The Litmus Test of the Present Moment

The Litmus Test of the Present Moment

By  Fatima Bacot

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

We are deep within an historical moment of mythic proportions where not only does the Light loom large, but the Shadow also, in a revealing, disclosing, ‘apocalyptic’ dance of ideological enmeshment and uncertain outcome. The titanic struggle to reboot the patriarchal worldview into a worldview kinder, sacred and more honouring to all the people of the Earth and to the Earth itself, is occurring on numerous fronts simultaneously across the planet.

It feels like we are reaching some kind of ‘point of no return’, which millions are unaware of and unprepared for, but which heralds the descent into a transmutational dark night of the soul for the collective, out of which will come a renewed understanding of who we really are, and how dependent upon each other and the Earth we truly are for our wellbeing. We will discover at last what makes humanity truly human, and what it is to be ‘human’, on the other side of so much turning away and of what is currently a defacement of our humanity as we witness grave inhumanity at large.

We will come to realize that we are interconnected and interdependent after all, just as the mystics have always said and leading-edge physicists tell us now, and we will recognize these far more deeply than we imagined we could, or thought we would even need to. We will find we need one another, and weary of propaganda, ‘necessary’ war and destruction at last, we will learn to stand up for ourselves and reclaim the resources we have entrusted to untrustworthy authority figures, and that they have trashed for spurious gain. We will learn to reach out and to love again, and to remember we are connected to everything and everyone, always and intimately.

The Age of Separation and of operating as if in vacuum is coming to a head, as we come to connect the dots in the blaze of expanded feelings and social media exposure, and as the various crises, lies, and propaganda reach into our own communities, lives and futures, demanding our attention and care.

Not In My Name

The faces of over 1000 deaths in Gaza, many of whom were children, are swimming in manyof our thoughts and lancing our hearts.   The geopolitical tool that the senseless deaths of the passengers of Malaysian MH17 has become to further the Cold War that has already started between the US (including its compliant partners, the UK, the EU, Australia, NZ, etc), and Russia, so that American hegemonic dominance of oil, gas, resources and the US fiat currency can continue their global strangleholds….is terrifying to witness.   Many have been in shock and outrage as lie upon lie has screamed through the global mainstream media for the hearts and minds of human beings, to buy their complicity and assent in the jockeying for strategy in the relentless race for empire at the expense of all else.

We have entered a surreal, hyper-state of affairs, and it is becoming increasingly clear to many that what is occurring is doing so at such high (yet deeply covert) levels, with billions of your taxpayer dollars backing up the execution of these weapons and plans, and with the people, THE PEOPLE, mere pawns and ‘collateral damage’ in these too-fast-unfolding, colliding, dizzying events.   It is as if the historical record is being obliterated so that people cannot remember who did what, when…. even if it was only a few months ago.

In this age of authority passing away from the customary ‘leaders’, it is the people themselves that have stepped into the vacuum, and it is they who are protesting in the thousands worldwide, posting on social media, praying, filming and writing, etc……because they love and care enough. There’s nothing coming from any of these governments or their financial backers and compliant media machines that say anything about ‘the people and the Earth’ beyond the meaningless slogans and Orwellian double-think designed to deliver profits and prestige for the few.   They are not speaking for civilians or environment but justifying destruction instead.   They are following blueprints like the Wolfowitz Doctrine, still in the public domain, but swept away by the tsunami of premeditated, meaningless drivel.   They are not speaking for you as they  allow more deaths, land grabs, fracking, GMOs, drones, muzzling of your journalists, cuts to independent media, fake budget emergencies that have those that can least afford it doing the ‘heavy lifting’ whilst corporates continue to receive bailouts and profits in the billions.

Litmus Test

Is the destruction occurring not the litmus test of our own ‘humanity’ and what it means to be human? To feel? To be Conscious? To be awake, alive, sentient?

Are these events not reflections of something greater that we are not seeing, hearing? The things we cannot feel, that we don’t want to feel and wish would go away? That we have yet to fully mature into, and be deepened into? Can we put these people, faces and events in a box and hope that they stay there, so that they no longer affect us, or our share portfolios?

How much violence is enough violence? When will we grow sufficiently weary of violence as a solution and turn our hearts to care for one another enough?

How does one begin to create a Planetary Culture if one does not stand up now?

We are in Shift, yes, and we have an awakening global population that has the trashers deeply worried and working the propaganda machines over time.   But there need to be many more ‘on the ground and engaged’ because there is a ‘clear and present danger’ in the unregulated, trashing-train called Corporatocracy and the resurgence of the Cold War. To pretend the danger is not there is foolish and it is to also miss the evolutionary, mythic moment of your own becoming and of the potential awakening into a better-functioning planetary society. It is to be consciously or unconsciously complicit in agendas that negatively affect the wellbeing of both humanity and the earth, in real-time, now and to come.

Because everything is connected, we are all the co-creators of our past, present and futures.   What is within, is without……….and all is a mirror. The more we run from the shadows, the larger they become:  Are they not large enough for us to care enough now?

Updated October 2014

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About the author:

Fatima Bacot is an Australian Metaphysical Teacher with a deep interest in activism, politics and global finance matters.   Her work has reached clients in 13 countries, spanning over 20 years.  She has a blog, “Diamond Blog”, where she covers all manner of subjects related to the evolution of human Consciousness.

This article   © 2014 Fatima Bacot, reproduced with kind permission.

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