your powerful spirit, I felt a great responsibility to share this with you. Over time my friends in the non-physical world have helped me to understand how this fourth dimension of ourselves works, and how we can use it in our real lives. I felt energised by its potential to help many of us feel better and experience our best life. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to reconnect you with this wisdom now. I now know that when we step through life with complete awareness of all that we naturally are – the capacity to access the part of ourselves that is the same energy as god – then anything is possible and we are truly free.

About the author:

Katrina Cavanough  MAASW BSWBSocSc is a nationally renowned therapist and life strategist. She is a published author, speaker and lover of life. Katrina was featured on Channel 7’s 2011 series  The One. Katrina has  been heard on radio across Australia and been featured in  Holistic Bliss  magazine,  New Idea,  Take 5,  TV Week  and  InSpirit  magazine. Katrina’s new CD for children –  Happy Little Hearts  – a health and healing  meditation CD, published by Blue Angel Publishing is available now in 15 countries across the globe.  Katrina’s  book  Wisdom For Your Life: What I have learnt from those who have passed over  is available here via the US or Australia

You can connect with Katrina through her website, visit her on Facebook, or email her at  [email protected]

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